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Since I didn't want to keep rolling dice, writing item stats and erasing them, I made a JavaScript tool to manage combat for me. It is not a character sheet as you cannot save your data and it only includes stats that are useful in combat, so you still need to write down some info, but you can eschew dice completely, which means you could easily play on a tablet while on a plane, for example, using the PDF and a text document to save your progress.


The link below will likely die within a few years, so I would recommend saving a copy if you plan to use it later. It should run in any browser even offline.


Feel free to request simple improvements or report any issues. You're free to redistribute it or fork it if you can make it better.


http://brewnity.ca/salvatos/files/HoldfastCombatHelper.html (updated link 2018-10-26)

To Black Chicken: Please let me know if you want me to add a copyright notice or pull it down completely.

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