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Which student do you think would be the Best and worst close friend or love-interest for a Gates Mage PC?


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Off-Hand, I can think of three good students and three bad students.

The Good:

1. Uliva Valaresso: She is already interested in a heavily restricted, often illegal, field of study, and has revealed an interest in serpent-breeding. I can easily imagine her thrilling at the prospect of learning gates magic from the PC, since this would allow her herpetology to be done more easily.

2. Sima Venesico: She seems to have her own discreet interest in illegal magics (gates possibly, mastery probably), and is used to being secretive for other reasons. The downside is that she can be very impulsive in an attention-getting way.

3. Aaran Ledale: His studies of Mastery are even more subtle than Sima's are, and his knowledge of Mineta's seamier side (and associated locations) would be useful in concealing experiments with Gates Magic. The downside is his curse of unluck to other people - but that applies to all of his friends and love-interests.

The Bad:

1. Grainne Inneith: This girl loves to spread rumours that she presents as true. She would probably be thrilled about spreading rumours about a gates mage among the students.

2. Reitz von Lutersee: This student's adventure reveals him to be a traitor, so he would probably betray a gates mage PC easily - especially for a reward.

3. Zoe Melis: She needs money and is socially isolated - I am sure that exposing a gates mage would allow her to gain money and social power easily.

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