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Feedbak/Suggestions on Update #23


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Hi ho!

I've been busy with both studies and vacations during the last two months, which prevented me from having a serious analysis on the various presentations (yet it didn't prevent me from enjoying the Belles' introductions).

I decided to place my thoughts, feedbacks and suggestions about Update #23, which showcased a lot of the progress made by the game's team. These are mostly based on my personal opinion and on what i learned on Person-Machine Interactions, from my now-finished Licenciate B)

I'm open to both positive and negative thoughts, with both reasoning and feeling towards the topic.


The Fleet Selection screen, in my opinion, has been worked on very well. Using cards to feature the Belles, with tears in them representing damage taken, shows good design, and made me think of them as a collection (was that the team's intention?).

The friendship/romance signs are also nice, though it took me some time to see them - perhaps adding a faint glow (a blue flair on friendships that appears faintly and rarely, a light red sparkle on romances that shows more commonly on a petal of the rose) could give the symbols both some improved identification and a better feeling of accomplishment.

The Campaign Map screen looks really good as it currently stands. The map field looks good, the mapping and scouting animations are solid, and the morgana mist looks omnious, though i believed it was a misty purple rather than a foggy gray.

Lastly, the Battle screen and UI felt good as well, yet i felt it was flawed in some way, so i decided to check exactly what was right and wrong... including a comparison with the initial battle UI showcased in the Kickstarter trailer.

The fire and hit (shakes included) animations did convey the conflict's exchanges, but aircrafts were featured in the Kickstarter trailer. Perhaps those animations have become exclusive for aircraft carriers, which if so it is a welcomed change.

The miss animation was roughly the same as the fire animation, which felt lackluster to me - it was the sole animation that didn't "click" in the entirety of the presentation, and made me uneasy until i pinpointed it as the cause. Perhaps adding another different miss animation, like a water splash, could help - i saw there were two different hit animations, which meant adding multiple, different effects was possible.

Speaking of which, i believe that adding multiple animations for the most common actions, such as hits and misses, with different sounds, could decrease the possible repetitive feel of the battle interface. If i'd be given the freedom to choose, I'd pick around three to six different alternatives for both ways (an example: 5 miss animations and 4 miss sounds, in which two would be different splashes and two would be different bullet dodges), and a lesser number for critical hits could be viable for saving time and resources since they are less common, as well as making them "iconic" so players can know when to cheer (or despair) when one is triggered.

I also noticed that the ship's location stats (featured at Update #6) weren't discussed as part of the battle. While i'm aware of their conversion to hit points, i wonder if they''ll be displayed in some window at the Fleet Selection.

Lastly, i wonder how will the Battle map change according to the flow of combat (featured on Update #3). Will the map zoom in as both sides get closer, or will the Belles' icon move towards the center instead?


I hope my feedback has been helpful, Or at least an interesting read.

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It was very interesting! The artwork is not final, but as we go along it's good to get a sense of how you react.


I'll pass on the comments to the Team, but one quick note- we experimented with zoom in regards to the Fleets moving together, but it didn't work so well. The current concept is a 'chevron' and bow-wave animation that 'moves' them closer, but it's still conceptual.


Thanks! :)

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