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Kickstarter Update 90: On Morgana Myths


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Today's update is on the question posed by a certain "Ninjapacman" about the theories on Morgana.  Whoever this fellow is, he certainly has excellent taste in questions, and the presenters did a fine job of making common theories sound very interesting.

Read the update here:

Update 90: On Morgana Myths

U-29 bust.png

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Somehow U-29 snuck into the fleet of my heart. :wub: This update just cements her status. Okay, so we have two Walküren, a lot of mystery and us in a Dingi.*

Just for fun I'll comment on U-29 proposals.

Jews: Nah, same as the Illuminati, but for more obvious reasons. They need open seas to escape on the one hand and to keep a scattered community together on the other.

Illuminati: Yeah, she's right. It's likely they even start supporting the INPF, so watch out fellow captains.

Aliens: I firmly believe the Walküren/Nixen situation has terrestrial sources and reasons. Some of the problems with the alien theory are addressed by U-29 and Belfast, but I'd also like to add that both seem to be bound to completely human technology.

"The lonely fisherman": It runs against all my beliefs to grant one lonely fisherman and the demon/devil/spirit he makes a pact with such great power as to cover the whole eartch. One flying dutchman? Yes. Hundreds of them, simultaniously with "good" counterparts? No.

The Ragnarök/Apocalypse: My money is on this one. The time has come where the forces of the light have to fight the forces of the dark. The reason though is unclear, since it's only at sea it seems. Maybe the creatures drowned to Niflheim have some reason to rebel against Midgard. I'll take the Mist as a hint towards that theory. Maybe we're just witnesses of a marital quarrel between the host and the robber. To check that theory I know where my first adventures will guide me, if possible. The tortured ship which only remembers it's last terrible feeling would fit nicely here, for the Nixen. And since OKM calls them Walküren and Nixen I think, they too lean to that theory.

Ancient civilization: Hm, that theory also has it's charms. And I wouldn't dismiss it right away, but something very old, human made or inside the earth itself had to be "disturbed" to unleash such power/force/magic so suddenly.

So yeah, that's my approach.

About the two lovely Walküren in the Update I have to say, Belfast displays quite a developement here. From suspecting U-29 to be an evil witch to taking quite a liking in her. And I can't blame her for the latter. U-29 is simply the coolest Walküre around. :wub:

Now about some bits those two dropped in the conversation. The Malleus Maleficarum, or "Hexenhammer" as we call it in Germany, is well known, since you get taught about it in school. At least where I live. And its use is certainly not without risk, since Belfast herself as a being could easily be called a witch, considering what a Walküre is capable of.

If I ever get to meet Blefast in person, I guess I'll better have some Groschenromane for her to read. Either to gain her favour, keep her distracted and busy or both.

"They started out damaged. They're getting stronger...." .... Uh-Oh... well I guess one more objective: Keep them away from resources. I guess Scapa Flow could be a more interesting harbour than others.....

U-29 corresponds with Freud? That Freud? Well.... the story how she manages that communication, circumventing a lot of intelligence service counter measures of several services..... Now I'm curious. Also some of the SS now probably want to join Belfast in executing Hexenhammer procedures on U-29. Freud is a jew.

I think U-29 jumping on the Atlantis trail of clues is partly because she would love that one to be true the most.

So, finally, the German:


Why the author can spell "Kapitän", but not "Fräulein" with ä is a mystery to me.

But you capitalized "Erlaubnis" and also the addressing "Ihrer". I'm happy.

*Dingi, not Dinghy is the german diction of that word.

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