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Base Attribute Point Totals


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I wasn't sure how to word the title, so I'll explain it here. I've been trying to make guides for the Book Smart, Canny, Charm School Graduate, etc achievements. I've typed out how many points are possible for several of the base stats and have come up with these totals:

  • Charm-105 points available in the game
  • Knowledge-103 points available in the game
  • Wits-103 points available in the game

Now, Charm was the first one I did, so I just assumed the others would have 105 points as well, but they may not. Are there 105 points available for each base stat, or are the numbers each unique? (Base stats being charm, knowledge, wits, and athletics) (dream, stress, and relationship not included since they do not have achievements like this)


I went back through hunting for Knowledge points three times, looking through all possible capers and parts of the main adventure, and I can't find anything. Each run through all capers takes at least half an hour, and I don't even know if I'm doing it in vain. I could very well have found them all.XD

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So I may or may not have them all....I'm just going to assume I do at this point.XD Thanks~

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