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Valdo Schwarzbart's days at Academagia


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I decided to give a try for a new DLC 16 RPG char with the name Valdo Schwarzbart at the Vernin College.

Keep in mind this RPG will contain many spoiler as I will stay close to an actual played game with what I write here.


Here I will place the links to each weekly posting


Before the 1st week

01st week

02nd week

03rd week

04th week

05th week

06th week

07th week

08th week

09th week

10th week

11th week

12th week

13th week

14th week

15th week


Inside the spoiler are the enabled mods, background and class list




Morning classes:






Evening classes:







Class fix 52

Discoveries: The Drunken


Mantle of Stars

Prodigy: Incantation Fix

Study Battles




Astrology: The Comet +1 Luck

Omen: Shattered Mirrors +1 Int

Heritage: Staadan


Family: Sports

Family: The Secret Heritage

History: Famous Campaigners (+1 Ins)

Station: Wealthy


Prodigy: Battle Born +1 Str

Prodigy: Center of Attention +1 Cha

Prodigy: Incantation

Prodigy: Life of Avarice +1 Fin


Apprenticeship: Page


Discoveries: The Drunken

Friendship: Actually, Bitter Hatred


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I was riding on a griffon at a steam-powered carousel, my sister was sitting on a large rabbit and my brother on a horse afterwards our parents even bought us a candy apple at the market. After a goodbye my dad and I left the market in a different direction then the rest of the family. At the landing bridge toward the gigantic airship my dad handed me an old knife he got from his own father when he left the home to become an apprentice. He remind me to study a lot and also learn from the battles of the past before he departed.

This is now some week back and I still miss my home and my old friends but today a new phase of live will begin!




Together with aunt Amelia, at last I was told I should call her aunt despite that she is a very distant relative, I’m walking from Mineta the road upward to Academagia. The towers of this magic university can already be seen in the city once you have a clear field of view, especial this Vernin tower that is surrounded by spectacular lights, but its still a long walk from the mansion of my aunt to the gate of Academagia. We walked together trough the gates toward the administration office and it was kind of strange as nearly every adult seem to know my aunt. Despite some other where already waiting in front of the office we where called in right when we arrived what didn’t go good with a female of my age who was very angered that we where to go in first.

It took a few minutes till the last missing info where filled and I was told that my class list is as requested by my aunt except for Brew as they sadly have no professor to teach it this year and so instead they put me into Zoology. They called an older female student to bring me to my room while my aunt still stayed in the office when I left. After the door closed my aunt became very loud inside but I couldn’t understand trough the door what this was about.

While we walking along the hallways the student introduced her self as Oan and she told me that she is in the 3rd year now. Finally we arrived in front of a room in an other tower and Oan told me that this will be my home for the next months and that I should change before she shows me some other import places around the University. Despite that I’m used better things the 4 bed room was still better then what I feared it will look like especial because it also had a seperate bathroom just for us 4. After I changed Oan showed me the way to my class rooms, the places where we can get food and buy supplies. It was already time for dinner when our tour finished and Oan told me that she will show me some other things the next time we meet.

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Week 1




Despite that Oan shown me the way to each class room just the day before it was still difficult to find them again but I managed to be in each class on time. Because we have different students and professor in each class most of the time was spend with introduction. In the morning I have Dialectic with Professor Sido, Grammar with Professor Pluiete and Negation with Professor Briardi.

During lunch I crossed a field with unimpressive flowers when a girl with plaits and the Uniform of a Morvidus student angry raise her voice and angry shouted in my direction “You people from Vernin think you can allow your self everything? Yesterday you got into the office while other people had to wait and today you trample down this beautiful Bellis perennis.” before briskly walking away. Apparently that was the same girl that was angry at me yesterday already when I entered the administration office with my aunt, looks like I’m at a bad start with her.

During Arithmetic and Zoology class in the afternoon she then threw angry looks at me.

The professor I have in the afternoon are Professor Valenta for Arithmetic, Professor Leith for Enchant and Professor Pachait for Zoology.

In the evening I then visited the Venalicium Library and picked a bock about Dialectic to study this topic.




I already had the feeling that I’m observed when walking alone trough the hallways yesterday but today its even stronger but as much I look around I can’t spot anyone. In class we started with the basics but there was nothing interesting enough to write down here. During lunch I meet again with Oan near the Garden Gallery she told me about the benefit of having friends and even forming a clique. Suddenly she point in a direction and tell me to help this student get his book back from a plant. Good thing I know about the five hand tree from back home and know that this kind of tree give the stolen items back once the person apparently gave up. So it was easy to get the book back for Everwine an other student from Vernin and because Oan left already we talked a bit about our experience so far at this university.

In the evening I once again studied Dialectic in the Venalicium Library.




When I was washing my face in the morning my heart nearly stopped to beat when suddenly the head of a girl comes out of the mirror. While I’m still petrified she told me that her name is Pamela and she observed me that last days but now decided to come out to tell me that she will be my familiar! Slowly recovering from the shock I agree to be nice to her. Still I can’t believe I formed a familiar bond to a ghost instead of something more normal like the other students. I will have to talk with Oan about this later.

During lunch I had an other argument with the twin plaits wearing Morvidus girl called Beatrix, this time about the food. When some other students of Vernin and Morvidus joined into our argument it soon ended into a big food fight.

After dinner I meet again with Oan to talk about my familiar. Pamela seem not that thrilled about Oan and Oan seem to be surprised to actual see a human manage to form a bound with a ghost. Sadly the general tips about familiar don’t really hold true with a ghost and so Oan could only tell me that Pamela and I have to work something out on our own.




Thurday during lunch I watched a rimbal game between 2 teams of senior students. It wasn’t at the level of the games I watched together with my dad but its still interesting.

From some talk I overheard in the hallways I learned about an other library with the name The Library of Longshade and so visited it in the evening but man is this library a mess. So I just picked up a random book but soon dozed off. When I weak up everything is dark except for a faint green glow from the ceiling. When I reached the exit I had to realize the door is closed and I had to calm down my raising panic. Looking around for an other exit I finally realized that the statues are different and even the outside of the window only show earth! This must be some kind of strange dream, right? Having nothing else to do I pick a random book from a shelf but to my surprise its in a language I never saw before and out of some strange reason I put it into my knapsack instead of put it back into the shelf. Then I noticed a red glow coming from a nearby Raven statue and when I got closer to it 3 old men with long beard appeared out of nowhere. Speaking to my mind of a past nation and that I have to find all 3 parts of a book to revive this once powerful nation. After a flash of red light I’m back in the normal library at the place I took my nap. Yes this must have been a dream and so I left the library to do my homework.




In the morning I realized this strange book in my knapsack and then I remembered the strange happenings yesterday that I did off as dream again. So this was all real? Then I have to find someone who can help me with finding this book parts as I don’t even know where to start.

My stomach apparently didn’t agree with the lunch I had today and so I spend most of the afternoon in the infirmary.

After I recovered I visited the help desk of the Venalicium Library to find someone who can give me information about the book I obtained yesterday. I was pointed to an older boy with spectacle and when I showed him the book he immediately was hooked. He tells me that this book is from a civilization called Constadrian that vanished from the maps during the early Empier. In return for the book he agreed to help me with my search. After introduce him self as Barnes he also gave me a magical Scholar’s card for this library that let books magical come to me or return to the shelf what should be a great help with my studies. Because he told me that he will need some time to find clues of the whereabouts of this book fragments I decided to already make my homework and try to catch up at what I missed today.




After breakfast I visit the Temple of Iudocia with the plan to pray there but when I saw people work on the looms I joined them. Thanks to some helpful elder woman I learned a bit about sewing, I even got some payment from the temple for the work done and a simple lunch. Aunt Amelia was also visiting the temple when I was there and told me to visit an old friend of her in the swamps when I have time as she might have some ideas about the ghost following me.

In the evening I then did write a letter home to tell my parents that I’m fine and that I had an exciting first week at Academagia.




Today we have a big ceremony that all Vernin students have to join with us 1st years all sitting in the front row. This ceremony is apparently about some Enchanting needed to repair some parts of the great wall, but why do they need to hold hours of boring talk for this? Short after the interesting but very complicated looking enchanting procedure start there is some uproar from the row behind me and I suddenly pushed forward and when I wanted to catch my self my hand touched the phemes still hanging in the air. At the very same moment everything goes dark and when I regain my consciousness I’m in the infirmary with the Legate right next to me. From what the Legate tells me this all was because of a prank from a 2nd year and that the enchanting they planed to do was disrupted and now can’t be done any more. But worst of all I now have golden runes, that supposed to strength the wall, all over my left hand. The Legate continue that the only way for me to ever hope in losing this runes is to transfer the magic to the wall but how they can do this is still unclear.

After I allowed to leave the infirmary I visit the library to see if I can find something about what the runes at my hand are. I managed to find the Bring Forth, Fitness and Time pheme written on my hand and thanks to the books and the example on my hand I think I could actual draw them with my wand now.


mentioned adventure Tutorial Adventure 03-04; Familiar Adventure Invisible Friend 0; Locked in the Library 00-01; The Aultrine Problem 00-01

@Ascartand its a DLC 16 game with some mods mentioned in the spoiler in the 1st posting.

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Week 2




Despite stick out like a sore thumb with this glowing runes at my left hand and a ghost as my familiar I’m still have to visit class.

At last Professor Sido used the sunny day to take us outside to visit the lone pine at the Chauranglaith path where we had to think about the words “Acceptance without Questioning is not knowledge; only who ponder may consider themselves sufficiently assured of understanding” that are written on an old tablet there.

Seeing other whisper behind my back and pointing toward my arm I decided to stay on my own during this lunch.

In the evening I meet Oan again that she show me the basics of spellcasting and it took me quite some while till I got the grasp on how to draw a palette and place the pheme on it to manage the simply spell she showed me. In the end I still manage to cast the spell Glow of Victory, as spell that give the caster the aura of a winner, as she had show me.




During the lunch break I meet again with Oan this time at the Great Gates of Academagia there she planed to show me the power of locations. To her dismay I found out on my own that this place boost my skill of oratory. Still her explanation how this power of location work will be useful in the future. I probably have to check out other places for this subtle effect as well.

In the evening I visited the Venalicium Library to check it out for this subtle power of locations but instead managed to anger a librarian who thought I try to find a secret passage or something like that. So she forced me to clean the study cubicles from ink stains what took me the complete evening.




During lunch I’m suddenly got attacked by a swarm of bees and out of the corner of my eyes I could see Beatrix snickering. To my luck an other student managed to drive the bees away with a stream of water. When the bees where gone there was no sight of Beatrix any more and so I accepted to offer of the girl that saved me to accompany me to to the infirmary to take care of the stings.

The girl introduced her self as Vuillaume Eparvier a 1st year student in Godina and I think I already saw her in the Grammar and Enchant class. We had some nice talk on our way to the infirmary.

After Enchant class we agreed to meet up at the Venalicium Library in the evening to do our homework together. Afterwards we had some talk and I wondered how she already can do such a great Incantation spell with the year just started while we in Negation not even learned a single Pheme. Her answer was that she actual observed some older student using this spell and so decided to give it a try her self and after some trial and error in the practice room she manage to cast it.




One of my roommates accepted the challenge to a rimbal game from a Godina student in the evening and so I was talked into joining them despite never played this game my self.

During lunch my roommates Everwine and Vincent beside some other 1st year Vernin try to plan for the game in the evening and train a bit but I have serious doubts that this makeshift team will stand a chance in any kind of serious rimbal game. Despite my doubts we still could hold up against the Godina team for a long time but late in the evening the opponents still won by a clear lead.




I was together with Vuillaume when Vincent suddenly asked me for help with the Arithmetic homework we have to turn in this afternoon. To my surprise Vuillaume could help him as she had same class already in the morning and so already turned in the same homework. Now knowing that Vuillaume and I have 3 class in common be decided to meet regular for study and doing the homework together. Despite that Vincent don’t have Grammar he told us he will also join. Hearing us talk about a study and homework group Asmita a girl from my college decided to show up also for the first meeting because she also attend the Arithmetic, Enchant and Grammar class. Thanks to Asmita we also had some great tasting cookies to eat while doing the homework and some learning. It was a lot more fun to do this in a group then alone. I don’t know who brought it up that we need a name for our group and after looking trough some foreign language books and came up with Dies Magia. Despite no one of us where entire sure what it means it had a nice ring to it we chosen this as name.




In the morning I played some rounds The Wizzard and the Fool because it wasn’t the weather to go outside.

After lunch we headed out to the city because Barnes finally found a lead to the first part of the book. After I covered up my left hand as good as possible we visit Bubbles’ Gourmet Eatery where he suspect the first part should be, disguised as a cookbook. When we entered the restaurant was empty and it was soon clear that thanks to the horrible recipe he took from the fake cookbook are the reason. Despite his problems come from this book Bubbles refuse to give up on it till we came up with a new chocolate pie/cake hybrid recipe, actual it was Asmita with some help of Bubbles and to some lesser extend the rest of us. After giving out some free sample of this new product to passerby the restaurant start to fill up again and we got out book.

Bubbles left us after we got the book but we still had to get some supplies for next week in the city and also decided to spend the early evening in a tavern that have a bard playing some famous songs.




After breakfast I walked into the town to the Temple of Iudocia and arrived in time for the religious worship. At the end of the devotions the priest mentioned that they looking for volunteer helping at the a place called the Beggar’s Corner that is at the Admiration Market and that donations are also more then welcome.

Despite not having received a letter from my parents so far I spend some time to write them an other about what happened this week.

Because all my friends already know some nice spells and I only have the one I learned from Oan I decided to go trough my notes from this 2 weeks so far. When Pamela wanted to help me I saw no harm but man was this a mistake! She turned into a fury and created a real mess before she left. So I actual had to spend the evening to sort my notes again instead of checking them for infos about spells I actual should already know.


mentioned adventure Tutorial Adventure 05-06; Locked in the Library 02; Familiar Adventure Invisible Friend 03

@HeatTalon yes I think it will again the top student of his year but min maxing not so much. Still we will see how the game develop.

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Week 3




In Negation class our professor finally teach us how to form the palette for the so called Beginners Dispel. Sadly the class was disrupted when suddenly the room fills with blue smoke and everyone was rushing for the exit. Despite that the situation in the room was fast cleared up by the professor it took to long till everyone was back at their place to continue with the lesson.

In Zoology class we got told we need to get us a Beekeeper Mask till tomorrow but when I managed to get to the shops at Academagia all where sold out already. Couldnt professor Pachait told us this last week so I could have bought it Saturday already? Now I have to go again into the city just to get this mask we need for tomorrow. It took me for ever to find a shop selling this masks maybe I should have asked an other student who grow up in Mineta to accompany me then this would have be over faster.




After the disruption the day before today Professor Briardy managed to teach us this simple Beginners Dispel what is even easier then the Glow of Victory I learned from Oan.

In Zoology our professor had to tell us that the bee hive he wanted to use for the lecture today was stolen.

Later when Oan showed me how to impress a professor it became clear that the bee hive was stolen to attack a professor. While the bees where about to attack a student from Hedi cast a fast spell that create illusionary flowers and so saved the professor from some trouble. I realized that the office of professor Pachait is nearby and so I rushed over to it to tell the professor that some of his bees where found earning me some points with him. Returning to Oan she was impressed by my quick thinking how to use this situation for my gain also.




Still at unease about going to the city with the runes on my left arm Oan managed to persuade me to join her on a shopping tour. When we walked trough a bustling street I lost sight of Oan when I had to watch for my moneybag because a group shabby looking kids came close. To my luck she just entered the nearby side passage and so I managed to catch up. She introduced me to a shop that actual ask for an entry fee for first time customer something I never heard any other shop doing but luckily I paid it as the wares in this shop are a mages dream.

Sadly I still have to save up a lot of money for the more interesting items in this shop.




Because I got a note from the Legate that they want to have a look at the runes on my hand again during the Workshop Days I spend this evening finishing all the homework I had and even found some time to start reading one of the books are supposed to study from for this year.


Workshop Days


After meeting the Legate after the breakfast he had an other look at my left arm and then told me to follow Regent di Lucca Alazzo to the Mineta Chapterhouse of the Aultrine Order. During our walk the Regent told me a few times how sorry he is about what happened. From the outside the large building is not nearly as impressive as the great towers we have at Academagia but the interior is just wow, I don’t know if words can ever describe this wonderful stucco with golden ornaments at the walls, the marble floor or the plush carpeting everything in top condition and of master-work quality. Some chants echo trough the hallways we go toward the unknown destiny following an ancient looking man of this order.

From the talk between the Regent and the man of the order called Master Eustcio there was an other person that had runes on him and a previous master of this order managed to remove them but that was under different circumstances. During this talk I suddenly hear a voice warning to not trust him but the 2 other appear to not hearing this voice. When Master Eustcio explain the plan for today I hear again this warning coming from no where. Despite this warning voice I entered the Red Ship that should bring us to the wall within hours instead of weeks it normal would take.

The flight with this ship was pure madness, the walls groan and wail, strong forces push me into my seat so that I hardly can breath. I can understand why this ship got out of fashion. When we got near the wall the pressure eases on me while the runes on my hand began to glow stronger. Seeing this Master Eustcio ordered the captain to fly back despite that we where still miles away from the wall.

It was already late when we returned and Master Eustcio told to the Regent that he will have to check some books first. On the way back to Academagia my ears where still ringing from the noise in the ship. I hope I never have to fly with this ship again!

After the trip to the wall yesterday I decided that I today just enjoin the festival in the city despite the glowing runes at my hand. The event is far bigger here in Mineta then it was back home but I still miss the times during the Workshop Days when my dad took me to his office at the dockyard he manages and show me everything.

On the last day of the Workshop Days I visited the Aultrine Order Chapterhouse again but sadly there was no progress to report regarding my arm. I also listened to the afternoon religious worship at the Temple of Iudocia and paid for a small booklet with different prayer on it. Especial the Pray for Calm sound useful as it reduce the stress of the person saying the prayer and the person subject to the prayer. In the evening I once again enjoined the festivity.




Right at the moment I had to turn in my homework the writing suddenly vanish from my papers.

My protest that I had made my homework but its now gone because of a prank didn’t help and so I have detention in the evening with Professor Pachait. Natural I saw Beatrix snickering at her place over my misfortune. So after dinner Professor Pachait lead me to the basement of a Morvidus Tower whit a dirty large glass plane with really strange creatures flying behind. On a closer look its actual water behind the glass and the creatures are swimming under the water. After explaining what I have to watch about this creatures called fish the professor cast a spell on me that let me breath under water and let my finger and feet stick to a surface I had to clean this glass plane for the next hours.Sadly I don’t think I will find this aquarium as the professor have called it again as the way to it was quite complicated but it would have been a great place to study this animals.




When I was reserve for a Rimbal game Oan handed me a note before she rushed away. In the note was an invitation to watch a duel in the evening together with a scrawled map where to find the place. Because I had a lot of homework to do and also wanted to go trough some things we learned this week again I spend the complete afternoon doing this. After dinner I the walked to the place mentioned at the invitation but because Oan appears to be busy I staid a bit away from the rest to not disrupt them. When I was spotted by a male student around Oan’s age I was waved to come closer. You must been Valdo?! Oan asked me to give you some explanations what happening as she couldn’t do it her self when she is busy as second. Especial about the Dueling Circles he explained a lot and he even took the time to show me the Loose Pheme as it is one of the needed Pheme to create one. Because it was a first blood duel the preparations where much longer then the due it self what ended less then one minute after it started with the victory of Oan’s side. Having no intention to celebrate with older students I sneaked away once its clear the duel was over.



As I missed a few of our study group sessions this week I joined it today and for most of the morning hours. Because Vincent was missing we where only 3 today but it was still nice to hang out with the other again even if just to learn the stuff we need for some of our classes.

Like last week I joined the religious worship at the Temple of Ioducia. During the service my eye fall onto an interesting tapestry and after the service was over I had a closer look at it. Turns out some of the tapestry show how to create certain Pheme and on this one is the Beseech, Lift and Insight Pheme in a clear enough way that I think that I can replicate them.

When I returned back to Academagia a letter from my parents have arrived. Both younger siblings of me continue their basic education at the nearby temple, the shipyard of my dad got a big new contract and everyone is fine, that was about the content of this letter. Natural I immediately written a letter of my own back to them.


mentioned adventure Tutorial Adventure 07-09; The Aultrine Problem 02

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Week 4




Somehow the talk of our group was about religion during lunch break today. I mentioned that a while ago I heard the they are looking for volunteer at the Beggars Corner and that I want to have a look there but didn’t do so because of non existing cooking skills. To my surprise Asamita said that is a great idea and suggested we can go today there and I just have to assist her there. So after our own dinner we meet at the gate and head out to the Admiration Market. I had to clean the dirty bowls and spoons while Asamita actual helped with the cooking. I’m still not sure if it was such a good idea to go there with all the smelling homeless around but on the other hand it feel good to help the people in need. Strangely the food the beggars get actual smell better then some things we get for food at Academagia.




After the extreme difficult lesson in Negation I had to get my head clean during the lunch break and so I wandered a bit aimless between the Vernin tower when suddenly a ghost appeared in front of me. This ghost told me that I’m within a spell called Time Slip and there where adventures like me who never could leave this tower and I should careful think before answering how long I want to stay. Because this is clearly a question that we could have in Dialectic I didn’t need to long for the answer “As long as I want to be, and no longer”. The ghost apparently happy with my answer gave me an other question “What is time?”. Because I know the time Pheme already it was simple to answer this question by draw this Pheme with my wand. The ghost then showed me the Acoustics Pheme and how to use both together for the Time Push spell. Once I left the ghost I realized I was in front of the Tower of the Cold Forge that is strictly forbidden to enter. Apparently I gave the right answers or I would one of the children that went missing during their 1st year at Academagia. But there was not much time left so I had to run to the next class.

Because Arithmetic and Enchant class also had difficult topics today I spend that complete evening with my friends to refresh what we learned today.




After class was over for today I decided to eat in the city and then visit the Aultrine Order Chapterhouse again. But not far away from the restaurant I had dinner I suddenly hear a loud crashing noise from a side street and my curiosity got the better of me. It looks like the noise did come from a book store with a now broken shop window and a broken bookcase and many books outside, one can go even so far and say it looks like a battlefield. Talking with the person who appears to be the shop owner it sound like he was blackmailed in take some authors from his shelf and after not doing so someone unknown took action. He asked me to talk with the guild in his stead and take the blackmail letter with me. At the booksellers guild it took me all my abilities in smooth-talking to learn that there some laws the guild must follow if a person live is in danger. So I didn’t get any direct help for the shop owner for now but at last got a hint where to look. Sadly after returned with the news to the shop owner it got to late to still visit the Chapterhouse so that I returned back to the Academagia.




During lunch break I meet once again with Oan and she is asking me if I want to join her search for the Trees of Knowledge but before I could give her even an answer she start to point out the potential risks of going on adventure. Smiling in her face I show her the runes on my arm and tell her that is the risk for just be at Academagia and that I will join her search if my time permits it.

Secretly I was wondering why she offered me the chance instead of asking her friends I saw during the duel last Saturday. We agreed to meet this Saturday to start with the search.

In the evening after I finished my homework I spend some time at the library to look for any hints about the law that was mentioned yesterday at the booksellers guild but I didn’t have any luck. To be truthful I have absolute no clue what I’m searching for and so its more about luck to find something.




During lunch Asmita was preparing some food for us but when Pamela also wanted to help Asmita was faster with her sure then I could say no. A short moment later the place looks like we had a food war thanks to Pamela’s “help”. When I told Pamela that a “friend” of my with the name Beatrix von Wetgen need help with her studies she immediately disappeared. Despite that Asmita managed to make us a simple but well tasting lunch and even with all the cleaning we had to do it was still better then eat at the school cafeteria. Also I had to smile to finally have found a use for my familiar and I only can imagine what she will do to all the homework of Beatrix but that’s the revenge for last week.

In the evening I visited the Aultrine Order Chapterhouse again and to my surprise our Regent from Vernin was also there. The had some more checks on my arm but sadly still no new info how to return my arm back to normal. Regent di Lucca Alazzo was happy to see me here today as it saved him a way as he need some help with some tasks to acquire certain items in near future and ask me if I’m willing to help. It sounded quite shady and I know my aunt didn’t have the best of impression about the current Regent of Vernin but still he is the Regent of my College so I accepted.




Today is the “adventure” with Oan and we set of short after the breakfast. Oan lead us to an old run down warehouse inside this building there must be a secret passage or exit that we have to find. We spread out to search but Asmita found the hidden door first thanks to an astrology spell. Sadly we couldn’t find a mechanism to open it and so Vincent used a stick he found somewhere to break it down. In the passage fire based magic did fizzle and we had no other way to create light so we careful had to feel our way to the other exit. Strangely the tunnel ended up outside at a place with lots of withered plant live and the ruins of a construction site what makes me wonder what kind of catastrophe happened here. While I’m stunned by this sad impression of this place Oan used different spells and potions but apparently without much result. After a while she told us that the Glade is supposed to talk to us and give us hints where we can find the trees of wisdom.

After some search I found a strange old looking creature and after some talk with it it used some powder to awaken the spirits of this glade. We got the clue Oan is looking for in form of a strange rhyme from the tree spirits. For me this rhyme didn’t make sense at all and I couldn’t even memorize it. We left this place the way we got in and had lunch at the cafeteria in Academagia. All the way back and even during our meal Oan didn’t say a word but when we where nearly finished with eating she suddenly jumped up and shouted “I got it, come on lets go!”.

She lead us to the Imperial Reserve but the guards there where very alert today so we had to find a way in first as we have no permission to enter it. After some search we found a hidden hole in the hedge we 1st year all could get trough wit ease only Oan had some problems. Oan point some places where we should look and together we fast found a number of clues especial thanks to Vincent who had to do all the climbing. As it slowly getting dark and we have to decipher the clues we took a break and decided to continue tomorrow after lunch.

After dinner I had no intention to run around any more so I decided to write the letter home one day early and afterwards did some of my homework.




Because I agreed to join Oan with her adventure in the afternoon I visit the Temple of Ioducia already in the morning despite that there is no public religious worship at the morning hours. I actual only planed to have some personal prayer and have a look at some of the tapestry they have there. But sort after I entered the temple a monk asked me if I’m Valdo Schwarzbart and after I said yes he told me that Miss Amelia Schwarzbart asked him to teach me some kind of special spell called Cleans and Remake. After he did show me how it is done I had to replicate it my self with his assistance the very moment I finished the spell I feel immense power build up inside of me. He tells me that its a very tiny fraction of the power of gods is called into the person performing this spell but one should be weary to not overuse this magic.

During lunch Oan and my friends had a discussion about the clues we found yesterday and ended with 2 possible points of entry that are close together. But everything afterwards and even the discussion about the clues are only hazy memories at best. In the evening I was back in my room wondering what I did this afternoon. I only remember we where teleported a few times by magic already in place and had to defend us against wild animals with incantation magic from Oan and Villaume. The only real clear moment is when I was speaking in front of the Trees of Knowledge and asking for wisdom in its gentlest form and it was granted. Because my friends also have this holes in their memory it appears to be no problem with the Cleanse and Remake spell I learned earlier today.


mentioned adventure Tower of the Cold Forge 00-01; City Hall Adventure 00-02; Tutorial Adventure 10-finish; Bright Young Vernin 00-01

final the first finished adventure :D

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Week 5




After an other early evening study together with my friends I was still not tiered and because its a clear warm night with a bright moon at the sky I visited lake Arcadia to be alone. After a while sitting at the coast of the lake I started to skipping some stones across the water. Suddenly one of my stones appears to hit something solid and a moment later a woman with deep blue eyes and seaweed as hair raise from this place out of the water. Rubbing her head she said “That did hurt a lot what have you say for your defence?”

Because I didn’t see any reason in lying I said that “I’m sorry that I hit you but I didn’t mean any harm to anyone I was just skipping some stones”. Still that wasn’t enough and my other tries in calm her down also didn’t work. When she then began to work some kind of magic on me I tried to counter it with the Beginners Dispel but could only limit the effect instead of complete dispel it.

According to the words of the woman I was supposed to become a common penguin but ended up to be an emperor penguin. She sink back into the water and left me in this horrible form. From a Man in complete black clothes I got the tip that cleaning the other side of the leak from the trash dropped in there by the kids living there and bring it over to this coast might convince the water mistress to remove the curse. After what feel like hours of bring the waste over from the other side the Lady showed up again and removed the curse. She even gave me a magical robe and magical gloves. Tired by now I returned to the dorm just to be caught by a professor who give me detention to be out at this late hour.




The detention with Professor Pluiete was fine at first as I could do my homework in opposite to the detention with Professor Pachait where I had to do cleaning work. But when all that left was to sign the paper that I was in detention the ink suddenly formed a handcuff that bond the left hand of the Professor and my right hand together. If that not all lose things in the classroom start to flying and attacking us. I shouted “Pamela STOP!” with no effect but when we escaped to the hallways the professor tells me that its probably his family who disagree that he not following the family path as adventurer. The talk was disrupted when stones from the floor where begin to falling down. When I asking the Professor “What have all this to do with Adventure?” the falling stones start to fly and form some kind of stair. The next floor is full of gigantic cobweb and the Professor put some spell on us to prevent the silk to be stick on us or our clothes. When we hear some kind of whispering noise the Professor urged me to run. In the next room where tons of bubbles but I had enough from this mockery and I concentrate to dispel the complete thing. My spell must have done the trick as we are suddenly back in the classroom with a woman standing near the door. From what I could understand from the angry exchange between the Professor and this person is that she is a cousin of him and responsible for all this chaos. Because no one paid attention to me I sneak close to the woman and draw the knife I got from my dad and hit her as hard as I can with the handle of the knife in the stomach. The hit was enough that she collapsed “Looks like your self are not suited for adventure as well when someone like me who just learn magic for 1 month can break your spell and knock you out! Professor we are finished with the detention and I can leave?” I interpreted the nodding of the Professor as yes and leave immediately before his cousin get back to her senses.

(had to rewrite this adventure in many parts)




Because its now over 1 month we are at Academagia we started to talk during lunch what we learned in this time. Compared to my friends I feel left behind with only 1 spell I learned in class and 2 other outside. In the evening we visit the city to get some supplies for class and some fresh grocery for Asmita so that we are not forced to eat at the cafeteria. Full loaded I bumped into a strange fellow who have pots, pans and lids hanging all over the body. The man then tells me that he is an albatross with and when I started to debate with him he told me that he have his armor, that he eat grubs, worms and fungus. When he then even mentioned that he dig his own burrow I told him if he is an armadillo and mumbling more to him self “Yes that must be it, thanks” he handed me a nice ring as thanks to clear up his confusion. When he was out of sight we couldn’t hold back any more and had to laugh about this strange man.




In Negation class I finally managed to learn an other spell with the name Veil of Aversion. This spell make it more difficult for the target to cast any form of magic for a longer time.

In the evening I visit the Aultrine Order Chapterhouse once again to hear if there is any news in the research about my hand. After some talk with the person I usual talk to there he suddenly acting strange. He tell me about a prophecy called “the Champion of the Wall and the Boy the Dragons Chose” as if I was asking about it. He then lead me to a Library when he suddenly wondering where we are going to. With my experience from 2 day ago I expect some kind of glamour at work and used my knowledge in Negation magic to break it. It was by fare more difficult to break this spell then the one 2 day ago but I think I managed it. The info I then got from him just don’t add up why is the Master of this order studying the prophecies of a mad astrologer and why is a powerful gate and mastery mage imprisoned in this Chapterhouse considered as the expert in regard of this prophecies? But more important what have this all to do with me? Confused and with a raising headache I left this place to go back to my dorm.




I did sleep really bad this night because I couldn’t get what was told yesterday out of my head, maybe I need to look in the Astrology library here at Academagia if I can find something about the prophecy after school.

During afternoon class my hand suddenly hurt like cut by knives and then the same whispering voice I heard at the day I had the trip with the red ship tell me that that I need to rush over to the Aultrine Order Chapterhouse and that Master Eustacio is responsible for the pain I feel in my hand.

I excused me as sick and rushed over to the Aultrine Order Chapterhouse. To my horror where the Chapterhouse was is now only a hole, while most member of the order appears to be save outside I know from the whispering voice that there still some people trapped. Seeing the chaos I know I need lend the power of the gods to success with the task I have in front of me and so I used the Cleanse and Remake spell and actual managed to get it working despite I didn’t have the time to make the usual preparations. After climbing down the hole I spot the pilot of the red ship in front of the prison door where the person whispering to me is behind. Thanks to the collapse the lock was broken but the door it self looks unharmed so I could open the door and behind it someone complete warped in chains wearing an iron mask. After braking the chains I had to carry both the pilot and the prisoner to Academagia where I then collapsed in front of the Legate.




It was already late morning when I finally woke up in the infirmary and after a good meal I was fit enough in the eyes of the Legate to hear the bad news. According to this Gate and Mastery mage had Master Eustacio used some kind of magic to transfer the complete power of the Aultrine Order Chapterhouse to him self what resulted in its destruction but what’s worse is that he is planing to do the same with the wall and because my live force is linked with the wall the end of the wall will also be my end. To end the link I have with the wall I simply have to touch it but for this to have any use I have to be at the wall as soon as possible and someone also have to stop the madness of master Eustacio. It was decided that Professor Briardy will join me as only 1 person beside me could send there via Gate magic. Its so surreal when within a blink of the eyes your at a complete different place. Before I really realised I’m already standing on the wall the Professor shouted down and I only reacted. Then I realized our enemy is someone not much older then me and because of the attack of the Professor he is now without wand given the strength the wall lend me and the power I borrowed from the gods I rushed over to him in unbelievable speed and tackle him down.

At the moment my hand touch the ground I feel the runes leaving my hand and go to the wall where they belong to. When we where about to look around how to tie up the young person who turned out to be master Eustacio a gigantic dragon is flying toward the wall. Preparing for a last stand against this dragon the wall react and began to glowing with a golden light at the sector we stand at, this light also surround us and we feel refreshed from it. The dragon turned around once it saw the defences of the wall are still intact. Alert from the light some people of the Aultrine Order came to the part of the wall we where and after some questioning they arrested Eustacio and fly us back to Mineta in one of their Red Ships.

Back at the dorms I joined a party from one of my roommate and my story about what happened was the highlight of the evening.




I had a strange dream this night and I just remember it because the weather outside, the rain, the lightning going down near the Avila tower is just as it was in my dream. In my dream whole Mineta got flooded and the source of this is somewhere atop of the West Peak.

As I was on my way to the infirmary and was supposed to meet the Legate there I continue my way.

When the Legate arrived to check on my hand again I tell him about my dream, the Legate then decided to call the Regent of Hedi to get a second opinion and while we wait for the Regent to show up the Legate inspected my arm once again if there is any traces of the runes left.

When the Regent of Hedi showed up I had to tell the dream once again and the Legate decided to I should meet him again in 1 hour at his office and in a side sentence he mentioned that everything seem to back to normal at my arm.

At the office of the Legate the Regent of Hedi tell me that they think my dream tonight was some kind of prophecy and they plan to investigate the place I seen in my dream as the source. I got kind of worried because I remember the story about the prophet that got mad after visiting the wall.

Mentioning this to the present persons they laugh it off and tell my that at last for now I look very sane to them. But they also gave me hint to give glamour or astrology magic a try next year if I have a knack for prophecies. Back to the original topic I managed to convince the Legate that I’m allowed to join their trip to the mountain. Because the Regent of Hedi is member of some kind of order we could ride on some Griffin till near the top where we had to get off to not be seen to early.

We did go up on different routes and so to my surprise I was the first up there and was spot by the mage standing there short after I made my last step to have a solid stand. This mage send a lighting in my direction but I managed to dispel it in the last second. When the Legate also arrived I succeeded to get the veil of aversion with some extra Pheme to take hold on him. As hoped the extra Pheme was pushing the mage over the slope. The weather immediately began to become better but when we looked for the Mage he was gone. On our way back I was told that the mage must be Mjolnir a former Legate of Academagia and powerful gate user.


what a weekend saved the world twice in such a short time.

mentioned adventure: Some Such Adventure finished; Ode to Pluiete Adventure finished; Albatros finished; The Aultrine Problem 03-finished; Storm Dream Adventure finished

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Week 6




Good we did cook our own lunch today as nearly half of the students had an upset stomach during the afternoon class.

In the evening I gave an other try in finding some hint how to help the poor bookshop owner and in a complicated law book I finally found something that looks promising. Because my own knowledge about the law in Mineta is very limited I had to persuade Oan to interpret this law for me. As she is quite busy at moment it might take some time till I have the result. At last I could report some progress to the bookshop owner.




I passed the office of Regent di Lucca Alazzo during lunch break when he called me to come inside. First he asked if my arm is fine again and after showed him that the runes are no longer there he told me that I should visit the Grotto of the Alberdine and bring him what is contained there in a special stalactite. He also mentioned that he prefer if I could do it today already.

After class was over I did eat something in the city as I had to cross complete Mineta to reach this grotto. Finding this special stalactite wasn’t that big of a problem but getting it down turned out to be problematic as it was way beyond my reach. I needed 4 solid hit with a stone till the stalactite finally came down and my hit to miss rate was like 1 : 10. Inside the compartment of this artificial stalactite is a blue punch that I have to return to the Regent. After I gave the Regent this punch and answered the question if I can keep a secret to his satisfaction I was told we are aiming to become The Bright Young Vernin who secretly deliver gifts to people that performed good deeds, a tradition that was started by king Vernin. My next task is to return this key to the rightful owner a deposed mayor of Alberdine.




In Negation we learned an other interesting spell called Improve Negation and despite this Avila girl with the name Ana Flavia messed it up in nearly the worst way I managed to learn how it works during class. During Lunch I used a practice room to give it a try and yes it actual seem to slightly improve my other Negation spells. Thanks to this I was to late to help with the preparing of the food for lunch and so I should do all the cleaning but Vincent did that for me and in return I let him copy my Arithmetic homework as he again “forgot” to do it.

After class I decided to scout the location where this deposed mayor lives and to my surprise its not a manor but instead just some room over a pâtisserie. As I didn’t have dinner so far so I did buy something called apple strudel to eat, it was quite expensive but tasted absolute great. During eating my meal at the pâtisserie I ask the vendor about the rumour I heard that a mayor is living here. But instead of answer my question I get the answer “Ohh, is that so I think your the one the Mayor of Alberdine already await, just get trough this door on the left she to the second floor.” The Mayor turned out some kind of small humanoid with bald head and dog ears but otherwise mostly human looking. I was really shocked when she told me that her nephew usurped her 700 years ago! The shock didn’t come from the thing her nephew did but how old she must be. After she finished the story of her past she turned to me with a question if she would be worth to be a mayor again.

So this is what this is all about I should judge if the Mayor is worth of receive the key and not just hand it over. Despite taking class in Dialectic to spontaneous come up with a good way to prove something is never easy but I think I came up with a good story to test her reaction. I used the parable of a former pirate becoming a benefactor of Alberdine while no one knows about his past till the pirates he betrayed visit the mayor and request to hand him over. Although a bit lacking in my opinion her answer in turn the former pirate over to his former comrade was acceptable and so I gave her the key. In return she gave me a scroll that I should return to the Regent but I couldn’t find him so I spend the rest of the evening doing homework and some learning.




During lunch I meet with Oan who was a bit angry because she couldn’t find me yesterday so she had to catch me today. She handed me a small stack of papers the result of the research I asked her to do for me this Monday. Before she left she wished me good luck if I really want to fight my way trough this.

Because I still didn’t manage to meet with Regent de Lucca Alazzo to deliver the scroll I ask Professor Leith at the end of the class if he know where I can find the Regent of Vernin just to be told that he is out till tomorrow evening.

After read trough the papers I got from Oan it became clear I personal have to bring this case up at the City Hall but when I arrived there it was already closed. Looking at the opening hours its probably best if I try on a Saturday morning. On my way back I spot Vincent who was just challenging some older kids to a race and when he saw me I also was asked to join. Despite I’m not actual fit I was 3rd in this race first was natural Vincent second was actual the smallest of the kids and behind me the 3 other. Because one of them managed second at last it didn’t end in a fight but the kids didn’t take the lost well and left.




It was a stupid move to get the attention of Professor Leith yesterday as today I could feel his eyes on my during nearly the whole class. So I couldn’t take his class easy as I used to do it. But it actual helped me to understand the spell Stiff Upper Lip I read about in a book. But when I got distracted thinking about this spell the Professor reprimand me to stay focused on his lecture.

After Enchant class finally was over I head over to the office of Regent de Lucca Alazzo. Finally I managed to deliver the scroll to the Regent. Because I had some questions regarding the job I had to do the Regent suggested to talk about this over dinner and told me to meet him at the main gate in 1hour. So I rushed to the dorm to store my backpack and use the bathroom. Natural I was at the gate far to early as I didn’t want the Regent to wait for me. De Lucca Alazzo arrived exact on time but when looking at me he wasn’t happy. “We really need to do something about your appearance or they won’t let you in, let me do something quickly”. With just 2 spells it feel like my outside was complete changed. “I suggest you learn some way to disguise your self as it will be something necessary for you in the future but for now this will do so lets move.” During our walk we actual didn’t talk at all and I just followed the Regent. We where nearly there when I realised we where shadowed. As the one started to run away when I spot him. I shouted “Regent” and pointed to the one running away while running after him. Around the corner of a house I finally managed to catch him. But instead of having to fight him I get a “Good work as assistance for the Bright Young Vernin you will find your self in the position of both chaser and be chased. So its good to know your good at running.” When the Regent arrived he handed this person a scroll that looks very much like the one I delivered to him. Together with the Regent I then had a great meal similar to what I was used from home at a high class restaurant and de Lucca Alazzo was happy that I managed to act according to the location we where. He also told me some more things about what it means to be his assistance but it get me worried about all the time I will have to spend working for him.




I know that my dad hated it when he to do something at the city hall but still if I want to help the owner of the bookshop I have to go there today. At first it wasn’t that bad as I found the office of the Guild Affair fast and I didn’t even had to wait but then it started as she needed me to fill out document 38A and for this I had to visit an other office in second floor that was closed at weekends so I needed to search for the replacement office that was in the basement. The bureaucrat there then asked me to get a stamp at a office at the 3rd floor but that apparently was recently moved and so I had to ask at the help desk at the ground floor where it was moved to just to have get back to the 3rd floor where it was moved to the other side. This farce continued for 4 more offices till I finally got everything together but when returned to the office of Guild Affair I was asked to sit down despite there was a cheese on the chair and after some argumentation I had to go to her superior just to get the permission to stand while the secretary work on my case. I barely managed it to get out before they close around noon but at last managed to get hold on the document that allow the bookshop owner to get compensation from his guild. But instead of be happy that he finally can get some compensation from the guild the bookshop owner instead was pissed for how long it took me to get this “simple” document. Still he offered me some books at discount but from the look of it I doubt he could sell them at full price any more. Despite that I bought some of the more interesting looking one. For nearly the rest of the day I then read Distant Shores, what turn out to be a good read, to calm down from the my day at the City Hall.



In a book we where supposed to read till the end of this year for Negation I learned that some small differences to the Beginners Dispel actual improve the spell a lot to be called then Dispel without the Beginners part. Thinking back I think I then actual intuitive used the Dispel instead of the Beginners Dispel when I was in hurry to Dispel something.

During the afternoon I visited the Temple of Iudocia as I missed the religious worship there for the

last weeks.

After the worship I managed to refresh my memory about the Stiff Upper Lip spell and afterwards visited a practice room together with Villaume to practise our spells what for me included today the Dispel and Stiff Upper Lip that both work great. Still I was envious about all the spells Villaume already could cast.


mentioned adventure: City Hall Adventure finished; Bright Young Vernin 02-05b

sorry it took me quite some time to write everything this time but I hope the personal touch I added compensate for it

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Week 7




Professor Pluiete did go crazy in Grammar today! We had to go trough 3 unrelated story and he hinted that he might do a written test during this week about them.

Arithmetic wasn’t any better as we now had to calculate with a system of 9 numbers instead of the usual 10 numbers we where used to, according to our Professor the system with 9 numbers work better with magic.

Despite we only had dry theory in Enchant I had to follow the whole lesson because Professor Leith still observed me.

In opposite to my usual habit did my homework outside today and was nearly finished when dusk set in. I started to pack my papers into my backpack when I spotted Beatrix not that far away mischievous looking in my direction. Sadly it was a mistake to focus on her because this distraction was enough for a monkey to grab the papers I didn’t store. The monkey easy escaped to the Imperial Reserve, good that I still remember the way in we found some week back and its still there.

Good thing Villaume was with me as she managed to hit the monkey with a spell before he got away to far maybe from be surprised the monkey dropped my papers and suddenly vanished from sight when jumping to the next tree. After collecting my papers from the ground I walked to the place where the monkey vanished and suddenly there where much larger trees then I saw the step before. That means there is clearly some kind of glamour concealing part of the Imperial Reserve.

After finished with the last part of the homework in the dorm I still had enough time for write a letter back home.




During Grammar today I finally understand the basics how to compare the grammar of different languages to get a better insight in a language.

Professor Briardy showed us an other application of Negation magic today, Levitation! As it was the first time she showed us how to do it only few in our class managed to do it and I was one of the few who managed to levitate a feather. She told us that with enough training one could use a spell very similar to this to actual fly.

Beside of a shopping trip to stock up our supplies for our lunchtime cooking today all of Dies Magica meet up to learn and do homework together what became a rarity because I had many other things to do.




Finally we had the written test in Grammar about the 3 text we learned Monday! But this test wasn’t so much about remembering the text but instead how would this text be written proper if written today. If I didn’t learn yesterday I’m sure I would have serious problems with this test.

During lunch break I found a flier about an intensive education in the basics of Incantation magic hold by the Esteban Contu’s School of Incantation. That sound interesting as it will give me more flexibility how to handle all this crazy and not so crazy stuff I was dragged in so far also later on it will increase the number of magic items I can craft without the help of other Mages.

After class I then visit Esteban Contu’s School of Incantation to inform me about this intensive education. From what I got told there how it works is that they show you everything just once during the lessons and I’m responsible my self if I practice this or not. Also there is no homework as everyone is responsible for himself if he learn it or not. The tuition will cost 900 Pims and the next course in the Basics start this weekend and is supposed to go over the next 3 weekend including The Festival of Pixies. If I really can get to a nearly similar level in Incantation within just 7 day of education as Academagia teach over a complete school year as they claim that would be great. So after some more thoughts I signed up there and paid this for me expensive tuition.




During lunch Asmita made the chocolate cake/pie hybrid and I think we never had so many other students try to get something from our meal. Especial one girl from Morvidus was very persistent and tried to bully everyone just to get some crumbs of it. I gave this girl with the name Joana half of my portion and in return she promised me that she take care of Beatrix. Sadly I won’t be able to see the result but that should be fine.

Because I can’t join any religious service in the next 3 weekends I visit the Temple of Iudocia today and help with repair the looms today. On the loom I should repair there the pattern of a spell I don’t know so far and before I make any mistakes I asked the monk overseeing this work how it actual should look. He then gave me a book with detailed explanation of the glamour spell Truth Be Told and from this description I then know how to loom should look. Sadly I know nothing about Glamour or this spell that make it difficult for the target to lie would be a great addition to my list of spells.




During Dialectic class we visit the second station of the Chauraglaith Path called the Stone Bench.

Actual calling an odd shaped stone on 2 boulder of different size a bench is quite the stretch, but sitting on this bench one can see the world from an unusual angle. What was important for Professor Sido is that we think about the text carved on this bench. “If what you see is not true, is it there? If what you feel is false, can it exist? If we cannot trust our senses, can we thrust our mind?” Even as someone not taking Glamour I got the feeling this could be right out of a book about glamour magic.

Initial I planed to do my homework and some learning right after class is over but non of my friend had time then so I decided to visit the friend my aunt mentioned a long while ago instead. The way trough the swamp was treacherous and I had to move careful. Not far from where the house should be there was some unnatural darkness as I didn’t want to risk moving trough this darkness I used Dispel against it and the darkness moved back revealing the house and the path to it. When getting close the door to the house open on its own revealing a room full of books that actual looks larger then the whole house looks from the outside. An old woman sitting behind a desk welcomes me. Knowing how stringent my aunt is about good manners I ask if I might enter and after the old woman gave her consent I walk in front of her desk and introduce my self. Despite the etiquette ask otherwise I couldn’t avoid that my eyes are wandering over all this scrolls and books in this room. She introduce her self as Euneycia and continue “So an other Schwarzbart managed to pass my guard and managed to enter my house. I hope you have the same aptitude for the magic I teach as all the others of your blood that passed this small test. From now on I will also your teacher when you find time beside your studies at Academagia. But better come earlier next time as the way is dangerous if walked in the night. I’m sure you have many questions but dusk already set in and we don’t want to lose a promising young to the dangers of the swamp so better return to Academagia for now.” After say goodbye I walked the way back. Because I arrived back earlier then expected I still could do some of my homework.




Today my education at the Esteban Contu’s School of Incantation started. When the lesson started there was no introduction instead the Professor started from the first minute showing Pheme, how to draw a Palette, the right angle to hold the wand and so on. here was only 5 Minutes in break when there was a switch in Professor after the first 4 hours and then with the other Professor the lecture direct continue. As they have promised there was to practical training for us they did just show us everything we need in crazy short time. Even the Streets Of Ice spell was shown on the first day.

If I didn’t already know some of the things they teach I doubt I could have keep up and I leave the school with a growling stomach and a slight headache. After an early dinner and some training in a practice room I hit the bed early.




Nearly a quarter of the students we had at the first day where missing despite that the Professor start right on time with the lecture. There was only one late arriver the rest of the students keep missing, from the reaction of the Professor its looks like its normal for this kind of education that many drop out on the second day. This time I had an apple with me for the 5 minute break its not enough but better then have no lunch. Over the 8 hours we again learned many Pheme and the spells Bad Spout and Torrential Downpour. Despite of having a slight headache I still had to finish some homework for the next week so it was good that Asmita and Vincent had time and we could do some of them together.


mentioned adventure: Imperial Reserve 00-01 Euneycia Adventure 00-02

In the actual game I will do the Incantation training using 12 timeslot at the last Pramdi weekend, but just 1 long weekend sounded to extreme for learning all Incantation skills to 10

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Week 8




After the weekend at Esteban Contu’s School of Incantation the normal class was almost to relaxed so that I even had problems to stay awake. At last during lunch break I could talk with Vuillaume about incantation magic and some things she was talking about where still unknown to me while on the other side some things I learned where strange for her. Because the launch break isn’t really long we continued our talk after school was over in a practice room. Casting the same spells there where some distinctive differences between how she and I do it but I managed to cast each spell on the first try what is nearly a marvel on its own. Still it helped me a lot that she cast the spells first so that I could better remember how it was shown.




On my way to the dorm after class my head suddenly became fuzzy and I ended up in a courtyard that I never seen before together with 2 female students from other colleges.

I manage to recognize one of the female Students as Prudence from some of my class especial in Dialectic she showed some interesting world view during debates we had in this class.

About the other girl I know nothing except that she is a student from Aranaz in my year.

Natural when you have an Durand and an Azanaz in one place they couldn’t avoid to start a fight with each other. After I managed to get them apart pointing out that we need to find a way back to the Academagia we know they agreed to check the exits of this decrepit place. All doors that we could open lead to simple sleep rooms that look like they weren’t in use for centuries.

Because the only remaining door didn’t open Prudence started some kind of fire spell what from my view would just end in roasted students while the door still don’t move. Despite curious about this fire spell she want to use, after all I didn’t learn any fire based magic at Esteban Contu’s School so far, I had to disrupt it so that she don’t hurt us. Good Dispel is such a fast spell that I still could make it in time despite watching part of Prudence’s spellcasting.

Prudence was about to shout at me when the door forceful opened in our direction with a loud bang the wind followed this nearly blow me off my feet. The 2 other didn’t do so good Prudence where hit by the door and the Aranaz girl was blown away. Despite that she just was hit by the door Prudence rushed into the room without even watch her surrounding. While I was waiting for the Aranaz girl I feel regret that my Negation magic wasn’t any better or I could just Levitate us out.

Without the option to fly we only had the option to follow the path that opened to us.

We where about to enter the door as well when the wind suddenly came from behind and blow us together with many papers that appearing from nowhere into the hallway. Prudence got buried by the papers that came from both directions. Getting Prudence out of the paper mountain I couldn’t avoid to have a glance on the writing of this papers. It appears to me like they are wish letter from students that usually put to a shrine together with an offering. The ground of the next room is filled with silver needles but just 2 casting of Street of Ice and this danger was gone. Sure we had to be careful with our movement to not slip but better then hurt our feet with the needles. Getting trough the next door we where at a large room on a walkway with 2 stairs circling to the ground and a large exit on the other side. This time I was going ahead but the stair didn’t hold. Before hitting the ground I managed to cast my levitate spell and get back down to the ground floor save. The next obstacle was the exit door that refuse have the doorknob moving around once I want to touch it but I could break this magic with a dispel from me. On the other side we found Regent Briardy who brought us all save out of this strange place using Gate magic. That Academagia have strange and dangerous places was clear to me but that even a Regent demonstrate the use of illegal magic in front of students is really something different.




In Negation we learned an other spell that change the aura of a mage called Collapse. This spell actual reduce the skill in Incantation of the target for the complete duration of a combat and as side effect even inflict minor damage. Good that Ana Flavia only somehow managed to cast this spell on her self instead of any other catastrophe. At the end of the lesson Regent Briardy called me to her when I’m about to leave the class room and she handed me a catalogue for Negation magic items while mentioning “The things in this catalogue might be useful if you ever dragged into such things like yesterday again”

After class I visit the Temple of Iuducia once again to help with the looms but there wasn’t much to do today and so I had time to learn some pattern for outfits from a tailor that also was helping today.




After our usual usual lunch meal Vuillaume asked me if I could help her with a project of hers.

If I understand her description right she work on a device that protect from magic and now she want to test if it hold the combined force of our magic. But things did go wrong beside that the pillow we where using as target was torn into pieces the shield device was also damaged from our spells. Frustrated Vuillaume packed everything together and mutter “Man what a bad setback this will cost again a lot of work to repair this device and find out why it didn’t work as intended. I hope you still will help me when I test it next time.” naturally I agreed.

Our learning and homework group managed to meet once again only Vuillaume didn’t have time, probably working on her shield device. In one of the books I studied there was an interesting passage how to increase the success chance of the Dispel even more hopeful I can keep this in my mind and use it the next time I have to resort to this spell.




During Negation Professor Briardy was called for an emergency but before she left she told us to read some pages of our book. But when I was thumb to this page I came across something more interesting. There was the description for a healing spell using Negation magic called Correct Hurts. It looked quite easy till the point where it said and last place the Healing Pheme as I didn’t learn this Pheme so far. There is also no description of this Pheme in the previous pages I checked.

After class I performed the Cleanse and Remake spell in preparation for 3 days of intense learning at Esteban Contu’s School. Afterwards I did my homework and the some practice of the spells I learned last weekend in a practice room.




With Snowstorm and Private Chariot I managed to learn 2 very useful spells from the lecture at Esteban Contu’s School today. Thanks to the Cleanse and Remake spell I used the day before it was much easier to follow the lecture then it was last week. We also got a warning to not use weather magic like the Snowstorm spell outside of practice rooms or in an emergency as the weather office isn’t kind to offender against the weather manipulation rules. To my surprise I even managed to cast Private Chariot that summon a chariot out of thin air on my first try after class was over for today. So I feel like royalty driving back on my own chariot to Academagia. Arriving at the gate a guard stopped me and requested to end the chariot spell because of the regimentation at the grounds of Academagia, so that’s the reason why I never saw older students using this spell to get around Academagia.




Once I was past the Gate of Academagia in the morning I immediate cast Private Chariot to get fast to Esteban Contu’s School. I was even to early there thanks to the chariot so I had times to look around. A young adult handed a flyer to every person about an Incantors Workshop in the city but the description sound more like a study group then a workshop. For now I just stored away the flyer in my backpack. During the lesson we learned how to put a target temporary in a thick fog that fast dissipate afterwards, this magic is called Paint a Fog and is because of the extreme limited area and duration usually not registered by the Weather Office. With Sudden Strike we also learned to create a small lightning that strike the target from above. Despite again a weather magic the weather office usually don’t have problems with it because of the sort duration and very limited area according to our Professor.


The Festival of Pixies


This day I was waking up because something was moving around below my blanked and when I lifted it there was a rat! Hearing snickering from the door I grabbed my wand that I have hidden below my pillow and start casting Bad Spout while following the prankster out of the room. I managed to soak the robe of this Morvidus girl with twin braids before she escaped from view around a corner. Was probably again Beatrix but I didn’t get a good look on her. After levitating the rat out of the window I was preparing my self for an other day at Esteban Contu’s School just to find out after a shower, where the water didn’t want to become warm, that someone put knots in both arms of my robe. That all already made me hate this The Festival of Pixies day right in the morning. I decided to eat breakfast in the city to avoid more pranks by my follow students. Because of this unplanned detour to the city I only made it to the classroom short before the lesson start despite using the Private Chariot spell. With the Right Hand of Destruction we learned an attack spell that didn’t manipulate the weather instead it summon a giant hand that will squeeze the target of the spell, it even can stun the target.


Mentioned adventure: Regal Place Adventure finished, Vuillaume Student Adventure 0-03

The Dance of Fools will be in the next week

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Week 9


The Dance of Fools


My second month at Academagia is over and only thanks to take this intensive education at Esteban Contu’s School I have now a nice collection of spells. Sure in Negation I also learned some good spells but why did my aunt only arrange for one real magic class? Maybe the magic Euneycia want to teach me have something to do with that. I was thinking about this while walking to a practice room to train some of the new magic I learned in the last 3 days. While I was focusing on the Right Hand of Destruction someone entered the practice room and nearly shouted “There you are” I nearly hit Vincent with the spell as he was the one who ignored the do not entry sign in front of the room. He took me in a wrestling lock and then telling me “We all are going this evening for the festivity into the city and you also will join us, I hope you have prepared a good disguise!”. Because I had no disguise prepared I used the afternoon to sew some simple monster disguise together.

In the evening we then meet up and strangely Durand a student of Durand was also with us. It was Vincent who invited him because he know a lot about the history of this holiday. In the streets some of the monster disguises just look to perfect and at first I thought it might be glamour magic but when the wings of a woman dressed as Queen of Faes suddenly moved a bit I wasn’t that sure any more. Around the same time Durand lament that this is not how one should celebrate the courage and resolve Noimea have thought us. The Queen of Feas used this to incite a conversation with us about the history of this event and then suggest to follow the procession that go down a nearby alley as it is they are off for the true celebration. It was difficult to follow them as they had a big head start and at some corner we could just follow some hints about what path they had taken. Passing an old door we enter a banquet hall where the group is dancing to a mournful melody. The woman in the Queen of Feas disguise must have been following us as she suddenly ask from behind us “What is more important the dragon or the other guest”. Even though we human have an unease relationship with goblins, feas, trolls and so on, its clear that the dragon are our common enemy. But before I could think this to an end Vuillaume answered for us “The other guest”. A goblin lead us to a changing room so that we could adjust our costume to one that get better along with the rest.

Short after we finished changing we suddenly where at a different scenery in the middle of a large crowd. Some prisoner where lead to the stage and forced to wear a dragon costume. As soon this happened the crowd started to move toward the stage and we had to go with the flow to not get trampled. Somehow the costume we wearing got a live on its own because as soon we reached the dragon we all started to attack the dragon. Only when complete worn out I begin to realise again that its actual prisoner below this dragon disguise. Once again a change at scenery and we could hear the talk when the The Dragon’s Memorial was suggested to be replaced by the Dance of Fools because the old feast had a to high cost in blood. Soon after we where back at the place we talked with the Queen of Feas and it looks like no time have passed at all. It feel like a daydream if not for the reason that my friends and Durand also remember it.




Vuillaume ask me if I could be her partner in a combat simulation their college have after class today. Because I want to give the weather magic a try I immediately agreed.

We where strapped on some kind of board and got some google on that have no lens but once the simulation starts we could see everything and also freely move around. Because a huge number of Goblins where attacking us I cast a Snowstorm with increased radius to get as many of them in as possible. Sure compared to the normal Snowstorm I took me much longer as I had to do some Arithmetic before and add some Pheme but the result sure was worth it. We then withdraw to a higher ground as the Trolls where still standing but after weakening the hillside the trolls try to go up with a Torrential Downpour so it get all muddy we could easy attack them with single target spells like Right Hand of Destruction or Sudden Strike. We where about to win when the illusion suddenly breaks and everything got black. After they free us from the board and the googles we got 50 pim as reward for taking part in their test of this new training device.




There was some kind of emergency in the afternoon that needed the attention of all Professor and Regent and so there was no class. As they didn’t restrict our movement I visit Euneycia once again. As if expecting me she opened the door when I was still some steps away from her house and gave me a big huge as welcome. Leading me into her home she asked me what I think of magic. After some thought my answer was “Its a difficult question as I’m walking the path of magic now for only 2 month, despite that I already had my share in experience with mislead or malicious use of magic but magic many times already helped or even saved me. So in the end I think magic is a powerful tool that can do as much bad as it can do good. I.e. without the magic of the wall we would be in a permanent struggle against the dragons so I see it as important that there people learning it despite the dangers in hope at last some use it for the better of us all. Yes magic is also a tool of war but I have the feeling that I will need this aspect sooner then I want to because I doubt it was the last time I saw this dragon that I encountered at the wall.” This explanation was good enough for her to welcome me as new student in the art of Gate magic. She also told me that Gate magic is powerful enough to subdue dragons. For now I allowed to read her books in her home but she also forbade me to talk about this to others or to take her books outside of her house.




During Negation class a Professor I didn’t see before entered our class room and told us that Regent Briardi will be late and we should use the time to silent study Negation. While most of the class used the time to everything else then learn I started to read at a random page of our book for the Negation class. While I hoped to learn about the Healing Pheme I’m missing for a spell I found an other interesting spell that would increase the chance of success with Negation magic for a few days that’s called Prevent Mishap. Sadly when I tried to learn the difficult Absorb Pheme needed for this spell there was a panic starting in the class room. When I looking up from the book there where 2 big cats with stripe pattern that from the look of the teeth are clearly carnivore. Looking closer I could recognize some traces of glamour magic. While some students try to escape over the window I whisper to my neighbour to cast a dispel together with me to break the glamour. The spell breaks and at the Professor Desk Regent Briardy is appearing smiling at us 2. She shouted at the people who left the classroom to come back in and saved Ana Flavia who nearly strangled her self when her robe started to levitate but not her self. The Regent gave us some merit points for doing the correct thing under stress while she reprimanded that people who where fallen in a panic and not even tried to flee.

Because my talk with Euneycia remind me that I want to have a look at a prophecy I heard about at the no longer existing Aultrine Order Chapterhouse. So I visited the Library of the Mantle and Stars in hope I could find something there. I soon had to realize that I need to understand at last the basics of Astrology to find some of the more advanced books there. So I had no choice and learn something about the stars first to understand how to consult them about my fate.





During Negation class we learned a spell that reveals the effects of an magical item as well what Pheme are on it called Beginner’s Delving. This spell also have an advanced effect that give greater understanding in Negation Methods and Materials Knowledge for a week but no one of the class managed to cast this spell perfect enough for this. I used this spell to identify the gloves I got a long while back when I had to clean the lake Arcadia and learned that they slightly improve all Revision skills except the theory.

Because my homework started to pill up I had to spend the whole evening and not even got it complete done.




In Enchant Professor Leith started to go over things from earlier this year so that we are prepared for the Mid Term Exams next month. Thanks to this I managed to finally understand the 6th Finger spell that improve the Forge skill and the Enchant skill.

After class Asmita send Vuillaume and me out to buy new grocery and we managed to get everything she had put on the list but on our way back a drunken handed Vuillaume a paper and she decided then that we take a detour to find 13 Lost Man’s Way. But in Lost Man’s Way there was no #13. I was already urging Vuilaume that we ignore this and go back when she leaned on the wall and suddenly vanished. After checking out the wall I realised its just a glamour and I walked trough it. On the other side 2 adult bully Vuillaume and me into sniffing some strange powder.

My Head spins and then we where in some strange black and white realm with a red and blue giant welcome us with the words: “Who dares to enter the realm of Thrubgar?” The giant slash at us and because of my hazy state and the strange voices in my head I just escape his fist by a hair’s breath.

At the same time Vuillaume used a spell that summoned a sheep once the giant saw this sheep he lift it up and started to cuddle it complete ignoring us. The bully wanted us to drink from the cup but they are not here so I decided to smash the cup to the ground instead. That brought us back to the real world. The bully’s left the place unhappy that their friend not came back but one of them secretly did drop a parcel into a bin. Vuillaume left the place short after the bullies even forgetting our groceries. I checked on the parcel in the bin that contained a bracelet that I put in my pocket. Full packed with the groceries I leave the building as well and call for Vuillaume who then returned and help carry everything back. Later I then use Beginner’s Delving on this bracelet and it turns out if makes performing gate magic more difficult for its wearer but in return it increase his luck.




Because I forgot to cast Cleanse and Remake and Pamela was more annoying then usual I did arrive to late for the lesson at Esteban Contu’s School. I was still allowed to enter but missed the teaching of the Light Pheme an integral part of the Filling The Night With Stars spell we learned today.

Because this spell just create a multitude of orbs at the night sky that shine like stars its not that big of a lost that I didn’t manage to learn it. We also started to learn the first steps of a spell called Destiny’s Emergence a spell that can create an invisible path even in the middle of the sky. Such a spell would have been useful at the room full of nails I had to cross over 1 week ago.




This time I managed to arrive early enough to not miss part of the lesson like yesterday. The instruction of the Destiny’s Emergence continued and we learned also that a Duke used this to escape from a Dragon and that how this spell came to its name. Afterwards we learned a very strange spell called From Nothing Knowledge. According to our Professor is this spell connecting the caster with the surrounding elemental forces and learn from them new knowledge in visions.

At the end of the day the Professor congratulated us all who managed to stay till the last minute and told us that we are welcome to continue to study on our own at Esteban Contu’s School for the rest of this school year.


Mentioned Adventure: Counterstike Adventure finished; Euneycia Avdenture 03; Lost Man’s Way Adventure finished

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Week 10




I was up way to early so I decided to go for a morning walk before breakfast. I was in thoughts about what I learned this weekend when suddenly I had a bad feeling and stopped my movement what was good because a fireball fly past me not even a foot away from my face. In front of me there is a battle ongoing between some dark-hooded masked man’s and our Regents as well as the Legate. The masked man are in superior number and they try to use it to get into the back of the group from Academagia. Confident in my Incantation spells I used Right Hand of Destruction on the masked person sneaking up behind The Legate. Not even waiting for the result of my first spell I direct prepared Sudden Strike next and released it on my target that was still in hold by the giant hand. Expecting a retaliation from the masked person I jumped behind the nearest tree for cover while preparing the palette for Negation spells. Before the masked man could send a spell on his own in my direction he was finished off by the Legate. The battle ended soon after with the Legates side clear victory. While the Regent of Durand, my professor for Negation, asked me to keep silent about what happened I spot a paper one of the enemy had dropped. After I told about my finding the Legate and Regent Briardy had a look at it and it turned out to be a target list with nearly all Regent, some Professor and the Legate on it. After they took care of the wounded by sending them to the infirmary I suddenly was asked if I’m willing to take a trip. I gave a conditional answer “If its not again a dragon or this kind of people I suppose I’m fine with a trip.” The Legate chuckle while Regent Briardy got big eyes when I mentioned a dragon. I was told to prepare for a trip into a forest and should meet the Legate in his office after breakfast. After I got some I got some extended information about the Duke of Broke Pines and learned the he lives in the Imperial Reserve at a region called Forest of Broken Pines I was send there via gate magic. Slowly I start to wonder if the information about Gate magic is a forbidden art have no meaning at all any more. The first one was from a prisoner, but then the Regent Briardy use Gate magic on me and now even the Legate Orsi.

But this was just a short thought as on the other side. This time something was off as I appeared 5 feet over the ground but that wasn’t all I did fall right in front of the feet of an ogre armed with a big club! Remembering my experience during the Dance of Fools I try to speak to it when mentioning the Duke of Broken Pines I could feel a estoc in my neck and someone ask me what I want from him. Presenting the golden charm I got to identify me I told the person behind me “I need to deliver a message”. As answer I got “You have found him but we have to go now, tell me the message while we move.”. I barley could keep up with the small group of a dwarf, the Ogre and the Duke. We have a short stop near a some of the masked men that attacked Academagia and observing their dark ritual where they sacrificed a unicorn. One of them drank the blood of the Unicorn and transformed to a wyfern! The decision to flee from the Duke came to late because as soon as the wyvern where in the air it spotted us and 3 of this masked men came toward us. The duke took the wyvern and with the Ogre and the dwarf each taking one of the masked men there was one left for me. Once again I started with the Right Hand of Destruction and despite had to evade the fireball fly in my direction I manage to get the spell hit the target. As my next spell I cast Sudden Strike on a big branch over the head of the masked man what then crashed on his head and knocked him out. Because the ogre hat big problems against his opponent I had to help him. To try something different I used Veil of Aversion with some extra Pheme on this opponent what was enough to let this Mage fumble his next spell and with just one club swing from the Ogre it was then light out for this masked man as well. Realising to late that the wyfern had chosen me as target I was hit by a fireball that was coming from its mouth and everything went black. For some time I regained my consciousness in the home of the Duke apparently we had won the fight and he showed me a young Opinicus, the only newborn in a very long time and it apparently had taken a liking in me. I must have lost my conscious again because the next time I awake I was in the Infirmary at Academagia.


The Hunt


My happiness of be released from the infirmary took a big hit when Regent Briardy brought me the papers what I missed in class and about the homework we got. So I had to spend the morning hours to catch up with class and do the homework but thanks to the help of my friends I was finished before noon. I also had to send Pamela to help my “good friend” Beatrix with her studies that this few hours where enough to catch up. To celebrate for The Hunt and my Heroic deed, even if it don’t feel heroic for me to be get serious wounded, our small group had the chocolate cake /pie hybrid for lunch. Instead of joining the hunt for some Egg at Academagia I used the free afternoon to visit Eunecia again. This time she wanted to show me her lab, a separate building at the back of her house, but some strange creature is blocking our path. I’m sure I never seen or heard about a similar creature with those three sets of haunches, hands, seven rows of teeth, magenta eyes and plated scales that look like fur. Because this creature is only blocking our path and isn’t aggressive I just prepared the palette for the Right Hand of Destruction spell to be ready in case it attack. As there is still no sign of aggression beside the dangerous look I ask Eunecia “I never saw or heard about a creature like this and It don’t appear to be aggressive do you know anything about it or have a way to handle it that don’t hurt it?” smiling she answered “This creature is my creation and its unique so its no wonder you never heard about it! Its good you didn’t hurt it as I’m quite attached to my creations. … Don’t make this big eyes, Gate magic is not only about bring something from one place to an other but also about creating new forms of live.” Afterwards we had some talk about ethics and that one have to respect his own creations. After this talk we visit her underground laboratory and it have many pictures of anatomic studies from different animals at the wall. There she then started with a basic anatomic lecture at the picture of a common rat.




Instead of afternoon class we had a trip to the Renazlian Regional Bank in the city today. There we learned about the practical application of Arithmetic in the economy, we also got shown what a bank clerk have to do and how a bank work in the background. It was sure a nice change from regular class also our class day ended in Mineta what I used for some shopping. At the shop Oan have introduced me to I bought some magic rings. Beside the Astrologer’s Eye and the Doppleganger Band I also got me the not so legal Necromancer’s Ring. I hoped that the Necromancer’s Ring would also have some effect on ghost as the vendor said it affect spirits but I couldn’t see any change in the behavior of Pamela.




After morning class I was called into the office of di Lucca, the Regent of Vernin. He had an other task for me as his assistant for the Bright Young Vernin, this time I have to deliver a letter to a person called chairman. Because the Regent have no clue where this chairman is he told me to visit the Head of the Merchant Bureau of Mineta at his home as he is supposed to know where I could find the chairman.

After class I head to the home of this high ranking official and to my luck he was at home. After some small talk at his study he showed me the great view over Mineta and while pointing in the direction of the city he mention that the chair man is out there. It might be my imagination but it appears he pointed at a spire at the other side of the city. Because the spire is to far away to see any details with the pure eye I ask the host if I can use his telescope and with this I could spot someone sitting on a chair at the top of the spire. After I thanked him for the hospitality I decided to rush over to the spire using my Private Chariot. The spire had no visible way up so I had to Levitate my self up what is quite the stretch of my limited ability with this Negation spell. Only when I spot a few small balcony at different places of the spire that I could use to rest and cast the spell again I had enough thrust in my magic. After I delivered the letter I was invited inside by the chair man and then asked what I think about the Bright Young Vernin candidate I decided to describe him in the best possible light despite that he is disliked by my aunt. So I told the chair man how helpful the Regent was during the time I had the runes on my hand. After some more question I’m lead to the exit of the far to large room for this spire and was step out trough a from the outside invisible door at ground level.




In Negation we learned a spell that is the ban of every young Incantation mage! The spell is called Elementalist’s Foil and weaken the target in all Incantation skills except the Theory for 2 days. Against this masked men in the Forest of Broken Pines it might have been a useful spell.

After class I once again visit the Temple of Iudocia but instead of visit the service or help with the looms this time I was just there for some personal prayer. Beside doing the homework for the next day I also found time to write a letter back home what I didn’t do for quite some time.




After Elementalist’s Foil yesterday we learned today the spell Confound in Negation, what fast pace for Academagia. While Elementalist’s Foil only be good against Inacantaion user Confound is more general, it give the target a ~5% Chance of failure in everything and also weaken its Intelligence, Insight and Finesse for 2 days. Given how simple and easy this spell is that’s almost criminal.

After class I had some fun playing tag and other simple games together with other students of my year. Pamela tried also to join in, but someone who no longer need to breath have a to big advantage to us normal humans but Vincent was still up for this competition. After an early dinner everyone of Dies Magia meet for a study and homework session. With only 2 more week till Cheimare when the midterm exam are hold we probably have to do more learning meetings together.




After breakfast I visit Euneycia again and most of the day she educated me in the anatomy of different animals. In opposite to our last meeting she actual teach me now also some Gate Methods together with some Pheme. It was like a surprise attack when she asked me in the middle of her lecture “What are you doing when someone find out your secret as Gate Mage as it most likely will happen earlier or later?”. Because I already thought about this before I could answer after a moment of shock “I would lay low for some time preferable using Gate magic to live in a different region but before disappearing make sure not traces are left to other gate mages or my new home. Afterwards she teach me with Rend the first real Gate Pheme.




Once again I left to visit Euneycia after breakfast and she continue to lecture me about Anatomy and some more Gate Methods and Pheme. Especial the Fire Pheme was interesting as I never learned this Pheme in Esteban Contu’s School while most people think first about a fireball when Incantation magic is mentioned. (Including the adventure writer of BCS who let the player use fireball left and right despite they never thought in year 1 incantation ;) )

After a simple lunch Euneycia quizzed me about what I learned from her so far and after this she handed me a mask I should wear and we used a small coin she called a portal key to visit a school called Schoanwitch School. Euneycia herself also is wearing a mask and she lead me to a room where the instructors are. She was waiting outside while I was quizzed by the instructor, all of them wearing a mask, and after answered their questions I had to wait outside. I could be wrong but one of the instructor looked like my aunt and when I tried to mention this to Euneycia she just mentioned “We prefer to keep anonymous here to reduce the risk if a student is questioned by the law enforcement”.

After a while I was called back into the room and was told I’m welcomed to study in Schoanwitch School from this day on. After Euneycia and I returned she handed me the small coin we used to get to Schoanwitch School.


Adventures mentioned: Broken Pines finished; Euneycia Adventure finish; Bright Young Vernin 06b-09

wow this time I did go overboard with the text length of the Monday adventure

@Clara I try to do at last one full week per RL week.

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Week 11




At the end of Zoology one of the Morvidus students, that I only know for using Bad Spout on girls so far, make the proclaim that he will manage at last the 50 points in each class that we are expected to reach. This made me wonder where the student got his info as Oan told me that there different grading systems are used and for some class like Dialectic the midterm exam even only have a weight of 1% toward our year 1 result. In Arithmetic our professor used the spell Number Knack to demonstrate us some Application of Arithmetic in magic. It would be an interesting spell to learn because it improve the main skills of all legal magic pillars, sadly its based on Glamour magic and so only under some very unusual circumstances usable by me.

As it was made clear once again that the exam is coming up I visit a library to study for them after class was over.




From Professor Pachait we learned in Zoology a way to better teach our familiar using the knowledge about the different animals we learned about in his class. This Improved Familiar Training can train up to 4 different skills to your familiar at once.

Because the student that made the proclaim to have at last 50 point in each midterm exam yesterday had to answer a question of the Professor today I now know he is called Vettor Conta. From his performance in answering the question its doubtful he will manage the 50 points in Zoology.

In Enchant class Professor Leith refreshed our knowledge about the basic steps in Artifice.

After class I had to try the Improved Familiar Training with Pamela but her usually resistance to everything that have to do with learning showed up again. So instead of teaching her I had to clean up all the mess she left before escaping trough a wall.





Regent di Lucca and I’m invited to the Merchants Bureau of Mineta and they even send a carriage to pick us up. There will be for sure some rumours by tonight because the Regent and I where seen enter a noble carriage together but that can’t be helped. It was an uneasy ride because we didn’t know what to talk about. At the Merchants Bureau we where lead to some kind of meeting room and there all the people I meet during my tasks I had to do for the Regent present.

The Mayor of Alberdine start with her talk once we where at our place and the servant who lead us in have left. “We’re here to discuss your candidacy to become the newest in a long line of Bright Young Vernins. We’ve come to enjoy our time with your assistant, but we can’t understand why you didn’t trust Valdo Schwarzbart to explain what you where doing.”

It continued that I was asked to defend the decision of the regent but I returned that its more reasonable for the regent to explain him self as I don’t want to place words in his mouth.

The Regent explained his reason and at the same time praised my compassion, insight, and bravery.

After some talk within the people that where already there when we arrived the Regent was welcome as new Bright Young Vernin and I’m as his assistant. Despite that its great to be close to the Regent of your College I can not stop wondering what it really mean for me to be part of this especial in the next years when I'm still student at Academagia.


Thursday and Friday


There wasn’t much going on at this 2 days as we mostly repeat things in class as preparation for the exam. Because Tuesday and Wednesday I didn’t got around to learn anything for the exam I had to spend even more effort in study this Thursday and Friday.




It might not be the most efficient way to learn what our Professor expect me to know but after 2 days in a row just having class and then hit the books I needed a change, that’s why I visited Euneycia once again to hopeful learn more about animals in her combined Gate Methods and animal Anatomy lecture. Despite I already could visit Schoanwitch she still welcomed me at her home and continued her teaching. Instead of using the pictures in her lab this time she actual had me to dissect a frog what was hard to stomach. When she the removed the curtain from a human corps without skin that is stored inside a glass cylinder filled with a transparent fluid I had to rush outside of the lab. Once I felled better she showed me a new Pheme called Stiff that once again is an Pheme exclusive to gate magic before she continued her lecture about anatomy using the corps and the dissected frog for comparison.




After I returned from the Temple of Iudocia where I was for the morning worship I had a written message on my table “Meet me at the gate after lunch. I have found a lead to an other part. Signed Barnes”. After some thinking I finally remembered its about the book parts where we only have found one so far. Barnes already waited at the gate for me and immediately showed me an old newspaper where its mentioned that an eccentric woman had a book be buried next to her because she think its evil. Because we where not even sure what grave the book is in we talked with the caretaker of the graveyard it supposed to be buried. Upon asked for the book he came up with the suggestion that we can perform a sinister play to entertain him and in return we would get the book.

We managed to put a sinister comedy together but without the unplanned appearance of Pamela I think we would have messed up if I read the mimic of the caretaker right. After the play we got both the book and a strange puppet as bonus.

Back at Academagia Barnes and I parted ways after he promised me to contact me once he have a lead to the last part. After writing a letter home I still had homework to do.


Adventures mentioned: Bright Young Vernin finished; Locked in the Library 03

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Week 12




During Dialectic we learned a very destructive way of thinking by Question Knowledge one might learn new things but at the same time get insecure at an other skill.

From Professor Pachait we got a boring homework to write all the names we know for over 50 different animals where we got the illustrations at the paper the professor handed to us. What make this homework still kind of exiting is that the Professor told us that the best will join him on a trip this weekend. So once again my time after class was filled with homework and study as especial this Zoology homework needed a lot of work to find all the different names for the animals.


Tuesday and Wednesday


Tuesday I turned in the Zoology homework and Wednesday I then heard that my assignment was the best of the class and so he will take me with him on the trip Sunday. When I learned after class that this trip is just to meet Tyrant Wolf, the King of the Lycanthropes for a game of cards and I’m supposed to keep my eyes open and serve drinks I got less excited. Sure it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the King of the Lycantropes but that I have to act as servitor is clearly below me. The Professor also gave me a list what I have to take with me for this trip.

After class I spend most of the time learning for the exam or doing homework.




In Negation Regent Birardi showed us how to use negation magic to create a shield of air around one self with a spell called Sphere of Resistance. It only protect against fast moving objects and energy so things like eating or drinking is no problem what is important for a spell that have a duration of 5 days. There where not many in class who even grasped the concept of this spell and even of the few who got the theory right there was only a student of Morvidus that beside me was able to cast the spell on the first try. Ana Flavia once again managed to turn the spell into a disaster despite she had the theory correct. Her spell ended in a stationary mini tornado with her in the eye of it. Given her disastrous results with magic I hope Ana Flavia never try to do magic if no master of Negation magic is nearby as without the Regent this time would have ended in a disaster as her robe already had some cuts from the tornado when Professor Briardi dispelled the magic.

After class I joined a small rimbal game outside before once again hit the books to learn for the exam.




The Professor finally announced the exam schedule for next week and to my luck I only have to write Dialectic Saturday next week. But Vuillaume and Vincent already have Incantation exam next week Wednesday.

Overhearing a conversation between 2 older students during lunch I heard about a nearby restaurant that is also frequented by the Professor called Debatters. Because Oan planed to go there this evening anyway I could join her group on the way to the Debatters.

Entering a bit after the 3rd year I walked direct to the bar after orientating me for a moment.

When from the woman on my right side I hear “Well isn’t this Valdo Schwarzbart? Not recognizing your Negation Professor when I’m not wearing the Academagia Outfit?”

Shocked I turn to the right a truth to be spoken Regent Briardy is sitting there. After some small talk she ask me if I could do some snooping around for her. After agree she tells me that the owner is announcing his successor tonight and someone from Academagia try to steal the contract the owner have signed with the successor. My task is to disguise my self as kitchen helper and keep an eye at the room where the professor suspect the contract. For this task the Regent also handed me an enchanted map of this place.

Thanks to the map I could easy find the room but there was no way to open it. Only a close inspection of the map revealed the secret of open the door, someone should ban such fine print texts that only can read by using a magnifier glass. Because I suspect the thief’s already inside the room I opened the door with the secret knocking sign and yes there where already 2 students inside the room. The 2 students started to interrogate me where the contract is but that ended when the wife of the owner entered the room also and told that she have the document and she will be the new owner. So this all ended as big joke but at last I got some free food out of this and a party. Natural I returned the map back to the Regent of Durand.




I heard that a jeweler that is famous in work together with magic artificer holding a workshop this weekend to look for a new apprentice. Because I think this different view in crafting might even help me for the upcoming exam I walked to the city at the early morning in hope I can join.

For a fee I actual was accepted to join this workshop at Bristbane the Gemologist’s shop.

Beside getting shown how to work Jewelery I also learned a lot about Magical Appraisal, something Professor Leith didn’t focus on, and even some new things about Material Knowledge from him. Despite that I already know Beginners Delving what give me a magical way to learn how something is made and what’s its effects are its also interesting to learn how its done without magic, that’s what Magical Appraisal is about.


The Last Feast


Despite holiday the workshop at Bristbane the Gemologist’s shop continue. This time the master even let some of us work on the first stone. I didn’t break the stone as someone else managed to do but I also didn’t get the result that we should try to get. Its way more difficult to get a gem to the right shape then I expected. I got an other try on a different gem and this time it ended much better as I now knew that I have to very careful. Sadly this took to long so that I was late for the celebration in the Great Hall and the doors where just be closing when I arrived. I’m not the best at flattery but having learned a bit about jewelery helped me to be all exited about the earring the female guard is wearing and after a short time of flattery I was allowed to enter. I think its the first time I had such great food at Academagia if I don’t count what Asmita cook for our lunch.





In the morning I had to pack my knapsack according to the list Professor Pachait gave me. After the breakfast I learned that the Professor did go ahead and he left me a strange map. Only after a while I realised that I had to fold the map in a specific way to get the correct map and location. Thanks to the strange joke of the Professor I needed longer then necessary to arrive at the Lodge of Forgotten Winter as Professor Pachait call it. The decoration of the entrance hall was full of hunting trophies with no real thematic sorting. At a table there the Professor and the Tyrant Wolf are playing cards and I had to serve them drinks and food. The Tyrant Wolf is an impressive appearance, taller then any human that I have seen so far, a long grey beard and eyes that clearly remind one on a wolf.

Because I heard some human whimpering coming from the basement I informed the professor about it and he took a break from the game to investigate it. Strangely the professor is having the key for the basement but short after we entered he decided to split up. I followed the whimpering noise and found a human of my age locked in a cage build to capture large animals. I freed this young prisoner when the noise from upstairs signalling that there is something going on. Going upstairs my sight got blocked by some unnatural darkness but thanks to my training with Dispel I managed to break this Negation based darkness. Most of the furnishings and decorations where destroyed and the Professor laying dazed on the ground. Some fresh water on his face did bring the Professor back on his feet and he then mentioned that we are in the middle of a territory war. While following the trail the Professor explain that the King of the Lycantropes was kidnapped by a rogue group and they apparently using magic items to get an unfair advantage in a staged fight for the right of be the King. The professor need my help in fighting this rogue group till the magic affecting the Tyrant Wolf is broken. So I used the Sphere of Resistance on both of us while we still following the trail for the thin shield of air. Sadly the place of the staged fight had no direct sight to the sky so I only could really use the Right Hand of Destruction for this fight till the Professor managed to remove the necklace that prevented the Tyrant King from acting. Once this was done we could withdraw as the professor was sure that the side of the Tyrant King will win now.


Adventures mentioned: Tyrant Wolf Adventure finished; Debatters Adventure finished

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Week 13




Instead of normal class all 1st year that had no Calligraphy exam today where put together in one large room where we could prepare for the exam or anything else as long it was silent and could be done while sitting at a table. There was only one Professor present that watched over the whole group. During lunch I was surprised to learn that our small clique have increased by one. The new student Catherin Chard was introduced to my by Asmita. I was kind of confused that the probably highest ranked noble of the current student at Academagia want to hang around with us low born but if she can overcome her usual everyone is to low for me attitude toward us I think everything should be fine. After this school day was over for today I visit the office of Professor Leith because the workshop at Bristbane the Gemologist’s shop brought up some questions. Even though the professor didn’t manage to answer the questions I had because other students where also in his office I managed to learn how the Reverse Engineer spell is put together, the enchant magic equivalent to the Beginners Delving I learned in Negation. Its surprising that 2 so different spells can give nearly the same result, sadly I didn’t manage to understand the Flawless Pheme just from the demonstration so that at last for now I can’t use the Reverse Engineer spell.

In the evening I then write a letter home, who knows when I find time for this again with the exams.




The talk during breakfast was mostly focused on the Calligraphy exam yesterday and on the Revision exam today. At last it was till someone reminded us that Vettor Conta announced some days back that he will have at last 50 points in each class and today is his first exam what started a speculation how he will do in it but Vernin who learn Revision think he wont manage to reach 50 points. Someone even tried to get a wager in place but no one want to bet money that Vettor will have at last 50 points. During lunch Catherin Chard explained to us how the Calligraphy exam was and how unfair Professor von Rupprecht is especial toward her. Because our grocery running low and Vuillaume need some things for her shield device she still try to fix it was decided that we 2 should buy the grocery after school.

While Vuillaume visited some shops for the things she need for her shield device I had time to watch a band performing on the street. After the performance the singer of the band came over to me and asking how I liked the performance. I answered her “Even though the performance over all was great at last this song you just performed is clearly missing a lute.” She agreed with this sentiment and handed me a lute to give it a try. Even my protest that I only learned the basics some years back didn’t help as she managed that the watching crowd shout that I should play. So I performed a well known song together with the band and didn’t think I did to well but at the end we got thundering applause. I was then asked by the singer to join her band called Dream Theory but an other person who listening our performance also came over and ask if I not want to join their new band. Both didn’t accept a clear no from me so when Vuillaume showed up I secretly cast Fill the Night with Stars spell for the first time and that was enough distraction to get away.




We got the exam schedule for next week announced during the breakfast and I got to write 3 exam then! Wednesday is Negation, Friday Grammar and Saturday Zoology so I have to do some study for them already this week. So after the observed learning during the usual class time or how one should call it I visited the Venalicium Library together with some other friends from Dies Magia. Vincent and Vuillaume had a silent talk about the Incantation exam they had today but the more Vuillaume lament about the things she think where to difficult and I casual answered how it was thought to me at Esteban Contu’s School the quitter did Vincent become. When Catherine saw that I could simply call books to me she ask me to get her a book also but to my big surprise the book didn’t come flying to me. So had to look for the book my self but sadly the copies this library should have where not at the shelve and when checking if they got misplaced I found something strange! The bookshelves and walls at this location clearly surround a space large enough for a hidden room. But today I’m here to learn and lend a book or 2 for the next day. Because I couldn’t find the book I’m looking for I then ask at the Help desk where I was told that all copies are current lend out. Maybe next time I should ask there first but I also had to tell Catherine that the book she looking for is not available today what isn’t really pleasant.




Because Asmita have Botany exam there was no lunch cooking today, instead we had to eat the bad food of the cafeteria like everyone else. At the table in the cafeteria, Asmita then vented her frustration. She claimed that she couldn’t learn botany at our table because we were too loud yesterday and now she doesn't know the answer to many questions.

Because I couldn’t simply try to move a bookcase or search for a secret entrance without know for sure there is some hidden room at the place I spotted yesterday I decided to look for the build plan of this section in the Venalicium. Strangely I couldn't finde one that included the last changes. Because Barnes was in the library today I asked him if he knew where I could find the actual build plan but he only could point me toward a page that is working at this library for a long time. From this Page I then learned that the section was remodeled some centuries ago but non of the architects staid for more then a few months and also not one of the architects left a plan behind when they left. Because I couldn’t do a closer inspection without draw attention I had to ask Pamela if she can tell me what’s there and she could confirm that there is a room behind where I suspect one but also some lightning trap. Sadly thanks to Pamelas behavior afterwards my right to visit this library was revoked for the rest of the week.

Beside that I have to come up with a plan how to work at this location undisrupted and find a good way to protect me against lightning I now also have to find an other place where I can learn.




There where some wager request in the morning how Vettor will do on the Geometry exam but again no one want to bet that he get 50 points or more.

Because I couldn’t go to the Venalicium to study for the exam I have to switch to the smaller Library of the Mantle and Stars, a library focused on Astrology. I could have chosen from 2 other library but for Dialectic I suspect this should be the best place after the Venalicium. Sadly I didn’t find any good books for Dialectic but at last in one of the more promising books I managed to learn a new spell that I actual could use. Sparkling Lights an Astrology based Glamour that bundle starlight into snowflakes that fall from the sky and provide some light. After dusk I the tested this spell outside and its easy to cast but only is good for showing off and to provide some lighting for a short walk outside, but nothing else.




While all other students have free on this sunny Saturday I had to write my Dialectic exam. The questions Professor Sido put in this test where so mind-bending that this exam is probably the most difficult of all I will have to write. After the exam I had to relax outside and an ongoing Rimbal game was a welcome distraction. In the evening the results of all exam where hang out on the blackboard. I not even reached the blackboard because of the crowd when I heard that Vettor was next to last in both Revision and Geometry with a score below 30 in each. This was the followed by a collective laughter. Also some students glare at me but only after I could check on my own score I realised why, I was the best in Dialectic with my 60 points and so they are envious. I also checked the scores of my friends: Vuillaume was 3rd best in Incantation with 64 and Vincent was still above average with his 49. Sadly Catherine and Asmita didn’t do good in their first exam. Asmita was last in Botany with only 29 points so I fear she will be angry at us once again and Catherine only managed 38 points in Calligraphy what is below average there.





During the morning I had written a letter to my parents and visit the morning service at the Temple of Iuducia. For lunch I visited the Debatters and because Professor Pluite was there I could ask him for suggestions about good books to read for Grammar that I could find in the Library of the Mantle and Stars. In the afternoon I then read one of the books the Professor suggested and lend me an other one for Monday. From the book that had great tales about comets I found references to an Incantation spell called Wrath of the Comet’s tail. After some research in some other books I was able to put together how this spell should be cast. Only the Tails Pheme was some problem to find but In the end I manage to find and study it before my reservation for a practice room. That I reserved one to train Negation now proved now useful to test this new combat spell that not only damage the target with its particles but also damage the Fitness according to what I read.


Adventure mentioned: Dream Theory Adventure finished, In the Venalicium 00-01

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Week 14




There is the History exam today and of my friends only Catherine had to write it.

As usual all 1st year except for the people writing the exam where together in a big classroom and there was only 1 Professor present to watch over us. So I spend the time to read a book I lend yesterday from the Library of the Mantle and Stars.

On my way to the dorm after we finally where released from the class room an older student hand me a message from the Legate and according to this I have to visit him at his office. At the office of the Legate I was explained that there a small group of pirates in a forest close to Academagia. Together with two other 1st year I was send out to scout where this pirates are. Arriving at this small forest near the mountains its clear that one even could say its within the territory of Academagia. Because I never was in this forest so I decided first to to walk near the border of the forest to see how big it actual is. One of the students with me thought its a good idea to split up and sure that would be faster. Still there is a reason why the Legate send out a team of 3 and not just 3 students separate, if a pirate spot us first with 3 we still have a chance to fight and escape but one alone will captured or even killed. So we stayed together and much faster then expected we found an empty camp with supplies and equipment laying around that clearly point toward pirates. Feeling uneasy about the empty camp where the fire is still burning I immediately let us retreat while watch out for an ambush. Lucky there was no attack and so we could report the location of the camp without incident to the Legate.




In the morning I hear that Vettor once again have an exam but the interest in this have nearly complete dropped after he performed so extreme bad in the first week.

From an older student I once again got a message from the Legate to meet him in his office this time even before the “class” starts. At the office I learned then that this time I need to search a mage with the name Ilaro and recover the staff, an artefact, he had stolen from him. The Legate also showed me a simple spell how to find him. Having an excuse from the Legate to not join the boring learning session at the classroom is great but why do the Vernin Regent and now also the Legate rely so much on me? Is it because of what I already did or because of my family name? I ponder over this on the way to deliver the excuse I got from the Legate to the Professor watching over us 1st year today. After leaving the building I started to search for the magical void with the spell I learned. Even with using arithmetic to get a bigger range and using my limited geometric knowledge to optimize my search pattern it took me till nearing lunch time before I finally found the void. Careful approach this place near a clearing in the Imperial Reserve I spot a tiny string near the ground probably from an alarm system. Also spotting the staff without seeing Ilaro I decided to run to get the staff but once I grabbed it I realized an other hand holding the staff as well. To my shock Ilaro had the staff in firm grip and easy managed to shake me hold from it. But before he could do anything else the Legate suddenly appeared next to me. Did the Legate use gate magic again? Then it would make sense why he send me instead of other as I already have seen him use gate magic. While I was still kind of shocked that the Legate apparently used gate magic he and Ilaro agreed to a duel about the staff. I narrow escaped their first spells as they didn’t use a duel ring as I would have expected. They use many high level spell but from my estimation no side have an advance in this fight. I suspect if I can’t find a way to help the Legate it probably would end in a fight of endurance. Adding my own magic to this spell exchange don’t seem like a good idea so I looked for the environment to find something that help the Legate. I spot a mire not that far behind Ilaro what should be just enough help. After making the Legate aware of this he managed to drive Ilaro into the mire. Before we could claim the staff a troop of pixies show up and swarm around the staff to this the staff reacted with a bright glow and a thundering boom. The weather appears to react to the staff with distant lightning, thunders and dark clouds. We brought the staff and Ilaro back to Academagia before the storm reached us. Already in the early afternoon it was clear this storm was at a level I never saw before and for the rest of the day I didn’t show any sign of weakening. At last I had time to prepare for the Negation exam thanks to this weather.




I had a hard time to sleep this night as the storm was still going strong. In the morning I heard that some of the elder students had help during the night with emergency repair. Despite that the buildings at Academagia had take some damage and only indoor connections between the tower could be used the exam where still continued.

For the Negation Exam we had a practical and theoretical part. While I had some difficulty with some questions in the theoretic part I think I did great with the practical test where I had to demonstrate 4 spells. The spells I had to demonstrate was a dispel, levitation, a spell to manipulate the aura of a person and one of our choice. For the dispel I used the standard Dispel and for the Aura Manipulation the spell Elementalist’s Foil. After some thought I then used Beginners Delving for the spell of choice. From the reaction of Regent Briardy I think in the practical part I did great but in the theoretical I still had my problems with some questions.

After the exam I also was recruited to help with some of the repairs, at last I didn’t have to go outside during this weather.




Once again I was called to the office of the Legate in the morning. This time he asked me to make him an invisible cloak, something I never did before. As Tuesday I had first to bring the excuse from the Legate personal to the Professor and then I checked the materials I can use for the cloak.

Combining my knowledge about materials, how to work cloth and Negation magic I found some good materials in the storage I’m allowed to use for this. But before I started I checked the Venalicium if I could find an easy recipe I could follow. After some search I just found the right thing and it not even need magic from my side it just need the right materials and I saw all of them in the storage. The mixing was more difficult then I thought but once applied on the cloak it became invisible with nearly no trace of magic. The Legate was pleased with my work and told me that he will give Professor Leith this cloak as my object for the practical test in the mid therm exam after he used it. But he also mentioned that he will need my help Sunday again and because of this I should spend some time learning today. During the dinner Vincent was sitting there with a broad smile be happy that the Athletic Exam was so easy for him. He was only a bit sad that everything had to be done indoors.




Asmita announced in the morning that because we couldn’t restock for some days now our usual cooking during lunch have to discontinued till the storm finally ends. Sadly that means we have to eat the bad food of the Cafeteria again. In the Grammar exam I was surprised to see so many things I have read in the books the Professor suggested me to read that it almost feel like I’m cheating. But who I am to complain when the Professor make the exam easy for me. After the exam I had then prepare for Zoology beside that I also again was forced to help with some emergency repairs.




Once again I had to write an exam Saturday but with most other 1st year have to help with the building repairs its not that bad today. In the exam the Professor had some living animals at the front and we had to write down what we know about them. For the bird I did not even know a name but realising that he had actual 3 type of worm in the cages I focused on writing about them first. After I finished with the worms I selected the cat next and then the bee like looking fly. I not even managed to finished what I want to write about this fly before the exam time was over.

Despite I was once again recruited to help with the repairs I found some time to learn for Arithmetic exam what I heard will be held Monday.




Before the breakfast I finally found some time to check the results of the exam. From the envious looks I got this morning I must have be done good. In all 3 exam of this week I’m first?! Zoology I reached 72 points, Negation 90 points and Grammar I even got 100 points, that feels so unreal that I actual had to check twice! Vincent got 1st place in Athletics with 102 points so even more then I got in Grammar, how the heck did he manage this? Natural Vincent was best in Athletics with this score. Looking for Vuillaume I also saw that Vettor actual manage 68 points so at last in one exam he reached his goal. Vuillaume didn’t do so good in Athletics with her 30 points she was one of the last. In Grammar Vuillaume and Asmita where in the upper 1/3 with 70 and 61 points. In Negation Catherine and Asmita where in the lower third with 51 and 48 points. I fear my friends will ask me for help with this topics in the future. Nearly forgot Catherine also had History and managed to be in the top 10 with her 74 points. Despite the storm reduced to just strong rain by the morning I couldn’t go out because I was tasked to guard the room where they imprisoned Ilaro. Vuillaume even found some powder that is used for the big canons at airships near the room so someone already planed to get him out. Still I used part of the time guarding to write a letter home and learn for Arithmetics and Enchant.


Adventure mentioned: Student Adventure Orso 0-5

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Week 15




Today everyone of Dies Magia have to write the Arithmetic exam today.

Except for a handful very easy problems the exam only contain very difficult arithmetic problems.

I had to jump over some of the difficult ones especial the problems that need a good understanding in the Properties of Arithmetic. At last I think I got the answers right that just needed a good grasp in the Theory of Arithmetic. At the last minute I returned my papers to the Professor.

Sill in thought about the Exam I walked without aim. Suddenly an older student who was supposed to guard Illaro called me over that I should follow him because “he” managed to escape. The older student lend a dog to get on the track of Illaro. While my eyes had to adjust to the first sun in days the older student cast a spell to increase up our movement speed. Thanks to the dogs lead we soon spot him near the Imperial Palace. But when he looked back and saw us we where back at Acadmagia within the blink of an eye.

Confused how he could send us here this fast we had no other option then to report the Legate what happened and where Illaro most likely plan to hide.




All student who had no exam today, that means everyone from us 1st year who had no Rethoric class , have to help with the repairing and rebuilding efforts for Academagia and Mineta. To our luck everyone of my best friends except Catherine managed to join up with the same 4th year who lead some of the rebuild efforts in the city. Catherine in return have her Rhetoric exam and I think I prefer to switch place with her given how the city looks. Except for a few buildings most where at last damaged some buildings where even complete destroyed. Natural this make me worried about aunt Amelia but to my surprise her house not even had a scratch. Together with some other I was shown how we can use Negation and Incantation magic to remove some of the rumble without hurting anyone who might be trapped below it while people with good revision knowledge where shown how to use their magic to create temporary shelter. The people with glamour magic where instructed how to best help the survivors while astrology magic was used to to find people who survived. I was very shocked when I found a lifeless hand while removing the rubble and immediately was send to a different place to work for by an older student. At the end of the day the older students couldn’t complete protect us from seeing dead and badly hurt people, I don’t think I get this pictures out of my mind soon even with the help of the glamour magic that was used on me.

When we returned to Academagia I only eat something for dinner and then dropped into my bed because I was complete drained.

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