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Holdfast Helper v2


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Since I gained a lot of experience with JavaScript this past year, I decided to revisit my old Combat Helper and turn it into a proper character sheet packed with quality-of-life features.

Notable features:

  • Save and load capability, using simple local storage or portable JSON files.
  • One-click character creation (with an "easy mode" option for perfect die rolls) that handles Defense, Skill, starting money and your first healing kit.
  • An inventory tracker that shows each equipped or carried item’s stats, plus a reference field for non-equippable items such as Enchantments.
  • Simple validation that warns you when you have more than 2 hands’ worth of weapons equipped or carry more than the 100-coin limit.
  • Ability to create custom items, mainly so you can create Enchanted variants of any base items and equip them normally.
  • Reference info to remind you of your backgrounds’ effects, Combat Boon options and what action keywords mean.
  • A combat tracker where you can input the enemy’s stats, automatically calculate your starting Defense + Armor, roll initiative every round and see your resulting damage and available actions, as well as a Wound button to update your Maximum Defense and Glory and reset your combat Defense all in one click when you hit 0.
  • A simple die roller to track and spend your boons, test your luck and roll non-boon dice (such as income).

Compared to the previous version, it also has a responsive layout with basic support for mobile screens and looks a little prettier :)


Note that v2.0 likely still has bugs, but I will update it if and when I find them while finishing my current playthrough. Feel free to report issues or request improvements here or on Github!

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