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What kind of computer can play this without lag?


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Hi, I'm new to this game and was introduced playing at a friends house. It's seriously addicting, honestly the best game I've played in years! But the lag on his computer was a bit unbearable at times(it's a pretty old pc).

So before I purchase this amazing game I'm going to upgrade my computer so I don't have to worry about that.


I was hoping some experienced users would be kind enough to reccomend me some computer specs that can handle this game with minimal lag(or none if that's possible). Or if you want to tell me your computer specs and lag times when playing I'd be very interested to see how other comps handle this game.


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I can't realy tell you a minimum spec the game still works good.

Because of the huge Database and filesize I think Ram (but I doubt the game can adress more then 4GB) is extrem important and even more so a fast Hard Disk or bether SSD.

But I think any 5-6 year old Desktop PC with 4 GB Ram should handle the game fine.

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