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Effective Use of Spells


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Because The Difficulty from "Revision of Skills" is very high with 12 I wouldent add any Pheme as long you havent maxed the Revision skill with 12.

lets say you have maxed Revision so you have 12 + 3 from Stone of Revision location so the difficulty you would autosuccess is 16. (at last 1 from the Attribute roll)

This means i.E. if you use Negation Methodes as the skill to use for a other skill you could add 2x Absorb (+1 Negation Methodes) to the spell without fear to fail.


But for me From Nothing Knowledge is usual more interesting because it gives you 2 permanent random skills and only have a difficulty of 4 so it is great for pushing you skills for the Exam through Pheme and dont complet lose this time slot for Training.

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Since you wanted a few examples.


If we assume you have 12 in Revision, and have access to Revision Stone (which adds 4). And your all your stats are... say 2 for these examples. (makes it easier for me :) )


Dirty Tricks, (difficulty of Finesse/revision v. 4); (1 to 2*2(your finesse score)) + 12(Your Revision skill)+4(from casting the spell at the Revision stone) v. 4

It is a garanteed win, so why not add a few phemes to liven up the party? You got 17 + a possible 3 extra points from Finesse. You can add AT LEAST 13 more points worth of phemes to the spell.


Now say you wanted to boost your Incantation for an upcomming exam,.. or something. You could add some Ice phemes, giving a meager +1 to Incantation and +1 to Revision, this pheme as a difficulty of 4.

You can therefore add 3 Ice phemes easily, and if you feel particularly lucky then the 4th could work - but I don't recommend it.


Tada! You boosted your Incantations with 3 Points. Since your revision skill went up as well you might care to try that one more time and add a 4th pheme if you want - but that is neither here nor there.



I'll shorten the rest and just add a few examples. All these assume that you don't want to gamble AND that you cast at the Revision Stone (I've forgotten it quite a few times and missed a whole day of casting due to it... anywho)


Deep Breath (fitness/Revision v. 7) = 10 points for spare phemes, take your pick.


Joker in the Midst (Insight/Revision v. 7) = 10 points for phemes.


Inspirational Writing (Intelligence/Revision v. 9) = 8 points for phemes.


I think you get the gist of it. it is a somewhat simple add/substract game and feel free to use any excess points for fun and educational phemes.


The difficult part is which spells and which phemes to add to get the greatest effect in the direction you want.



Study is important for exams but the actual skill can be boosted quite easily up to an exam if you know glamour or revision, just in case you were sick and tired of running those crippling marathons by the groundkeepers office ;)

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