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Guys v. Girls


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Maybe it's my imagination, but my female character seems to learn a lot of skills that should be of more interest to guys (i.e, the dating skills). Somewhere along the way, I know you can also learn about Gentleman's Handbook or something like that. She's also currently helping Cyrus Dawes with an adventure. So far,

unless he's secretly flirting with her, the reward seems geared towards guys. She doesn't really care about the fifth years' research into wooing women.



Not a big deal. It's just a little weird. Do students pick up skills that sound more female oriented later on?

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Heh, I tease, but I can assure you that gals are as interested in 'dating' as guys... and, in fact, many of them are interested in it much earlier (well, two to four years, anyway) then guys are. Tween girl magazines- the ones aimed at 9 to 13 or so- aren't too much different then 'teen' female magazines in all their talk about boys and dating (they just avoid speaking anything beyond kissing- and, yes, you'll find 'how to kiss to make your boyfriend all EEE~!' and 'how to do the waltz with your boyfriend!' type articles in those tween magazines, despite the fact that I think most boys at that age would die of embarrassment before dancing, if not kissing).


...Brings me back to school dances in middle school, where inevitably around 70% of the male attendees hung around in the gym playing basketball, and of the remaining, around ten or fifteen percent just gathered in to small groups and trash-talked the music, those in the gym, those dancing, etc. On the other hand, almost all of us girls were hanging out in the dancing area (...cafeteria, inevitably) dancing with each other, complaining about how stupid and immature the guys were for not dancing with us, or trying to bribe the few guys hanging around to go ask one of our crushes in the gym if he'd come and dance but YOU CAN'T TELL HIM I LIKE HIM, OKAY? (They always said no, inevitably: thinking, it probably would have been incredibly embarrassing for them to say yes. Still, I remember spending one dance curled up in the girls bathroom crying over being turned down, and I think I was eleven. Oh, to be young and stupid once again.)



For skills, there is Flowers and Perfumes (...not that great florists and flower arrangers and perfume-makers haven't been male). There's also Innuendo and Romance. There's various artsy skills that I think are pretty gender-neutral but some people do associate more with gals: Dance, Painting, Cooking...



I think there are a few events that are aimed for one gender over the other, too. Playing a guy, I remember being asked to do some group dancing with a pretty girl, which my ten dance female musician never got. On the other hand, there was a teasing event I got as a gal that never as a guy- I don't remember what it was, but I chose a persuasion/ethics/diplomacy type response rather then freaking from having a trick played on me, and the guy basically apologized, seemed flustered, said he just did it "because...", and then ran off, which I took as the start of a crush.



On the other hand, there is Cyrus Dawes Adventure, which I agree is a bit more aimed towards guys. But there's also an adventure where you help the bully gal (J-something) try to win over P M (the bully guy), which definitely felt like 'supporting a female friend' to me.

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:) Tease away! I meant my female character isn't as interested in attracting other girls as she would be guys (though some wouldn't mind, I know). Darn. I thought it would be funny if Cyrus was really trying the theories out on her without her knowing. It is cute how the characterss act like kids instead of appearing to be much older.


I remember seeing the bully girl adventure but have never done it since I've never cottoned to her character. My main problem with the Cyrus adventure is that he talks to my female character as if she's another guy. It felt weird.


Anyway, I'm glad there's equal opportunity. I just learned something about girl conversations somewhere or other, so that's good.

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SPOILERS AHOY! (For some of the adventures.)


You'll note that Cyrus just asks you to hook him up with older girls. In that adventure he's just not interested in anyone his own age, which might be one of the reasons why he doesn't show an interest in your character and treats her like one of the boys.


Personally, my female character considered him a bit of a pig. There's part of the adventure where she finds a lovely woman and decides she's much too good for Cyrus. Her reasons for helping were more to get to the bottom of the ring and stop the fifth years than it was to actually help Cyrus. (But since I've not finished the adventure I don't know if she achieves her goals). And I can't see why she wouldn't be interested in improving her own skills at dating.


My male character helped give girls makeovers, he made clothes, and let's not speak about the perfume and makeup he got. ;)


I like how traditional gender roles are not too stereotyped and you're never told you can't do something because you're a boy/girl.


There's another adventure where you help a girl fend off her admirers and part of that is by creating a secret admirer for her. Even when I was playing my male character he didn't have the option to pretend to be the admirer (though the boys were jealous of him). I liked that too.


And there's Sima's adventure, where male or female your heart gives a little stutter when you look at her and you are rather spellbound by her.

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When I wrote my original comment, I hadn't run into anything with a specific female angle. The flavor I'd seen so far in-game had all been geared more towards male characters, so I asked. For you whippersnappers, I'm an older player who back in the day was always forced to play male characters or female ones that only were ever provided with male options. So, when a fun game looked like it might have made a similar mistake, I wanted to ask. I'm glad to say now that I've played a bit more and been given a little more lore that this does not seem to be the case.



I just finished the Cyrus adventure. I found a 3rd candidate He seemed to have a nice evening but at the end said he wasn't sure he should "keep himself to one girl." I wasn't surprised given his character info. He at least made sure I was fed. It was a fun adventure. I liked figuring out ways to circumvent the older boys.

Cyrus was good friends with my character before the adventure began. I figure she has that, "don't try that on me," attitude towards him. The adventure says it's testing ways for guys to woo girls, not general dating info. That's why I say a female character may not be as interested in knowing if that works or not (other than the "be on the lookout for some sleaze trying to use this on you" angle ;) ). Also, what mirror? Does my character have a mirror someplace?!!!



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