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Fan-Made Alternate Dream of Ahmose Ending

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To try and raise awareness of the game (and because I really like Gwynhwfara's stories), I programmed her alternate Ahmose Dream ending into the game and recorded it. The video looks a lot better in 720p+, so try to watch it in that if you can. Also, though this is a fan video, it does have mild spoilers for Ahmose's real dream ending (namely some Ahmose sprites), so watch at your own risk.


Here is Gwynhwfara's original post: http://ohlookashinysquirrel.tumblr.com/post/137730882267/1931-scheherazade-at-the-library-of-pergamum

I also posted this on tumblr and plan on posting other Scheherazade related things here: https://scheherazade-keating.tumblr.com/

Fun fact: I temporarily wrote over The Bigglesworth Adventure to make this.

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Thank you so much~ I plan on doing Gwynhwfara's Zul story as well, but considering how this Ahmose story took me like, 3 hours to do and it's 1/3ish the length of the Zul story...it will take me a while XD. Hopefully, more people write some fanfiction.

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