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Chance of Success Bug


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It appears that if your chance of success is too large, you always fail at certain tasks rather than succeed.


Playing with the mod files I found this out by testing out a 99% chance of success spell.


So stuff with a 50% chance, like the Public Practice Room, or stuff with a small chance like the Run a Light Training Route with a 4%, won't work, ever period, if you go over the limit.


I don't know what the odds are of getting a temporary chance of success buff large to do this in normal gaming, but it looks like it needs a tweak.

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I'd have to check this against the database, but I think if you had everything that can boost your chance of success running simultaneously, you'd be in the +40% range, give or take 10%. Is that high enough to cause autofailures?

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Well, with 50% and over I'd say yes, for stuff like the Public Practice Room, or if there are other tests with higher base rates of success that when added to go over 100%.


I am thinking that at around 100% is where complete failure comes in, since the 99% ability plus the 4% training route appears to always fail so far in my testing, along with other larger base chance of successes.


Have to do a recompile to test out lower +chance of success percentage additions, but I know +33 to +36% seems additions seem to work fine, though, just to my eye not at those actual percentage rates of success -- don't know how the random die roller works, or what other factors go in.

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Actually, I misspoke, pardon me, rather than spell -- ability.


Create an Ability




Effect Type: Increase

Magnitude 99


[increase]Increase Subject/Chance of Success

[Character]Character/Choice of Character


Duration Type: Action

Duration: However long you want.


Recompiling now with an 85% to test that out. Be a few hours.

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Right away, I can see the Target is the issue. Counter intuitively, Characters do not work as you would think they might. The best way to give the Player +99% CoS to everything (all Actions, Abilities, and Spells), is to create 3 separate Effects, each targeting:




...where you would replace the X's with Ability, Action or Spell.


Chance of Success works relative to the Initiator (unlike most Effects), so you want to think of the Target here as what you are gaining the Chance of Success bonus against.


Also, a quick further note- make sure your Duration is at least 12 or so, or else it's possible for the Effects to wear off before you have the chance to test them!

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