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a couple of patch 10 bugs


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Working on a new playthough started in patch 10a (including the hotfix), and there are a couple of annoying bugs I've run in to.


First of all, the skill display does not update properly when a new skill level is gained from a random event or an adventure. Skill levels gained from actions/abilities do display properly, as to skill ranks gained, but when an event or adventure gives me a new level in a skill, it does not show up in the list. It does give me the level though, if I save the game at that point, and then immediately reload the game I just saved, I can see my new skill levels.


On a possibly related note, Items that increase skill levels either aren't displaying properly, or aren't working. Certainly I can't see any effect from using/having/equipping them, no matter whether or not I've equipped them. Specific items I've notice that seem to do nothing now (although they were working in previous patches): Grit's Fang, Muffin Man, Sprite's Lucky Coin. Items that do other things (like increase stats or vitality) are still working fine.

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