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I would tune in every week.  This sounds like just the kind of radio show I'd love to listen to.  Maybe they could make it into a TV show too... when they become a little more widely accessible.

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Hm, I wonder if the birthday cake had something to do with the reduced velocity.

If there's no room in the program of the Goebbelsschnauze..... there is no one stopping me to listen to Italian radio once at sea.

They want me to appear in a radio show with a Brit, who led their propaganda bureau in the great war and admires the UdSSR? Hah!

"Stormy Friday" is what they call it in the states? *chuckles* I doubt the Poles will be so trivialising.

>I don't know if you've seen the human version of USS [Redacted], but that's what I'm thinking here.  Blonde, moxie, legs from stem to stern, if you get my meaning. - No, I don't, but that's probably my problem. All the ship educated yankii still reading sure know which ship redacted is right away.

>we want an actress whose voice sounds like straight whiskey. - Can't think of anyone fitting the bill. Nope. Not a clue.

>I don't know, throw a dart at a map and get back to me. - Knock yourselves out. (Might need to switch settings to work.)

>I'll put together a bible[...] - Like... a tihuana bible? I'm sure someone is working somewhere on one already

On a sidenote, do you think "Kapitän Siegfried Eisenhammer und die Walküren der Gerechtigkeit" could get past Dr. G.?

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