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Questions about key game mechanics


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I recently finished my first playthrough of the game, and am about to begin my second playthrough with some modded content (mostly additions/deletions/revisions to backgrounds, and additions to AI Vendettas - created a lot of additional rivalries between schools to add flavour). Anyways, I have a lot of questions, and I'm hoping the more experienced veterans or moderators will be able to answer them. I'll update my questions with answers if I figure any out myself :lol:


1. How exactly do rolls work in this game? For example, lets say an action requires Charm + Insight check vs. 16. And lets say I am temporarily boosted to 8 Charm and 8 Insight. Do I automatically roll a 16 every time? Or I am randomly rolling 1-8, 1-8 twice? And does 16 even beat 16?


Answered: From a different thread: RANDOM (2*Attribute) + Skill


2. With spells such as wand amplification, where it says it adds a bonus of 4 to all spells, what exactly does this bonus do? Does it amplify the effect of the spell? Or does it increase your rolls when attempting to cast the spell?


3. If I'm adding a pheme when casting a spell, how exactly does it affect the overall rolls required? And does my own roll change somehow for each pheme added (since phemes target different skills/attributes)?


From Wiki: If you cast a base Spell in the Calendar Phase (which already includes all necessary Phemes), it's either automatic or the Roll specified. If you add extra Phemes to that Spell, each additional Pheme increases the difficulty of that Roll by a certain amount, given in the Pheme's Description - usually 2 or 3.


4. When attempting to recruit a new clique member, do existing clique members need to have a minimum relationship requirement with target recruit? (ie. above 0? above 2?)


5. When I used Special Summoning from the Gate Magic path, one of the effects was that it Adds Memory (or something). WtF?


6. Are gains from classes randomized? Or are they a set progression? And are classes worth attending after I max out the relevant subskills? (ie, if all my Glamour subskills are at 10).


7. Every now and then I gain an ability (?) with duration 0. I understand it is some kind of passive modifier. Is there a way to see all the ones I've accumulated? (without having to hover over the skill its affecting?)


8. What exactly does "Sacrifice Clique Member" or whatever do?


9. When attempting an adventure, does changing the starting location even matter?


10. What exactly does Glory do? And why does Vernin always seem to have superior Merit?


...whew, let's start with those! ;)

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In order:


2) That affects the Spell's Roll.


3) Your Roll is increased by an amount given in the Pheme's Description- the more Phemes you add, the more difficult the Spell becomes to cast.


4) The existing Clique Members can have any Relationship, but it gets harder below 5. In practice, you do not want them to have a negative Relationship, or else your Clique will split apart due to Infighting.


5) Memories are hidden flags which are important for Year 1 and Year 2. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. :lol:


6) The gains from Classes are semi-random.


7) If you look on the left hand side, under Abilities, the ones in grey are the ones which are passively affecting you.


8) Sacrificing a Clique Member allows you to bypass a Stage in an Adventure, at the cost of some Relationship.


9) Yes, it can matter, if that Location gives you a bonus for attendance.


10) Glory is a hidden statistic that does a variety of things, some positive, some negative. Vernin has superior Merit because they have a lot of Students interested in Competing. ;)


Ready for the next! :)

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10 - I got the impression that it's easier to keep the leadership is you seize it from the start. I guess it motivates your colleagues. I usually spend most of the first week competing to get my college on the top but, after that, my colleagues usually do most of the work and I only have to intervene if some big tragedy happens - like a certain Aranaz CREATURE whose name shall not be mentioned...

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happens - like a certain Aranaz CREATURE whose name shall not be mentioned...

Is that girl isn't it? THAT GIRL!!!!!!


I find it true too in my case, but usually too high score for Aranaz to makes a difference.

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I usually compete every day for the first two weeks to get a nice lead in merit also. I also found that if you improve your relationship with that Aranaz girl she seems to leave your school alone afterwards. I've befriended her in 1 game when the merit battle was close after she hurt my school a few times. I first tried to hamper her, veil her but that only made things worse. I had to resort to befriending her.

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