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I have to take my last report about the The Venalicium Library: Linguisitc Section back. Today I loaded the game and immediatly found the Ability. So either yesterday I was blind or the programm new start have fixed it.


The Adventure Chain is still forcestart at using "Study at the Venalicium Library and force me through the first 2 steps without even have mad any friends so fare in the school ;).


The Adventure "The First Game" and the advanture "Strategy" looks like they belong to the "Watching the Ship at the Dock" chain but are seperat adventure so maybe there are some bad linking?


The Adventure "The Pit(t)s" is she femal or male the text isnt so sure about: "... and again she looks like he whants to blast into some angry rant."

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The Updating of the Skills Window after a Event still dont work correct.

During RE Classroom 4 I haved the Incantation Tab expanded and used the incantation exit.

But then acording to the day report I got Incantation Spells +1, a SS I didnt have bevore, and this SS still dont display at Skills and Research.

After one more day processed I get the new SS then finaly displayed.


Can you have a look at A Book Full of Ghost, I got the step The Curse of Queen Hedi twice (also in the adventure chain list) but are rater sure I manged the roll the first time already.

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Adventure Pig of Fury


I have 2x Composure and 2x Intimidation Exits with exact the same text (at last after succesed in the schoolyard eductaion roll). One of the Intimidation exits is black the other exits are blue.


(btw. the adventure is realy huge but nice to follow so fare ;) )


Edit the double exits are even there without the Schoolyard education roll.

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The Adventure: Familiar: Escape via Creeper Vines from the Carnivorus Plant Familiar looks like its broken in Patch 19 with the CP.

When runing this adventure No Adventure Screen apears when processing this day and in the Day Resoult it just fails.

Edit: In chase its need some skills for geting the Adventure to running please tell them so I can continue to free the vegetables from the humans :).


Edit2: Is the Graverober "Curse" disabled at some point because I now have Stress 4 and it still didnt triger.

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In the Adventure "Secrets in the Stars- The last Bit" the Enchant exit is aviable even without using the investigation where you learn about the Spell for the Enchant exit.


Just to mention it again: The Bug where on get Research Topics insted of SS from the 4. Slot of Match Wits with the Emperor Sphinx is still there ... Maybe you should declare it a feature instead of a bug ^^.


I missing the continue of the Adventure "A Chance Encounter at the Admiratio" I succesed at the Negotiate exit but dont find the next step in my adventure list.


Edit: Ok found it but i, the next step is probably "Marcus'Plan Unfolds" what is listed as seperat adventure chain. The Adventure Air Raid looks like it also belongs to this chain but is seperat.

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Inventory dont display the Ring slot after I got my first item for the ring slot, the "Silencing Ring".

I am not sure if the ring is buged or because I already have so many other slots the Ring slot didnt get displayed.

I already have the Book, Cloak, Coat, Feather, Glove, Hand, Medal, Misc, Necklance and Plant slot in use.

Edit:After going to a shop I am now sure that I hit the maximum slots that can displayed without scolling and with no Scolling Bar I cant see the extended bars.


Btw This is probably my last report for this DLC and thanks for adding the Misc Slot I suggested long ago.

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