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Duel goes boom


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I'm playing the Steam version of the game and experience a program terminating error in duels.


Assorted details:

  • Steam version, like I said.
  • DLC 17.
  • Windows 10 (let me know if you want processor info and stuff like that)
  • Duel with Joana.
  • Quietus selected -- I tried "first blood", punched her and had my familiar defend, and everything went fine. I'll use that approach to move the game forward.
  • I set my familiar to defend, queue 4x "bind pheme to palate" , queue a punch and push the "end melee round" button.
  • I get a popup -- "System error occurred. Application will be terminated."
  • Click "OK" and application terminates.

Save available. Tell me how to provide it.

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