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I figured we should start adding any custom effects we create on here so that the other players can check them out and know what's going on when we use them in adventure.




Ceci n'est pas une brouillard (CrAu[Re] 15)
R: Voice, D: Diam, T: Ind
Req: Rego
Creates a smelly fog around the designated target, covering an area a few paces across. The target is blinded and has difficulty smelling anything but the fog, if applicable. The fog moves with the target and does not thin before the effect ends.

(Base 2, +2 Voice, +1 Diam, +1 Rego requisite, +1 Unnatural [cast indoors])


King’s Lynn is in England (CrAu 15)

R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind

As this spell is cast, a thick fog billows from the caster and soon covers an area approximately three hundred paces across. It limits visibility to a few meters and dampens sound. The fog remains till sunrise or sunset, but it may be moved by the wind.

(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Unnatural [cast indoors], +1 Size)


Invested Effect: Bolt from the Brume (CrAu 25). R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind Penetration: 32 Uses: 12

A lightning bolt strikes at the chosen target from a stormy sky, doing +30 damage. There must be a storm. There cannot be anything between the clouds and the target. Those near the target must make Size stress rolls of 6+ to remain standing.

(Base 5, +3 Sight, +1 Slightly Unnatural)

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Contest of Unblinking Stare, 1 point, init (qik-2), aquam
R:Eye, D: Until Eye Blink, T: Ind
When establishing eye contact, Fishy can use this power to trap the target into an involuntary staring contest, which the opponent who failed to resist the spell must participate and they must keep their eye open for the absolute limit of their species before blinking to end the spell or when this fish drop the contest. The target can still perform other action but will suffer appropriate penalty due to the target's sight trapped at staring only at the fish's eye.
Greater Power (ReMe 20 level, -1 might cost, +25 xp in Penetration)

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Hmm thet will be a long list :P



20 ReHe Shield against Wood (Base 15, +1 Diam) as Ward Against Wood with Diameter duration [ArM5 139]

10 InTe Jakobs Way Home (Base 2,+4 Arcane Connection) similar to Sense the True Path just instant [HoH:TL 102]

15 ReTe The Perfect Stone (Base 3,+1 Stone, +1 Herbam, +1 Touch, +1 Part) Reshape the touched stone/wood in a geometric perfect shape [TMRE 96]


Rote's (Quite & Still magic, no casting roll)

5 InHe Understand The Forest (Base 1, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +2 Group) as Intuition of The Forest with a Concentration duration [ArM5 136]

5 InHe Wisper of Natures Secrets (Base 4, +1 Touch) Similar to Probe Nature's Hidden Lore [ArM5 136] but all mundane properties

5 InHe Hunt For The Wild Herb (Base 2, +1 Conc, +2 Smell) [ArM5 136]

5 MuHe Pass the Unyielding Portal (Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Diam) [ArM5 137]

5 ReHe Dance Of The Staves (Base 3, +2 Voice) [ArM5 138]

5 InTe Estimate Age (Base 4, Touch +1) similiar to Eyes of the Eons with only touch range [ArM5 153]

5 PeTe Shattering Strike (Base 4, Touch +1) same as Shattering Touch [Apprentice 47]

5 ReTe Draw the Perfect Circle (Base 2, +1 stone, +1 Herbam, +1 Touch) As Scribe The Perfect Circle but also can do so on wood [TMRE 96]

5 ReVi The Evil Eye (Base 2, +2 Sight, +1 Diam) Intangible tunnel for up to Magnitude 2 spells [HP 80]

5 ReVi Maintaining the Demanding Spell (Base 3,+1 Touch, +1 Diam) Stam+Conc vs 6 to maintain a Magintute 1 Concentration spell[ArM5 162]

5 ReVi Supressing the Wizard's Handiwork (Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Conc) [ArM5 162]


Ramon items after the curent adventure (He get +3 points for items each year so this change every year end of autumn)

16 Weather Illusion Necklace (Base 2, +1 Touch +1 Size +1 Concentration +1 moving = 10 +5 Maintain Concentarion +1 2use/day) Create a Visual & Hearing Imaginem of a Weather effect that moves with the touched.

21 Sense The True Path (Base 2, Arcane Connection +4, Concentration +1 = 15 +5 Maintain Concentration = 20 2 use/day +1 = 21) Ironneedle that when activated on something point to the closest thing that have a arcane conection to this.

21 True Sight of Air (Base 1, Sun +2, Touch +1, Vision +4 = 20 2 use/day +1 = 21 ) red cap

22 Flaming Bolt (Base 5, Voice +2 =15 12 use/day +4 6 Penetration +3 = 22) Pull Lever Light Crossbow without bolt in it its a +5 dmg fire bolt at voice range. With bolt the bolt get ignited when leaving the crossbow adding normal fire damage to it.

"Empty Booklet" that is a "The Transformed Folio" from a task-book at his Covenant in Barcelona.

"Empty Booklet" that is a "The Transformed Folio" from a task-book managed by a Redcap at the City of Ivory and Jade


For the updated Pegasus I first wait for CJ's aproval.

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