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Complete 'Dream of Roland' Walkthrough Now Available


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Hello everyone~

As some of you may know, someone made a Scheherazade wiki. The wiki is called 'applesauce.wikia.com' (probably because Sadie says 'applesauce a lot but I am not the administrator so who knows).


Anyway, I have been adding to the wiki for a bit now and I am happy to announce that the wiki now has a complete walkthrough for 'Dream of Roland' available. The wiki has a list of all the 'main adventure' events (the little side events that often do not have an obstacle in them but add to the story), and all of his 'Adventure with Roland' capers for each of the different locations. Each guide is written as if you passed all of the challenges.


Things included for each caper and event:

  • skills gained (stress, knowledge, climbing, etc.) and when they are obtained
  • the different obstacles (Knowledge: use your knowledge to solve the riddle and pass the challenge, etc.), the number required to pass the obstacle for easy mode (this number changes due to stress I think so look at it as 'around that number'), and the different skills acquired based on how you beat the challenge
  • the different dialogue decisions (I don't trust you, I trust you, I'm not sure, etc.) and what skills are gained from each option
  • branching options are marked with a * or ^

Things currently NOT included for each caper and event

  • Value estimates to pass challenges on normal and hard mode
  • Dialogue options that do not change the skills gained (EX: If choosing either 'I said so' or 'I did not say that' do not make a stat difference, they are omitted)
  • The days each caper is available (some are listed but not many)


This includes every location, so it also includes the 'Adventure with Roland' capers that happen before his dream route (Egypt, Australia, etc.), which helps those wanting to get the friendship route. Following the guide should get you '100 Dream of Roland' (as I made the second half of the guide while working on Roland's route and got 100).


Most of the information that is missing or not added is because I followed the wiki creator's format which did not include everything, and I am the only one currently editing the wiki. If anyone wants to help, feel free. I am currently working on Sterling. I hope someone finds this helpful as it took a really long time to do.XD

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Thank you~


The wiki itself is a good idea but the name of it is so unique that it is a little hard to find since it is not immediately obvious that it is for Scheherazade. Plus, I am the only one currently working on it and I do not have administrative access so, not as much gets done as I and probably others would like. Anyone willing to help is welcome. I would ask you, Legate of Mineta, but I am pretty sure you work for Black Chicken Studios (based on the different comments of yours I have read) so I doubt you would want or be able to work on it.XD Who knows, maybe and avid fan will help eventually. Thank you for the support.

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