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Unable to spot Save option in menu


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When I open Academagia The Making of Mages and finish building a character my issue arises. 
In the menu option There is no Save OPTION and this makes the game unplayable for long periods of time due to it being unable to save any progress i have done. Can anyone help me?
the image below is what i see when i open menu making me think that something is wrong with the overall game maybe? I purchase this game off of steam.



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You can't save the game when it's on the event screen, or showing adventure/event text. You save the game on the calender screen, where you plan you day's action. In fact the ability to even access the menu at all during the event screen was a recent patch change, IIRC. Used to be that you couldn't exit the game during the event screen either, since you couldn't access the menu.

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