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Hyperborean "Reborn" Initation Discusion


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I put this thread up to put my thoughts together about the initation rituals, Virtues and requirements for a Mystery Cult surounding the Hyperborean Magic.

This is all open to discusion and then finaly to the result of the experimation Dirk will do to get the Scripts together.


In general I think the Basic requirement is

Hyperborean Language - Songs or Hymns 3 (means 4 for other specialisation)

Artes Librares - Music 1 (means 2 if having a different specialisation)

Music 1


For the Initation Hyperborean Lore is used


Initation into Hyperborean Hymnist [Hymn] - Minor Supernatural (AnM 104)

(Vs 15/21)

+3 Adventure to find a source where the initate then can study a power of the Hymn

+3 Travel to a still intact Altar to Apollo so the Initation can be done there at the longest day of the year

+1 Spend one Saison in Meditation and prayer (i.e Study the found Hymn power if it is level cost is 15 and less)

+1 Make a Sacrefice that represent the Hymn to be learnd to Apollo


I think this 2 following Feats also should be part of it but I still have to come up with a Initation Script.


Initation into Ceremony - Minor Supernatural (AnM 114)

(vs 15/21)


Initation into Cyclic Magic (Day) - Minor Hermetic (ArM5 41)

(vs 15/21)






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