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Well, I don't know if there's a ton of point in posting a random event, since most people want them to be in DLCs, which might not be a thing right now. But I finally got the mod tools for work and cooked up a random event, so I want to share anyway. It's my first attempt at this, so feedback would be helpful, since I only have a vague idea what I'm doing.



You slowly awake. Blinking sleep out of your eyes you realize something's wrong. For one, it's not normally this chilly. Also, how often do you sleep standing up?

Blinking you look around and realize you're standing in a hallway, clad in your night gown and socks. Someone most have cast a sleepwalking spell on you!


You stand there shivering, a list of suspects going through your head. Before you can get too far in your thinking however, you hear footsteps from around the corner. If a professor catches you out of your room at this hour it'll be detention for sure!



Exit 1: Better get running! [Running]




You know there's no way whoever is coming will buy that you had a spell cast on you. So, you take off of running. You can still hear the footsteps behind you, but they quickly fade as you make your way back to your room.


Eventually you get to the door to your room, and you take a moment to catch your breath. Panting, you open the door and head to your bed where you collapse. At least using all this energy means you quickly fall back asleep.


Reward: +1 Running



You know there's no way whoever is coming will but that you had a spell cast on you. So, you take off running. You don't get very far however, as your feet slip on the stone tiles, sending you to the ground. As the footsteps draw close you regret wearing socks to bed.


Luckily, you're unhurt and pick yourself up. Unluckily you turn around to see [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Evdokseia Valenta standing before you, her hands on her hips. Looks like you just got yourself a detention.


Penalty: Reprimand




Exit 2: Glamour yourself so you're not seen. [Glamour Spells]




You start with the phemes needed for the spell. It won't be easy, but so things are. You concentrate and cast the spell. Now the best thing you can do is hope for the best.


Right after you finish casting the spell [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Evdokseia Valenta rounds the corner. You hold your breath as she passes you. She stares at where you are for a moment that seems to stretch out forever.


Finally, she continues down the hall, apparently unaware. You finally breath again, and then hurry back to your room. Luckily, you don't see any other professors on your way back.


Reward: +1 Glamour Spells



You start casting the spell, but keep getting distracted by the footsteps. Finally you complete the spell and...you glow with a bright light. Oops.

Right at that moment [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Evdokseia Valenta rounds the corner. She stares at you with wide eyes. You stand there, looking pathetic as you shiver from the chilling air and smile sheepishly.


You're not sure what's worse, the humiliation you feel as she dispels your spell, or the fact you'll have to go to detention tomorrow.


Penalty: Reprimand




Exit 3: Pretend to still be asleep [Acting]




You do your best to look asleep. It takes all your concentration, but you think you pulled it off.


You hear someone round the corner and then call out to you. You still pretend to be asleep, until someone gently touches you. You open your eyes to see [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Evdokseia Valenta, standing in front of you, looking concerned.


You act confused and disoriented. She looks at you as you give her your best sad eyes. You also shiver, but that's not part of your performance, it is really cold out here.


She takes pity on you, taking off her cloak and wrapping it around you. She escorts you back to your room without giving you detention.


Reward: +1 Acting, +1 Relationship [Evdokesia Valenta]




You stand still, doing your best to look asleep. You even let out a little snore. You're quite proud of your little performance.


Sadly, [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Evdokseia Valenta isn't so impressed. When she sees you, she calls your bluff, and gives you detention for being out late at night. Not only that, but she gives you a second detention for not being honest with her. Overall, not a great night.


Penalty: Reprimand, +1 Stress



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It's possible there might be another Y1 DLC, but unless there's confirmation otherwise, assume 17 is the last.


As for the event itself, the Deceit exit sounds more like Acting to me. In addition, if the event talks about giving you detention it should follow that you get actual detention. RE's can give out reprimands, mechanically speaking.

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