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Astronomy research bug


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Reached level 10 of astronomy research but did not receive the bonus for having mastered it. Instead, I now had astronomy research listed twice in my stats: once at 0, once at 10. i had no other events happen on this day (other than just going classes).


Thinking this was weird, I researched both of the 2 astronomies listed on the same day a few weeks later. The 10 one failed (as expected) and the 0 one succeeded and is now at 1.




Stat sidebar now looks like:


Astrology 0

Astronomy 1

Astronomy 10

Athletics 0





This did not happen when I maxed out Trigonometry research, so I'm guessing it might specific to Astronomy (or a select few research topics).

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Could you enter the game and press F12 and let me know the version number? If you have the most current version, you should see: There was an issue with Research duplication early on, but this was corrected by a subsequent Patch. What you describe sounds very like the original issue.



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