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Further Praise for Academagia


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So, I have been playing "Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous", and I fell in love with its story/characters because of an incident in it that reminded me of Academagia. When the character Nenio is introduced, she is trying to discover how much knowledge Baphomet's cultists have about their god - by interviewing them as they attack the city that she is in! And then, she quizzes the PC about eir knowledge of Baphomet.

Truly, this reminded me, in a good way, about the following two scenes from Academagia.

1. The random event when the PC can pacify a troll by instructing him about grammar; and

2. Beatrix von Wetgen's great interest in studying wyverns compared to her seeming lack of interest in the fact that cultists using strange magics are trying to do things in wyverns' habitats.

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