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Having Trouble With Nigel's Romance Path


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I've played through the path several different times and have tried every single dialog/obstacle path possible but I still cannot get my Dream of Nigel score to 100. My stats always end up as follows:


Peru - 24


New Orleans - 54


Turkey - 94


So I'm missing +6 Dream of Nigel from somewhere, but I'm absolutely flummoxed as to where to look. Any help would be appreciated, thank you, I've been trying this for hours and I'm starting to get a wee bit frustrated. Thanks! :)


I purchased the game on Steam, if that information is in any way helpful.

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Ok, I'm having the same problem as the OP. I swear that I've passed every single obstacle and such but I only get 94 points. I did both the Valentine and Easter events but no matter what combination of choices I make, there isn't an obstacle triggered. So is there another event in New York which will give me those points? I really do need a specific answer and I certainly wont mind it if it's in spoiler text. I've gotten quite a headache trying to find the answer. :/

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