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Anyone successfully published a mod?


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Figured this was a more appropriate thread then the High Tech, Low Life one.


So today I installed Academagia to a new directory and didn't install any patches. I installed the published from scratch Shadowrun official content and ran the game.


It sort of worked, it loaded successfully and I could start a new game and enter name and attributes, but the System Error message box popped up while entering the name. Regardless the game ran fine, I joined a college, I could see backgrounds (although I think I'm forced to use the Academagia standard background types. My new background types didn't show up. Not good.) and classes and associated such were all there.


Then I installed an older version which had a college but no classes. It worked just fine, no error messages. No skills either (but they are in the file), and no background (though a custom background was in the file), no images (because none were set up), and classes were still scheduled. I spent some time playing, classes seemed to be treated as if they didn't exist, there was no detention for skipping and I got as far as the weekend before it crashed for no clear reason.


And just for fun I installed patch 11, rationalizing that since the patch was released with the mod tools, it should be the most compatible. With both versions I got as far as the opening adventure and then a System Error and crash.


Research continues.

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Well as a test I tried to publish a mod that simply added a new background omen in the character creation screen and it worked fine. Had to leave the program running overnight but it worked fine. Now I can begin work on my content mod and see how it goes from there. It doesn't look too hard to add new stuff into the game, it's complete overhauls that look to be difficult. One thing I'd like to see is a copy button so we can copy existing adventures or events and edit them to make the creation process easier.

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A thought just struck me. If we can move our Year 1 character to Year 2, what would happen if say, you used a mod that added a new background origin. That new background that the mod added would not be in Year 2. Now if say your character had an omen background that the mod added called Omen: New Omen 1, since that omen background isn't in Year 2, it would return a null thing and the game would crash or something, right? So, thinking outloud here, would it not be correct that if say, the mod was recreated for Year 2, with the same names and what not, it would work. Or would say the mods we make with Year 1 tool work with the Year 2 tool so we can import the mods themselves.

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