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Poker is never used to pass a challenge...the entire game. It's just there to silently mock me and make me think it is important. I bring this up because I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on why it was decided to not use Poker? I'd imagine the Poker could have been used in some of the situations that Flirting, Deception, or Negotiation were used as a sort of 'Bet on being able to convince this person to do something' sort of deal. It could have been used just as a 'Bet that this is going to work', and then that wold have made it be able to replace quite a few of the skills. Some of the capers raise Poker, and you can raise it in the different locations, it just has no purpose.


Really, on a related not, Riding is almost as useless as well. Riding is only used 3 times, two of which you can pass using Animal Handling, and Animal Handling is used seven, so there is really no point to raising the Riding skill.

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That makes sense. I wasn't sure if it was cut content, or if it was just not put in by accident.


Poker does have some comical inspirations and ways to expand it:

  • Play Cards with the Cut-Throat Men Who Live in the Tunnels 'I don't know what they taught you in prison, Three-Fingers, but it sure wasn't poker. Pay up!'
  • Repeatedly Beat Professor Hemsworth at Cards 'Oh, Nigel. Nigel, Nigel, Nigel. It's so cute that you think you might win!'
  • Play Poker and Run 'Don't swing that knife at me! I won it from you fair and square!'

The poker events tend to get violent.XD

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