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I obtained a bizarre, seemingly ancient coin from the depths of a drawer in my grandfather's place. He has no idea where it came from, so I thought I'd share it. I have suspicions that if it is not modern, it must go back to before conventional recorded history. Very interestingly, the rear seems to show an egg cell with 6 sperm in it.

Does anyone recognize the script? That is bound to answer at least one question I have.



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Well, I was extremely curious about it, so, I was digging everywhere I could. I really don't want to get into the details, as it is irrelevent, but if I was correct about the symbolism on it, there was a good chance it was tied to  interests I have, and in a roundabout way I figured there was a small chance that someone at some time here might be able to share some insight on the symbolism, due to a few suspicions of mine that it was connected to real life 'magic'.(I simply like to be aware of these sorts of things.)

Anyway, I really didn't think I'd learn anything about it so soon. Since I did, I realized I was partially correct, but its relevancy to this forum is much much less than the small amount I initially thought. Suffice to say, As an imitation coin from ancient Judea, it carries a lot of interesting context to it, but talking about it will quickly get into a lot of religious and occult issues I  really don't want to broach on this forum.

So now you know why I shared it.

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