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Possible 'The Library Adventure' glitch


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If you have not beaten 'The Library Adventure', spoilers ahead~


While making a guide for 'The Library Adventure', I noticed something strange. To explain, I am going to use some of the guide as reference:


  • Decision: left [*]/right [^]
  • Decision: run [**][^^]/sneak [^^^]
  • **Skill: +1 moxie
  • **Skill: +1 stress
  • ^^Skill: +1 dodge (Skip to bottom)
  • ^^^Skill: +1 stress
  • Obstacle: 26 stealth/poise
  • Skill: +1 wits
  • Obstacle: 26 strength/moxie
  • Skill: +1 athletics
  • Skill: +1 charm
  • Skill: +1 animal handling
  • Obstacle: 27 deception
  • Skill: +1 deception
  • Skill: +1 strength

(choosing 'right' and then 'run' puts you here)

  • Skill: +1 empathy



To explain my question within that jumbled mess more clearly, if one were to choose:

Decision: right [^]

and then choose

Decision: run [^^]

They will gain

^^Skill: +1 dodge

But then skip through the event and get to

Skill: +1 empathy


Was creating a combination of choices that skips that much of the event intentional? It causes you to skip 3 obstacles and the overview of the caper implies that there is no way to skip any of them, so I thought I would ask about it.

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Okay, thank you~

If you would not mind, if you could post back here if it was intentional or not, I would appreciate it. I am emotionally invested now.XD

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I am used to this game having branching paths but this one seemed so extreme compared to a lot of the others that I figured I would ask. Thank you for telling me~

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