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The portrait mod


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I attempted to piece together a portrait mod, so that I might have a few more pictures to choose from when I create a new character, but... the publishing time is... long. I was wondering if there isn't an easier way to do this? Perhaps an otherwise empty mod but with additional pictures?


I am a bit of a newb at this so if I am missing something obvious please don't hesitate to mention it.

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I ended up attempting a full scale mod, in stead of making it 'official content' - however somewhere along the way I got a "failed to lazily initialize a collection". :huh: (I'll gladly grant it the lazy part hehe, despite the setback of several hours it still made me smile)


I attempted to google it and now I know for sure that I have no idea what it means... *cough*


More importantly though I am also a bit unsure of how to proceed after this, should I (instead of adding more entries in "portraits of players") just have modified entries already present (such as Female Player 2) or is the error something completely unrelated?

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