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Relationship Achievements are Broken


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I just got the Anna achievement by fixing an error in the coding that impacts ALL relationship achievements. I don't really want to post much of the code due to respect for the game creators, so I'll try to be descriptive yet limit the code shown.


In the 'steam' file, it says (using Anna as an example):



However, in the 'end interview' file it says:




The 'end interview' file is missing the 'ACH_' and this makes it so you CANNOT get the achievement.


To explain how I tested this more in depth, I loaded a save where I got 100 Anna points and played it with the original code. Then, I edited the code and loaded the same save and got the achievement.

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Oh, wow, I am so sorry. I really thought I was posting in the Scheherazade forum. I posted at midnight so I partially blame sleep deprivation XD. Feel free to move this to the Scheherazade forum if you can.


EDIT: Yay, you moved it to the right forum :)

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I'm flooding the board, so I'll just ask here.XD


There has been a long going discussion over on the Steam discussion concerning several of the achievements. We tried to solve it on our own, but I think it's about time we just asked the source. :P

Really, we discussed the achievements in general, but I'll focus on a few specific ones this time around.

  • Strange Circles
  • Sparring Partner
  • Bonded with the Bandit
  • Turkey Expert
  • All Adventures!

People have had a really hard time trying to get these to activate. One person was able to finally get the first 3 listed above, but then they did not get the Turkey Expert achievement. After a while, we saw that some people were able to get the achievement if the capers were done in a certain order (Main, Two Adventures, Ahmose, Felix, Roland, Nigel), so that person was able to get the Turkey Expert achievement, but then someone else did it in that order and did not get the Turkey Expert achievement.


Some people have gotten the Turkey Expert but did not get the Lorelei or Zul achievements (and that should be almost impossible for Lorelei's since she is in all Turkey capers except Roland's).


The person who finally got the first four achievements never got the All Adventures! achievement, even though they got all of the other location expert achievements.


Basically, is there a certain dialogue choice/way you must pass an obstacle/order of caper play to unlock the any of the achievements above? I can see having some specific dialogue choice for the Zul and Lorelei achievements (as annoying as it is lol), but the other expert achievements didn't seem to have any odd qualifications, so having them for this achievement seems odd. We weren't sure if the achievements were glitchy or if there actually is some unseen requirement.

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They all have to be done in specific orders....great.XD Do they all also have specific choices that need to be made, or just a certain order they need to be done in? I appreciate your trying to help me sort out the confusion ^_^ .

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I'm going to hope it's just order. Still don't know why one person got it using that order and another didn't though....<<.


Well, for now, I'm going to hope it's just the order as that takes less trial and error. :D

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