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First of all: Wow. Really. It's so nice to have a game I can play with a mouse, where I don't have to worry about slaying _______ number of critters to get _________ experience points. Love being able to read stuff. Love the open-ness of specialization options, as opposed to the more common fighter/mage/thief/healer options of other games. Kudos also to the Legate in particular- I have never seen a developer be so directly in contact with a gaming community.

Thoughts from a 30-year-old gamer (I remember when GameBoy was hot new technology!):

I'm beginning to like the Skill-Step thing. Here's one vote for NOT changing it. It took me a while to get used to it, but it's growing on me. It's not fluid, though, and I grumble about that. When I use Tutoring, for example, and I'm one step away from leveling whatever sub-skill, it doesn't add two steps to the next level- know what I mean? I can justify why that happens, but it's still one of those things. Grumble.

I'm having the Vista-save problem that was mentioned in another thread. It specifically happens after I use.... ah, crud, what's-it-called, the ability that reduces a training modifier. That one.

More eventually.

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