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Thoughts About Dream of Ahmose 100 Ending (Heavy Spoilers)


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This is spoiler filled so only read if you've beaten Ahmose's 100 Dream ending.


So, in Ahmose's 100 Dream ending, Ahmose sells the artifacts he was shipped to New York with and says, "Ahmose shrugs. 'I simply sold them.''


Given how the 100 endings in this game tend to end on a bad note, I'm assuming that the 'bad note' is Ahmose's view on artifacts changing so much that he wound up selling them. This seemed to be trying to get a shock factor, especially since we don't get to hear Sadie's response to this, but is it really that surprising that Ahmose sold them? I know I wasn't surprised.


Remember back in Ahmose's Christmas event, Ahmose goes to a food kitchen and says:

"These ornaments are very old and were once very valuable. I surmise that it would bring you much... money were you to sell them?"

Ahmose was clearly okay with selling the artifacts, at least indirectly. Sure, he himself wasn't selling them, but he knew they were going to be sold and even offered up the idea.


One might argue that selling artifacts to feed a bunch of hungry people is more morally acceptable than selling artifacts to make it so Sadie isn't completely supporting him, but morality is subjective. By the end of the game, Ahmose most likely views being able to support Sadie as strongly as he views being able to help the hungry.


From the time between Christmas and the end of the game, Ahmose's views on artifacts changed due to Sadie's influence. He is even accepting of artifacts going to museums, "That is not a bad idea… I think it could look lovely in the Museum. A heavily guarded exhibit, of course." Clearly, there was a change, but that was probably due to his falling in love with Sadie and him naturally adapting to her views a little bit. The change felt somewhat gradual, and I wasn't all that surprised when he sold the items at the end because of it.


I think Ahmose shrugging and his use of the word 'simply' were trying to show how much his views have changed, but, at the end of the day, Ahmose's 100 ending can be looked at in a significantly less negative light by one simple fact:


Those items Ahmose sold, both to the food kitchen and at the end of the game, were his items. Ahmose has the right to sell his own items and can hardly be judged for it (and we all know Sadie will judge him for it anyway in the next game <<). He might have personally owned the items or they might have been offering, but either way, they were his.

Here are some foods for thought:
  1. He does not know English to get a job in New York the first place so extensive studying or carrying around Kheper would be needed (but if Ahmose has Kheper then Sadie won't have him and I'm pretty sure Ahmose realizes how helpful Kheper is to Sadie and would want her to hold onto him)
  2. As a prince, he probably feels an extreme obligation to provide for Sadie
  3. Sadie risked her life for him for almost a year, so he deems selling his items as a small price to pay
  4. Ahmose probably deems helping Sadie as important as helping the hungry (at least by the end of the game)
  5. They were literally his items.

Devils advocate though, Sadie is smoking rich and completely willing to support Ahomse since she just jokingly brought up him not having a job, "Sadie giggles and teases, 'So, Ahmose, if we're going to be going around the world together, does that mean I'll have to pay for all your travel and living expenses? Last time I checked, you didn't have a job." He really didn't have to sell his stuff, but his pride would have been hurt by having to rely on Sadie for everything.


In conclusion, I've beaten Roland's and Sterling's 100 Dream endings as well and this is by far the most tame of the three. It will probably be the tamest of them all. I am so happy with how tame it is. Ahmose has thought that he would probably die in a year with little to no hope, thank you for giving him a somewhat happy 100 ending. I can see how his selling the artifacts will cause some tension that can probably be solved with a few conversations (or they will go try to hunt them down in the sequel). But, when you compare it to Roland's and Sterling's 100 Dream endings, this one has the easiest possible resolutions (though not everyone reading this will have beat those endings, trust me, this is a lot more tame). If anything, I find the prospect of the Eye being stolen and Ahmose's life being in danger again a lot more troubling than him selling his own property.


I think ending the 100 Ahmose with Sadie's reaction to Ahmose selling his items would have made it end on a much worse note. But lets be honest, she probably would have overreacted anyway, so we can already make assumptions as to what's going to happen later...<<.


All in all, I am so glad that this ending didn't depress me. Also, I just beat this route less than an hour ago and I needed to rant put my thoughts down.XD


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Don't ruin my happiness.XD


But in all seriousness, will Sadie overreact? Yes. Is there a chance Ahmose sold those valuables to someone shady? Yes. Is there going to be a problem that arises from this? Yes. But until 1932 comes around, and with Victory Belles it will probably be a bit until it does, I am happy that Ahmose seems to have gotten off a little bit better than Roland and Sterling. I'm sure you can agree, even if the repercussions later in the game turn out to be great, Ahmose selling items is significantly easier to explain to Sadie than what happened with Sterling, (Roland's' made sense to me and probably will Sadie). Poor Sterling lol. So many things I read on this forum just lead me to feel bad for Sterling again XD.

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