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Level 11


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You have to increase the Skillmax to get to level 11. For some Skills this means you have to Research theyr Research Topic to 10, for other you need to train a other skill to a certain point first, then some you need to pick the right background and sadly some probably are not posible to get to 11.


Btw. Your base Skill have to be 11 bevor any Bonus or Mali are calculated in because they dont count fore this.

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The normal skill maximum for year one appears to be level 10. There are different ways to increase the skill max for different skills. A few can be unlocked with background options, though I usually only do this for roleplay purposes. The most common way that I'm aware of increasing a skill max is via researching the skill topic to level 10.


For example, let's say you want to get your wrestling skill to 11. First, you need to unlock the wrestling research topic (This is done by being informed of the relevant location). Then you need to use the Research action until you have level 10 in the Wrestling Research lore. Having a high research skill makes this much easier (the research skills may be unlocked via background, having a high study habit skill, or studying at the Vernacilium library.) Upon having successfully researched level 10 in the Wrestling Research lore, you will be informed that your wrestling skill max has increased to 11.


All that remains is to increase your wrestling skill level to 11, where you will be rewarded with a +1 to Strength.


Just be aware that some skills do not work this way. Researching Acrobatics to level 10, for example, gives you a +1 to Finesse instead of increasing the skill max to 11.

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