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Thank you!


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Hi there!


I got Scheherazade via Steam, and just wanted to say how much I love this game! It's fun and crazy and the writing makes me extremely happy. So thank you for making it (and I do hope there will be a sequel or spinoff eventually).


This is very silly, but I made a fanmix for the game (here on 8tracks if anyone would like to give it a spin). Looking forward to trying Academagia next. :)

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This is just perfect. I'm giving it a spin right now! :)


Thanks so much for the kind words- I'll definitely pass them along to the Team- have fun with Academagia. ;)


Edit: This is inspired. Would that we had a much, much, much larger music budget. ;)


Edit2: In the early development copy, All That Jazz was frequently on. ;)


Edit3: Bauhaus. Never saw that coming. Perfection!


Edit4: What a perfect ending. This was really very well thought out!

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