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Lots of n00b questions


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How can I train my basic skill like charm, int etc? I only found how to train fitness.

What should I have my studdy skills before my exams be, and should it be higher or lower then my "school" skill is when i study??

What would be a good/great start setup for a n00b? I starte a new game like 5-6 times, I just feel i¨m doing it all wrong, and never played to any exams.

what skill should i fokus on?


btw I've read the user guide/maueal at the forum.

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You can gain Attribute Bonus from Adventure, Research and some Skill steps.

I usualy have all my Study at 10 (max) bevore the first midterm exam but at latest you should have them at 10 bevor the final exams.

For the starting Part, sorry I cant help because its to strong depend on your playstyle.

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You might find a few answers in the Spoiler Room Link, though it may not find just what you need.



Aside from Fitness you can't really "train" your attributes (Int, str...), but as Schwarzbart say you can do a list of things to improve them. Aside from what Schwarzbart mentions there are also spells which can temporarely raise attributes, the most handy is likely Cleanse and Remake. Try looking here. It is a link to the Academagia Wiki, and hopefully it will be of help when you need it.


Your "Study skill" only really matters at the end of the year, though there might be some consequenses by not having a few study levels in each of your subjects by the midterm. There ARE however some benefits by having 10 study levels in your subjects. You can look up the subject you study on the Wiki and it will most likely show the benefits from study and study mastery. Example: music study mastery yields you +1 Intelligence and +1 to your music skill rolls.


I am a bit hesitant to say which "build" you should start off with, but Saluki started a thread about something along the lines a time ago. It might be helpful, found here (can be found through the Spoiler Room mentioned above).


As for which skills, it is much the same, it depends what kind of character you are building. Remember that there are many ways to train skills, and that 'train' only yields 1 skill point. By getting 'library knowledge' (from the research parent skill) to 3 you gain access to 'Study at Longshade', which allows you to pick a skill to improve as well as improving a random skill as well as concentration.


Another thread that might be useful: Helpful abilities to get early on



I hope it helps a bit, if you are feeling curious feel free to look around and/or start a tread. :)

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