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Update 75: The Fleet and the Usage of Belligerent Ports

Käpt'n Korky

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Intetesting info! I can imagine Port cities seeing any belle as a godsend while national governments may be embarrassed by their citizens praising an enemy warship.

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I imagine the propaganda and intelligence branches of the various powers are going to flip their shit just in general. For example an American captain like your truly with a British Belle under his command may well inadvertently feed propaganda, both in the Axis, and in the Allied powers that pushes America more and more towards a war footing. I also imagine you'd see ships "magically" becoming your flag ship as far as the press are concerned if you have a truly multi national fleet you're sailing with. If you're a German captain and Shiny Horse is your flag ship, but you have Bulldog in your fleet while you defend a British port the headline becomes "INPF fleet lead by Captain So and so and HMS Bulldog defend Scapa Flow from Morgana Incursion" 

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@Mignonette yes, I think you read that right. I can't wait to get me some excellent dutch seamen. B)

I'm also flattered and honoured beyond comprehension about, getting an answer to one of my questions again. And from Lebi of all Walküren! Wunderbar. :wub:

But in all honesty: Shiro started it.

The answer also shines a first light on how diplomacy can work in all kinds of directions. Very interesting. It also hints that everyone will be lead into the INPF-fleet sooner or later i guess. 

About Lebi.... does she have a special ability "emissary of misfortune"? If it affects Morganas as well you got your reason why anyone wants to start with her. Besides her character, natürlich. 

Also I'm glad only a ship blew up and not the whole entrance of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal..... :blink:

About the german:


Looks all good to me. Gib the writer a cookie. :D

Buuut one itsy-bitsy expertlevel nearly mistake is the "Hochachtungsvoll".

It's an old form of saying "see you in court" or "we have nothing more to discuss". I too ran into it, because in my generation it's purely used to express respect for someone "above" you. The "hidden" meaning is unknown to younger people.... unless you start a small riot because some old geezer finds it below a "please respect your neighbourhood" info letter your deputy boss and you pieced together.... geez...

Lebi uses it to express respect, natürlich. 
Edit: Which IS odd. It struck me a few days ago. She says "Du" wenn she adresses the captain early in the text. Which is informal speech. But closes with a very formal, written form only greeting in the end. But the scene is supposed to be a meeting in person in which she hands over a text, yes? And that's a real mistake only masterfully obscured by the length of the text in between. No cookie. :(

"So sad. Very sad." - Donald Trump

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