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INPF Football (Soccer) League - Season IV

Käpt'n Korky

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Good day again, fellow captains,

and again I'm back with a new season of the league.

Each Walküre I could reasonably pin a team in a national league to, gets a place on the two tables. No one dropped out for that reason technically.
However Axum and Rawalpindi ceased to exist for now, both for a plethora of horrible circumstances I hope end soon in their respective home countries.
While Axum was erased for that reason pretty much at the start of last season, Rawa managed a few matches and thus gets cut out now. 
Profiteers of this are Antoniotto Usidimare, who gets into INPF 2 as a fourth promotion is possible because of it. Subsequently, this only saves Maille Breze, but not Dehli and Maury.
Since Bolzano's and Velasco's teams managed to both get into a national level league (2nd tier in both cases) and Ettore Fieramosca was kept in reserve: Congrats to the INPF3 entry, but this ofc meant the INPF 3 relegation spots were actually *hot*. And only Axum and Rawa giving way, saved the best of the relegatees. And that was MB.

Rules are the established ones.
If I could've attached more than one team I chose reasonably among the possible ones. (*still sighs at Moskva*)
I will update ideally once a week (usually after Bundesliga matchdays. Yes, Bias.).
Pointing is according to matchday outcome. 
A win gets 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0.
In case of equal points I will weigh in the strength of the league and if same league the actual position on the actual table. 
At the end of the season (I'm thinking 31st of June atm) I bring all teams up to 38. This reflects a "normal" season in worldly football and it has been proven that even this might be a bit challenging for some teams to accomplish. Teams with fewer than the quota of matches will get their missing matches filled up with the average points of their last 10 matches. This also means, teams with less than 10 matches I could find will be eliminated at the end of the season.
Worst three of table one relegate to table 2 and the top three of table 2 get promoted to table 1.

Check out most teams here.
Applications for missed teams only via discord. Ships in Shiros magnificent list are eligible as well as newly confirmed ones, since Shiro seems a bit busy and can't update.
No big changes since season 3.
Seriously: If you miss anyone, tell me below. I'm losing a bit of oversight.

Belfast rule: If I find too little results, I will count both men and women results to get a good and honest result from that club. First time I did it was with Belfast, hence the name.

Green on the INPF 1 table is champion, red is relegation. Green on the INPF 2 table is promotion, red relegation. Green on INPF 3 means promotion, red means possible benching for next season. In both leagues blue teams have ended the season by reaching the respective match limit. Yellow teams are dormant for the time being.


Rank Ship Name Liga Points Matches
1. Leningrad Zenit St. Petersburg PL 38 14
2. Belfast Glentoran FC NIFL Prem 35 13
3. Admiral Graf Spee CA River Plate PDA 31 17
4. Exeter Exeter City FC FL2 25 19
5. Moskva Dynamo Moskau PL 22 13
6. Augusta (P) Atlanta United MLS 21 17
7. Houston Houston Dash NWSL 15 10
8. Lexington New England Revolution MLS 14 14
9. SL City Real Salt Lake MLS 14 14
10. Conte di Cavour (C) Juventus Turin SAF 13 5
11. Kumano Iga FC Kunoichi NL1 13 5
12. Arizona Phoenix Rising FC USL 11 12
13. La Motte-Picquet Stade Rennes L1 10 8
14. Gneisenau (P) 1. FC Magdeburg BL3 10 12
15. Kitakami Iwate Grulla Morioka J2 10 13
16. Parishkaya Kommuna Red Star Paris L3 9 8
17. Canarias (P) CD Teneriffa SD 8 8
18. Kongou Cerezo Osaka NL1 7 5
19. Algerie MC Alger AL1 5 4
20. Tenryuu Jubilo Iwata J1 5 12


Rank Ship Name Liga Points Matches
1. Antoniotto Usidimare (P) S.L. Benfica PortL 54 18
2. Saguenay Montreal Impact MLS 30 15
3. Nubian (P) Al-Merrikh SC SPL 26 10
4. Wichita Kansas City Current NWSL 24 11
5. Scharnhorst Hannover 96 BL2 24 12
6. Verdun (R) FC Metz L1 21 14
7. Hood Coventry City Cs 21 14
8. Argonaut Volos NFC SL 18 10
9. Chiyoda (R) FC Tokyo J1 18 11
10. Aoba Kyoto Sanga J1 16 13
11. Nagato Renofa Yamaguchi FC J2 16 14
12. Takao FC Machida Zelvia J2 15 14
13. Zulu AmaZulu FC PSL 14 9
14. Köln 1. FC Köln FBL 13 5
15. Bearn FC Pau L2 13 11
16. Nürnberg 1. FC Nürnberg FBL2 9 4
17. Kaga Zweigen Kanazawa J2 9 12
18. Orion (P) Levadiakos FC SL 6 8
19. Manchester (P) Manchester City FC WSL 3 3
20. Perth (R) Perth Glory AL 0 0


Rank Ship Name Liga Points Matches
1. Stewart Philadelphia Union MLS 35 15
2. Cossack FK Rostov RusPL 34 15
3. Sheffield Sheffield United EFLC 33 18
4. Edinburgh Heart of Midlothian SPFL 29 18
5. Recruit RB New York MLS 28 19
6. Henley Richmond Kickers USL1 24 13
7. Marsellaise Olympique Marseille L1 24 15
8. Nashville Nashville SC MLS 21 15
9. Maille Breze Angers SCO L1 19 15
10. Shropshire Shrewsbury Town FL1 17 15
11. Southampton Southampton FC PL 15 13
12. Dunkerque (R) USL Dunkerque L2 13 7
13. Pola (R) NK Istra 1961 HNL1 12 10
14. Yubari Consadole Sapporo J1 12 11
15. Nevada (R) Las Vegas Lights FC USL 12 12
16. Velasco Racing Santander SD 12 12
17. Bolzano FC Südtirol – Bolzano/Bozen Serie B 8 9
18. Ettore Fieramosca SSD Napoli Serie B-F 6 2
19. Volta Accra Hearts of Oaks SC GPL 1 2
20. Queen Mary Everton FC WSL 0 1


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It's already September, but don't think I have forgotten or given up!

If you usually don't do it, please read the initial post carefully for a few changes and yes, to allow me to be lazy on the topic, the clubs will now all be described in season three for my and your convenience. Saves me some time and I know a few are still missing. Like the entire INPF 3, me thinks.

Anyways, on to the first matchday. All matches after July 1st are eligible so there might be some hefty scores for some coming in right from the start.
Matchday was so huge, I had to change dormat for direct matches. So they're in three columns and colour coded.

Direct matches:
Kumano 1
:0 Kongou                            Kongou 2:3 Kumano                Moskva 0:2 Leningrad
Arizona 0:0 Nevada                             Kitakami 1:3 Takao                     Stewart 2:1 Lexington
Saguenay 4:0 Lexington                    Recruit 2:1 Lexington              Augusta 2:1 Salt Lake City
Houston 1:2 Wichita                         Gneisenau 0:4 Scharnhorst           Canarias 1:0 Velasco
Recruit 2:1 Augusta                            Augusta 1:2 Recruit                    Augusta 1:4 Stewart
Stewart 0:0 Augusta                          Chiyoda 2:0 Tenryuu               Chiyoda 3:0 Yubari
Chiyoda 2:0 Aoba                              Saguenay 0:1 Recruit               Lexington 0:1 Saguenay
Aoba 2:1 Yubari                                  Takao 0:1 Nagato                          Nagato 1:1 Kaga
La Motte-Picquet 0:0 Marseillaise    Recruit 0:2 Stewart                  Shropshire 3:2 Exeter
Cossack 2:
0 Moskva                             Moskva 1:1 Cossack 


The champion Conte di Cavour lives up to expectations and start with a solid 13/15 points matchday, immediately showing off who's ready to defend her title. Kongou has more trouble though and starts with a disappointing 7/15 matchday. Belfast, like probably most British Walküren, has a) a looooot of points to gain and b) one match postponed over the death of her old sovereign. However she puts up a serious 35/39 start, which already makes her a) eligible for a valid end result and b) incredibly tough to crack for everyone else. She's out for the title this time for sure! Let's talk about Kongou's troubles a bit more or as she calls herself: Kumano. She is undefeated yet and throws her hat with 13/15 into the ring. Sailing far rockier waters around the Magellan strait is Admiral Graf Spee. This results in her having her usual good, but unstable performance ending in a 31/51 start, netting 4 less points as Belfast in 4 more matches. While Leningrad and Moskva are banned from FIFA matches, they play domestically and Leningrad cuts through the cup and league like a hot knife through butter. In 14 matches played, she even beats Belfast on points and her sister directly for now with 38/42 points. La Motte-Picquet could've earned 24 points, but only scores 10. Subpar, but probably not dangerously low and the season just started. Moskva has more than double that, but her sister wasn't the only one giving her a bloody nose, making her debut a 22/39 points start. Next up is our first US Belle: Arizona! But with being the first one gaining less than one point per match on average as she manages 11/36, she's in for a rocky season. But she is immediately underbid by Tenryuu, who docks after the first cruise with 5/36 and probably some bruises. Lexington fares comparatively better and at least got one point per match on average with 14/42, but loses all direct matches involving other Walküren. Exeter highlights how crazy English match calendars are. She already has finished half her matches and got a decent 25/57 to show for. Kitakami shows a mediocre performance joining the "less than one point" club, loosing against Takao in the process. As usual Algerie starts with only a handful of matches, but a hopeful 5/12 points, avoiding said club. Salt Lake City joins her US sister represented by a MLS team and makes 14/42. Houston, ever struggling, manages to get a comparatively good start this time (15/30). Parishkaya Kommuna has a rocky start, but avoids the relegation spots with 9/24 points. And here come the new ones. The promotees and since Gneisenau's club got promoted slightly above its punch weight, Gneisenau already struggles hard with a 10/12 start. She got wrecked hard by Scharnhorst, who she meets for the first time in a fight despite being freshly separated from her here. Canarias has a similar encounter with Velasco, but manges to beat her, contributing to her avoiding relegation zone for now with 8/24 points. Last, but not least comes Augusta and she battles a lot of her comrades, beating only SL City, but still raking in 21/51 at least.


The lower tiers start with the poor lasses who got relegated ofc. Chiyoda shows the other Kamimaru where the Tenno resides, but apart from that her start is rather mixed and in the end she makes 18/33 points. Verdun also has a mixed start and makes with 21/42 three more points in three more matches. Perth starts the season with not starting. In Down Under the seasons are weirdly scheduled. She'll join on October, promise. Saguenay rams into this trio of relegators with 30/45 points, as she makes a very respectable 2points per match cut. Nürnberg in contrast has a moderate start by matches, but 9/12 points is far from moderate. Maybe this year she'll have a good season? Next up is Aoba, in football terms probably the arch rival of Chiyoda in INPF 2. But after a beating from her she makes a slightly weaker start, despite beating Yubari as well. Takao struggles a bit to get her season started as she makes almost only 1 point per match with 15/42. Enter Lady Hood. Of all things, she matches the performance of Verdun. Meanwhile the far superior battleship Scharnhorst also has the superior result with three more points from two less matches, beating her sister severly on the cruise. Argonaut shows a performance complimentary to her 10th place from last season with 18/30 points. A similarily decent reward of points gets Zulu by making 14/27. Bearn makes it only slightly worse with 13/33. Worse quote, but only one point behind. Which brings us to the first contender with less points than matches under her belt: Kaga. She managed to wring at least 9/36 points out, but that is a dangerously weak start. Almost the opposite performance is shown by Köln. She manages 13/15 which is a very good quota, but with too few matches in comparison. Back with the final Kamimaru Nagato and she shows a very similar performance to the others. Will the IJN again lump together? That said the only US Belle backed by a US team in INPF 2 enters the fight with a powerful 24/33 start, leaving her mark for relegation aspirations after almost getting relegated last season. And talking about relegations: The four(!) promoted teams join the season. Manchester has a slow an 1 point quota start with 3/9 points in only three matches. Orion struggles as well with a weak 6/24 start, but at least she has already twice as much points as Manchester. Unlike Nubian. She punches almost through the table and makes a very strong 26/30 points. But just when you think nothing can surprise you..... comes Antoniotto Usidimare dancing in, smashing, posh and with a perfect 54/54 to her name! Boom! Undisputed table lead. And already almost half the season under her belt!


The lowest tier starts, akin to the 2nd with the relegatees from 'above'. The first of those is Pola. She has moderate success an makes 12/30 points. Dunkerque comes in with a similar result with 13/21 points. Nevada also roams around their waters with 12/36. Marsellaise has a bigger kickstart, both in matches an points as she manages 24/45 points. True to being a busy British Belle, Edinburgh throws in 18 matches already and manages to gain a respectable 29/54. Stewart also has a very big kickstart, but fares even better than Edinburgh. She also achieves this by basically beating almost every other US Belle on her way and thus raking in a very solid 35/45 points. In contrast Volta just got started and made 1/6 points. Certainly in a dangerous place. But she literally just got started. Just like Edinburgh, Sheffield comes in with 18 matches, but makes 33/54 out of it, thus setting in well ahead of her. Nashvilles performance is only remarkable as she avoids every other US Belle, her points budget however is an unremarkable 21/45 points. Recruit on the other hand crossed blades with a lot of other US Belles. But overall her score is good, as she made 28/57. Henley, while being on literally another level in real live and thus not seeing any US/US action, starts the season with a good 24/39. Back in England, Southampton makes an okay 15/39 in contrast. The only Kamimaru in this league, Yubari, also has a rocky start with 12/33 points. Queen Mary only had her first match and lost, giving her the dead last as first position of the season. Shropshire has already much more matches under her sheperds stick, but despite beating INPF 1's Exeter, that victory is more of an oddity and she only gets 17/51 points. Cossack on the other hand has an excelent start, beating Moskva once on the way, making this the only mixed fleet battle this matchday. In the end she comes in with a sweet 34/45 count. Evading elimination for this season only on a technicality, Maille Breze seemingly got her act together and at least collected already 50% of her last seasons count with 19/45, being clear of relegation for now. The batch of newcomers gets started modestly with Ettore Fieramosca only making 6 points, but from only 2 matches so far. So basically on a perfect score. Bolzano in comparison is with less than 1 point (8/27) perm match much more endangered to leave again for next year. Finally Velasco squares off with Canarias, loses and does that a bit more often and such can only get 12/36 points. Not great, but enough for now. And actually getting the most points of all necomers for now.

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