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Nice update, but I must admit I’m a little disappointed with the throwaway of my first question regarding Sisters.

They used Akagi and Kaga as the example, but I was referring to subclasses, not similar but separate classes of coincidental timing.  More specifically like Fubuki-Akatsuki or Hatsuharu-Shiratsuyu.

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Is it just me or is Belfast getting more vulgar?

Sidenote: You'll have a hard time finding a German actually named Jerry, but a lot of Brits actually called Tommy.

That's Tokubetsu Keisatsutai for you, island monkey!

On the one hand it is preposterous to demand proof of a ship to be deutschblütig, on the other hand.... Nazis. Also I credit it to the fact, that Belfast is relaying the information, that said information is not really hieb- und stichfest. I guess they have made up a certain type of certificate for Belles, because it's hard to get an Ariernachweis (even a small one), if you're not born from lineage, but built. So I guess said Belle did not turn out very Aryan by definition of appearance. And thus she has or wants to get her stern under § 2 I RBG, but technically that would be a problem from the start, so I guess the legal vector to attack her Deutschtum is the BBG which asks for an Ariernachweis again, but she's a member/asset of the Wehrmacht and thus probably has soldier status, so she would fall under § 1 III WG, because she's a woman and that would require her to be a GERMAN woman so we're back in the RBG and that means we have to get into bloody details unknown until we know who she is and what casts the apparent shadow of doubt over her Deutschtum (appearance, creators, material?)..... but quite frankly it's a non-problem. If the top brass says she's German, she's German. That's actually the law. And even if she isn't, she's still owned by Germany and subject of the Führer.
And as Nürnberg will happily confirm: Every German Walküre should have a legal status comparable to the defined one in the RBG.
More interesting question: Do they have to take the oath?

Yay, we captains are shiny beacons of hope.

Well, well that Theseus thinking at the end is a bit cut short, if you keep in mind Walküren have memories of their former incarnations. So if you build a new ship from old material of the same heritage those memories should at least be so present as if they were the "old" ones to a point it becomes pointless to argue if the "new" Walküre is actually "new" or a transferred "old" one. A much clearer indication could and should be her physical appearance "before" and "after", which can naturally only occur after the 1st of September 1939 in this world.
The most "fun" approach to this I can think of is taking parts and distributing them throughout the INPF and then building 7-XX ships with the same heritage in mind. And suddenly U-29s research gets a boost I guess.

Kaga is right, oyasumi.

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It took me a while to think about that, but a similar, if more reduced, situation would be present in the Regia Marina as well, since in 1938 all the servicemen in all Italian armed forces of Jewish origins were cashiered. I believe I mentioned that when, in the topic I opened back in the day, I discussed General Umberto Pugliese, the guy who designed the Littorio-class battleships among other things.

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