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Patch 8 and Patch 9


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I assume that you are already running the game as Administrator, per the other thread. For this problem, I suggest the more painstaking solution of deleting the files from your Academagia folder which correspond to those within Patch 9 and, once they are deleted, moving in the files from Patch 9.


We are working on ways to work better with UAC, which we believe is the root of the issue.



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I'm excited to play Academagia, though after installing it and Patch 10, I discovered that the latest "Content Package 2" crashes my system. Like KalGerek, I receive a system error just as my game is loading. I use Windows 7 and run the game as administrator. Deleting the relevant files beforehand doesn't help.


Hoping to resolve this issue soon and get to the new content!

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