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This is a new try for a RPG Thread from me :).

As with my last RPG if you have problems with texts contaning bad orthography or grammar please avoid to read here.

This RPG based on a game played with version 24 DLC 5

Thuersday 4.Athonos 1657


Dear Parents,


On my Trip to the Academagica I meet a girl with a cat I simply couldn't stand, especial because her annoying cat attacked Wispertooth.

When I arived in the morning at the Academagica I was welcome by a 3th year Student called Oan who gave me a small tour through the Academagica.

She only showed me the Rooms that are most important to me in the next days like my class rooms and the common room of my college but its still a loot to remember.

After the Tour I immedatly head to the city to the Temple of Iudocia where I worked at the looms for some time.

Monday was our first day at the classes where I saw most of the Professors and classmates the first time.

I cant belive my bad luck when I meet the girl called Maigrette and here cat that attacked my muffler in the Zoology class again but it even got worse because she is also in the Glamour and Music class with me.

We also learned that starting with tuersday familiars arent allowed during most classes so I fear that my familiar get attacked again from that annoying cat of Maigrette during classes when I cant protect it.

Thats why I decided to go to the Tempel of Iudoca again in the evening but this time to pray for the safety of Wispertooth and calm my mind.

I also learned about a Carity food line near the market so I whent there on tuesday evening to see if I can help and they where hapy to let me help give out the soup.

Wednesday Oan showed me around the Academagica a bit more when we encountered Amada Kiffer who is in the Zoology and Music class with me.

Because a playfull tree took here bag and she didnt relise that the tree just whanted to play so I helped here to get it back.

Thats all for now and as already promissed at home I will thry to write you a letter each week.


Yours Mathias


Thuersday 11.Athonos 1657


Dear Parents,


The Night after my last letter something was below my bed but because I was to tired to look.

In the Morning I found out that something have eaten parts of the Letter of Gara so no big loos but I bether have a look below my bed when I realise that some creature is below my bed.

Last Friday and Sunday I again helped at the Beggars Corner near the Market.

There I haved to help with preparing the vegetables and Sunday I even showed how to backing bread.

Because the Common Room of Godina was to loud for my taste I whant to the Temlpe of Iudoca on Saturday.

In the Temple I then haved a very interesing conversation with one of the Priests so the day went by fast.

This week Silke Niderstatter from my college and I founded the clique "The Faithful"

When I helped at the Beggars Corner tuesday evening I again haved to help prepare the vegetables.

On my way back to the Academy I then was acompannied from a priest who teached me a cleaning ritual called Cleanse and Remake that he thinks will sure help me through my schooldays.

Sadly I didnt find the time so fare to test this ritual so fare because I also haved to start to study in the evening.


Yours Mathias


Friday 19.Athonos 1657


Dear Parents,


As mentioned in the last letter I started to study for the classes and thanks to a tip from Oan I found a great Library for this a bit walk away from the Great Gate of the Academagy, called the Venalicium.

Most of my free time I now spend there to learn for the classes.

One exception was last Saturday when I went to the market to gater some of the materials needed for the Ritual spell I learned and then spend the rest of the day to help at the Beggars Corner.

When I returned sunday evening from the Venalicium I fond the Prayer Grove of the Academagica empty so I finaly could try the Cleanse and Remake Ritual.

During the Ritual I feelt kind of strange but at the End I simply feelt grate, filled with holy energy that strength my mind and my body.

Monday I whent to the Begars Corner again in hope to see the priest again to thank him for the ritual he teached me but he wasnt there so I decided to go tuesday again there and finaly could report about my sucess and thank him.

Tuesday there was also the first duel betwean 2 students I could watch but some of the magic energys escaped the dueling Circle and formed some kind of magic cloud that I could disperse with a spell, sadly no one have seen me doing this.

Thursday I feel the effect of the Cleanse and Remake riual leaving me so I again haved to gater the materials for it and then cast the Riual in the prayer grove what costed me nearly the complet evening.

At the Workshopdays I only went to the feast for some time because some students started a verbal fight that I could barly prevent to end in real fight betwean 2 groups, I decided that I beteher use the rest of the day to study.

Tuday finaly I whent to the place you told me I sould visit when I have some basic Magic Understanding what I think I have now.

I managed to overcome some kind of protection to get there and the Woman livng in this place agreed to teach me, I think thats all you whanted to know about this.


Yours Mathias


Friday 26.Athonos 1657


Dear Parents,


Have I writen you about the light-spectacle we can see when we have a look at the central Tower of Campus Vernin?

When I have meet Oan again this week I heared from her that it is a extrem slow going explosion that started very long ago and now I wondering what can be the cause of such a explosion.

She also helped me a bit in teaching my familiar and showed me a spell when I meet here this week.

Sunday and Thursday I haved to spend most of my free time to prepare and cast the Cleanse and Remake Ritual.

The rest of the days after my last letter I was at the Venalicium to Study

Today when I walked around to gather materials for a class I fell into a pit trap, because of my Athletics class I was able to land save and escape this trap easy.

Thats all for this week,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 4.Pramidi 1657


Dear Parents,


Last weekend I got target of a pen explosion prank, to my luck I realised it early enough to trow it away without hurting anyone.

During one of my Study sessions I came up to a book called A Magical Guid To Musical Mastery and immediatly lend it from the Library.

I needed nearly 1 day bevore I managed the ridle how to activte this book because its some kind of magical book.

When I finaly after nearly 1 day managed to activate the book I aoll of the suden saw a Conceret of one briliant violinist.

At the end of the concert she throws her bow into the crowd and I catched it, then it even got stranger because the anouncer sayed that I will be the next young Master Musican.

When he asked to follow him I surley did this because I hoped that this will unlook the teaching of this book.

He brought me into a house where I haved to wait for him when the violinist entered and hinted that I will encounter a test of listening as next.

After he returned I followed him through some hallways of the house to a canal where he then simply fansihed.

There I haved to pick the right music out of many differnt ones and it was realy hard to choose the right one but I managed it.

As a reward I got a Necklance with a miniature lute on it and I also think my abilitys related to music have improved from the tests I did go through in this book.

When I talked to Professor Chastellain about this he gratulated me to my new Titel as a Master of Music and hinted that he have to make the tests for me harder to keep it fair.

Because I still perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual every 4. day and I spend nearly all of the other time study theres is nothing more to write this week,


Yours Mathias

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Friday 12.Pramidi 1657


Dear Parents,


Last weekend I worked at the looms of the Iudocia Temple to have some break from all the reading I have done in the past weeks.

Becuase the Athletics Class got harder I decided to do a tour to the Mountain when out of pure Luck I discovered a Hiden Cave.

In the Cave I discovered a city of some kind of miniature humans who only go up to my knee who call them self Ometti.

They invited me to a feast when I realised they somehow live in a complet diferent view oftime and do all things much faster then we humans.

One intersting thing about the conversation was that they called Luck a virtue so I decided to start to investigate about luck.

So I talked to Cirillo about it and he came up with a analogy that Luck is like music and I should talk to Katja Quinnecht a famous violinist of our year about this.

So today I improvisated some lyrics to a song she played on her violine.

When she finished with here song I managed to talk to here and she told me that her vater think of music also as a virtue.

I am still kind of confused about the Virtue thing but maybe I should thry to find the Ometti again to clear this up.

Have I mentioned that by now I can cast 9 differnt spells/rituals?

I know that I still have a long way to go but thats at last a start!


Yours Mathias


Friday 19.Pramidi 1657


Dear Parents,


During my Zoology studys last weekend I found a black salamander who wasnt afraid of me, so I decided to take him home with me.

Because he also seems to get along well with Wispertooth I now keep him as my Pet.

This monday I haved to join a Theater performance because the planed actor got sick and I was his replacement.

During the show all of the sudden water begin to flow into the stage and I soon found some kind of waterfall be the cause.

Because I didnt whanted to break the performance I managed to integrate a spell to turn the watterfall into vapor into my lines and we could perform the scene to the end.

When I then got backstage I got gratulated and was invited to join the Teater Guild.

Because I am still confused about the meaning of Luck as a Virtue I decided to visit the Ometti again and I managed to find theyr cave again.

When I arived they asked me to help them to choose theyr new king so I didnt find the time to ask my own question!

So now I am in the dilema that I have to choose betwean 3 kings for them and I souldent take to long time because they live much faster then I am.

I hope the holly energys within me from the Cleanse and Remake spell will help me to make the right choice.

Because I didnt whanted to let them wait to long I payed a second visit this week when I learned about the first candiate.

Altough he is blind he realise much more that going around then I able with my eyes.

From what I learned he looks like a very good candidate for becoming the next king but first I haved to learn about the others but I am not sure If I find the time for this the next days.


Yours Mathias


Friday 26.Pramidi 1657


Dear Parents,


last Sunday I worked once more in the Iudocia Tempel at the looms.

Monday Vuillaume joined our clique, its nice to have 2 Friends here that I can thrust and it was not to soon because the next day we already needed her skills in enchanting things.

But back to Tuesday evening, this time Vuillaume came with me when I visited the Ometti to learn about the other candiats that whanted to become kings.

So we talked to the 2nd candidate who showed us around when we all of the suden where attacked from Olgoli ,cratures of bad luck!

Because Vuillaume acted fast and enhcanted the spear of the Ometti at our side we wone this fight.

Afterward I learned about the 3th and a posible 4. candidate for be the King in the future and chosed the Ometti that decided to bring change to them for the future.

Not only the posibility to become one of theyr trusted Trade partners in the future sounded interesting but also theyr enemys seem to change theyr tactics as the attack have shown.

The most importand point for my choise was that he looked like he haved the highest support from all classes of the Ometti.

By now I manage to cast 11 Rituals/Spells so I slowly improving.

I wish you nice Festival days,


Yours Mathias


Friday 4.Gelamenus 1657


Dear Parents,


last weekend I went again to the Iodocia Temple but this time to work on a Shirt and a cloak for me to wear during the Dance of Fools and also to Pray to the gods.

During the festival of Pixies I haved loots of fun beacause I managed to play some pranks on otheres as well as some harmless pranks where played on me.

The day of the Dance of Fools I spend to have a tour through the Dimmae Theater at the Academagica bevore I whent to the city in the evening together with Durand de Thiomienes.

At the Fest we encountered the Queen of Faes who send us to a trip that showed us the true celebretion of the Dance of Fools how it was in the past.

I personal hope there will never such a blood thirsty celebration again like once it was during the Dance of Fools.

This week I also meet my Oan my Mentor again and she teached me that Locations can have magical Abilitys on theyr own!

Its somehow like the Tempel or a prayer grove where it is easyer to reach the gods with your prayer.

Thanks to some tips of my Mentor I also was able to save Professor Vickery from a bee attack.

When I was walking to the prayer grove on wednesday I discovered a mischievous sprite hiding in a bush along my path.

Because I dont whant to fall for a trick of theis sprite I fastg graped it bevore it could do any trick on me.

To my wondering this sprite gave me a Lucky Sprite Coint just to set it free.

My Spell/Ritual knowledge realy expanded last week, now I can use over 15 Spells/Rituals.


Yours Mathias


Friday 12.Gelamenus 1657


Dear Parents,


this week I haved to learn that some spells are also good for pranks because a other student thought its a fun idea to use magic to soak me to the bones with water.

On Monday when I whent from the Ngeation class to the Incantation class I haved to help the Regent of Vernin to find his wand.

He even showed me how to use a Revision spell to help him but sadly without his help I am now unable to repuduce this spell.

After school Oan my mentor, Cirillo, Silke and I went to the market for buying supplies and Oan also showed us shops I have missed so fare even with my many visits to the Beggar's Corner.

The Hunt at the acedamgica was some kind of Egg search and it was kind of boring because there wasnt any hint how to find the egg and some one other found it long bevore I gave up with my search.

Because Tuesday the other of my clique haved other things to do and I haved so fare no other plans I decided to follow your waydescription once more to start to learn from this teacher.

This time she asked me what I know about the History of Magic but thats for sure not my subject so I humbly asked here to teach me what I need to know about the past.

Sadly she didnt fall for this trick but she also didnt take it bad.

Next week Oan have a duel against a other 3th year, hopefull this will be some kind of flashy magic display.

Till next week then,


Yours Mathias

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Friday 19.Gelamenus 1657


Dear Parents,


I found out about a other very interesting library last week and changed now the place where I learn for the academy from the Venalicium to this library.

The Library is called The Library of Manetele and is in the underground of the Academagica in some kind of living stone.

This means I will now also learn about Revision Magic and the different crafts where you need a forge because thats the main topics of the books I read so fare there.

This Tuesday was the duel I writen about in my last letter but Oan wasnt the one who made the duel as I have expected in my last letter instead it was some other member of here clique.

Because we haved to wait for the oponent one of the clique of Oan who wasnt involved in the duel told me a loot about duels.

The Preperation for the Duel then needed some time but the Duel it self was over after the first spell was casted because the oponent got knocked out from it,

so much for hoping for a flashy 3th year duel fight.

After the Duel was over Silke and I went to the woods because we needed to gater some components for classes.

In the Woods then I came to a stone Troll gathering around some art.

I put all my curage together and joined them because I was curious about theyr art.

When they detected me there was a short awkward moment till I pointed at a object of theyr art that I found great and told them so.

Wednesday I practiced the things I learned at the Library last weekend in the forge when I realised that one of the troublemakers of the school works next to me.

So I put up a Protection Spell I learned today in the Negation class and soon discovered I was right in doing so because she tried to cast something at me.

It was then good to see that a apprentice send her away from the forge for this day after he reprimand her for some time.

Next week there will be a musical contest with the Orb of Ameir as price for the winner so I signed up there, hopefull I will perform good then.

Thats enough about this week,


Yours Mathias


Friday 26.Gelamenus 1657


Dear Parents,


Last weekend I went to a temple to do a morning prayer for calm because the midterm exams will come up next week.

Tuesday was then the Music Tournament but except me no one showed up so I wone by default.

Because there was no competition I only wone a voucher for a very good restaurant in the city.

This week I spend a loot of time with my muffler because his ability to creat a bubble of silence realy help when learning for the midterm exams.

Thanks to the time I spend in the Library of Manetele in the last 2 weeks I now even can cast the first Revision spells.

Because I spend the most time learning for the exams staring next week there isnt much I can write this time except that I feel prepared for them.

When I write the next letter I probably have already the first exam resoult.


Yours Mathias


Thursday 4.Cheimare 1657


Dear Parents,


last Sunday I wanted to go for some swimming training near the Sunken Palace but it got to a incantation training because some undead crawled out of the water.

Have I writen to you you that I started to learn playing the Lute.

I am still not happy with my performances but my roommate says it already sounds great.

Thuesday when I was eating in the city this week I saw through a baby minotaur kitchen.

After I confronted the owner about this he told me that he found this baby abonded in the wood and he still have to discover what he can do now.

Sadly the Exam yesterday didnt went well I ended with only 41 points whats still kind of average compared to the other studendts but I know I could do much bether.

I hope I dont have such a blockade in the other exam as well.


Yours Mathias


Saturday 13.Cheimare 1657


Dear Parents,


last weekend I finaly reached the point where I am was happy with my ability in playing the Lute, at last I cant find any more weakness in my play by my self.

So I decided that I will play the Lute in the music exam instead of singing.

Tuesday evening when I haved a walk to the dock with my muffler suddenly a boom crane gout out of control and headed right toward me and I barly managed to jump away.

This week I decided to start looking for a part time job so I can buy bether food for my muffler and found a interesting over from McCroskey's Dispach Service.

Thursday I then went to theyr warhouse at Mineta. Because my Incantations skills and the references from my teacher where good enough and I managed to get the job.

So starting with next week I will work there for some time.

After I learned in the Library of Manetele where the famous Sabinu's Grotto is I decidet to visit it yesterday.

Its realy a interesting place with many cristals and one still can kind of feel the powerfull spells Sabinu once casted there in her experiments.

Today when I walked through the Gardens all of the sudden I saw myself confronted with agressive Wolf Flowers.

More out of instinct I summoned a Illusionary mountain cat and the Wolf Flowers immediatly hidded from the cat in fear so I could continue my walk.

So now to the most important, my Midterm-Exam resoults of this week, and they ended bether then the incantation exam last week.

I even got the highest score in Negation with 90 points and the 2nd highest score in Zoology with 60.

But Glamour with 50 and Athletics with 60 wasnt to bad either.

Next Thursday I have finaly the last midterm exam with Music and I feel good there.


Yours Mathias


Friday 19.Cheimare 1657


Dear Parents,


last Sunday I worked a bit at the Backstage of the Dimmae Theater in hope for learning something that I can use at my performance in the music exam.

Bevore I headed to the city on monday for my first work day I wanted to practice my skills at the Forge but there was a out of control fire when I arived.

So I graped a bucket of watter and started to dowse the fire till a Teacher finaly brought it under control.

I got some Merit points from this but sadly couldent practice my skills at the forge as I haved planed.

Thats why I arived a bit early at McCroskey's Dispach Service but this was good because I still haved to learn how to control the skiff.

Short after I then left the dock with the skiff a streetgang of kids stoped me.

A girl called Dakota demanded 50 pims per month for "protection" but I told her to get lost and drived away from them as fast as it was posible.

The rest of the tour was uneventfull and I earned my first wages and got told that my next tour will be next week monday.

I hope that I dont will have any problems with this Dakota or here gang again when I will drive the next tour.

Wednesday I was once more in Sabinu's Grotto to visit a other part of it.

In the Music Exam only Katja Quinnecht the famous violinist got a bether score then me but been 2nd with 90 points is also great.

During the break after the exam I found Maigrete standing next to a tree where here familiar got stuck in a spiderweb.

First I was tempted to ignore her because I simply cant stand here and here familiar but I couldent because it wouldent be right.

So I helped here to free here cat.

Ohh and this week I also passed a other test from the Teacher you gave me the location bevore I left you for the academy.


Yours Mathias

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Friday 26.Cheimare 1657


Dear Parents,


last weekend I haved long interesting talks with the Sphinx but I also found time for a Rimbal game and to visit Sabinu's Grotto again.

During the Rimbal Game I feelt sick all of the suden but after I relised that its from a spell a oponent casting on me I managed to negate it and we wone the game.

On my way back from the sphinx in the evening after the game, Philipe Marchant and his gang ambushed me and I took quite some beating bevore they left me.

So monday morning I couldent join the classes because I haved to pray for Healing so I could work in the evening.

In the evening I was then fit enough for the next skiff run and could leave the city without encountering someone of Dakotas gang.

Because the Montains where covered very deep with snow this time I got stuck with the skiff in the snow.

Apearently the skiff only hovers above the ground so if the snow get to deep it cant go over it.

Thanks to the help of a very old goblin I managed to free my skiff again and he even lead me trough a alternative route.

But all off the sudden a avalanche head in our direction but somehow I was able to jump with the skiff over the avalance and managed to deliver the goods.

When I returned back to McCroskey I got a huge bonus for this trip.

The next tour I have to do will be at 1. Hionosi hopfull under bether weather then.

After I apparently solved one last test from the teacher you gave me the directions I finaly managed to join the place where my real learning about this topics can start.


I wishy you happy holidays,


Yours Mathias


Wednesday 3.Hionosi 1658


Dear Parents,


I spend nearly 2 complet days in Prayer and Meditation at the Iudoca Tempel but most of the time during the holidays I spend talking with the Sphinx and training my strength.

During the Passing some Studends including me spend some time in the library together with a Professor researching thyr ancestry.

At Muneris I whanted to train my Forge skills again and encountered the Master Smith Gorithank there.

Master Gorithank puted me to a test of my skills at the Forge and now I am allowed to use his personal Worksation.

The family you suggested I sould spend Itinera requested from me to clean theyr house and it looked like they didnt clean it for quit some time.

Because I didnt feel like I should do theyr work I decided to use Glamour magic so all looked clean even if it is not,

so they will have some bad aweakening when the time of the spell runs out.

You rember that I have writen about a Goblin who helped me with my last skiff tour?

When I was on my backway from the delivery this monday I meet him again and he told me that the family of his son got kidnaped from the thugs of Dacota.

So I brought him to the city and we managed to free the hostaged goblins and I even managed to give theyr boss a good punch in here face.

Sadly the land-skiff got broken through this action what resoulted that I lost this job.

During one trip to the woods to gathering materials for classes I found some Golden Angelwings Mooshrooms and even a place where I could collect Silphium.


I wish you a happy new year,


Yours Mathias


Friday 12.Hionosi 1658


Dear Parents,


starting with last Friday I was nearly the complet weekend on a tour with the Imperial Ranger.

When I arived at the outpost of the Imperial Rangers I was welcom from a realy cute black Cat.

Later then I asked the people about the black cat and they told me that they have a 2 cat around but no black one what was kind of strange.

I learned realy fast that the Rangers have a very hard job and all the knowledge I haved from the Zoology klass didnt realy help me.

Only the condition training I haved from the athletics class kind of helped me but I got to my limits more then once at the tour.

During the tour with the Imperial Rangers I learned a loot, even where I could find the Feary Court.

This week Oan, some Members of my Clique and I explored a old Warhouse because we suspected to fint a Hint where we can find the Trees of Knowledge.

After some search we found a secret entrance within the warhouse and managed to convince the guardian, a wooden statue, to open it for us.

The secret entrance lead us to a dark tunelsystem where no magic light worked and also our torch did give any light.

Thanks to my training with the Imperial Rangers I spoted some bugs thet somehow produce light and so we used them to light our way through the tunnels.

At the end of the tunnel we where at a very desolate clearing and again it was thanks to my now keen eyes that we found a creature living here.

This little creature gave use a Ridle where we could find the next hint for our search.

The next day we couldent continue our search because I got accused for fandalism in the Temple of Iudocia.

After some sleuthing it becam obviouse that the ground keeper just readed to much krimi and did this fandalism by him self.

So I ended with a excuse from the groundskeeper for wrongfull accuseing me and he gave me even 40 pims for my troubles.

Thursday we finaly could continue our search for hints where we can find the Trees of Knowledge, this time in the Imperial Reserve.

We managed to sneak past the guards because there was a hole in the hedge and we found the hints we searched for.

In the night then I went to the Library to check out some of the hints when I discovered cristal orb lying around.

Because no one else was around when I found it I took the cristal ball with me after I looked at some books for infos about the hints we gatered.


Yours Mathias


Friday 19.Hionosi 1658


Dear Parents,


Last weekend I climbed the Elumian Tree because I suspected some more hints where we can find the Trees of Knowledge but sadly it was a wrong lead.

So it wasnt till Monday when we, bether sayed Oan finaly found the right place.

There was a place over and over with praying mantis so we cant reach the place where we haved to perform the ritual.

When Carillo mentioned that they fear loud Noises it was Silke who used incantation to creat a loud thunder and it worked.

After Oan managed to cast the ritual we found us standing in front of the Trees we where searching and where struck in awe.

I dont remember who talked to them from our group and also not his or her wording but I rember that we where garanted some kind of wisdom bevore we where send back.

On our way back to the academy we stumbled up to duel where the duelant forgot to put up a duel circle and we where right betwean this 2!

So Oan and I fast put up some protection spells for our group and thanks to them the spells of the 2 duellants didnt hit us.

This week I learned from Vuillaume about a Incantors's Workshop in the city and because of my bad performance in the midterms I decided that I join them.

Today we visited the Workshop together to make some praxis studys in Incantation.


Yours Mathias


Friday 26.Hionosi 1658


Dear Parents,


this week I helped a unicorn that was atacked from a wyvern and haved the stinger still in her flesh.

After I removed the stinger the Unicorn was able to heal her self!

A Wyvern so close to school that couldent be good, so I went to the stables to find my Zoology Prof. Mr. Pachait.

When I told him about the Unicorn and the Wyvern he decided to immedatly go to hunt the wyvern down and he took me with him as his backup.

He gave me some protection clothings and then showed me how to track the wyvern.

When we reached the woods all of the suden the wyvern attacked the Prof. from above on his comand I then casted a stun spell on it.

To my wondering Prof. Pachait decided to bring the wyvern to a distant place in the wood and set it free there.

Yesterday I was at the docks to get some walk when I saw a Duel betwean 2 adults.

Both haved a Weapon in one hand and a wand in the other.

But the stronger build of the 2 haved something green on his sword as all of the sudden the stronger build target me with his wand and cast some dart at me.

I managed to avoid them and decided to return this gesture with a spell of my own.

This was enough for the other to get the advance in the fight when the stronger build gasted again a spell and vanished in a black cloud.

The smaller man then intrudced him as a former Godina student and thanked me for the help.

He told me that I sould come to the Fire of Cration at sometime and ask for Dog and hinted that I sould ask the Regent of Godina where to find this.


Thats all for this week hope your all well,


Yours Mathias

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Friday 5.Nivelos 1658


Dear Parents,


There was a big performance at the Dimmae Theater last Sunday and I was one of the vulunteer for the Backstage.

Sadly I didnt see much from the performance but the work at the backstage was also interesting.

I still go to the Incantor's Workshop once a week because it realy helps me to improve my understanding in this magic and to bether cast under pressure.

Also I haved some interesting conversations with the Sphinx about diferent topics.

But the rest of this week was rather uneventfull and it even looks like Wispertooth haved a more exiting week then me.

I found him even sneaking around at the backstage of the Theater.

At last the learning I mentioned in my letter from the 26.Cheimare did came to a end for this school year.


I hope this speaking Bird manage to deliver this letter because its the first time I use them as courier,


Yours Mathias


Friday 12.Nivelos 1658


Dear Parents,


last Saturday I was in the common room to get some magic training when all of the sudden a violine shoot arrows of fire at me.

After I managed to identivy what kind of magic is at work I negated the spell that created the arrows.

When I then examied the instument i found a switch that I apearently activated when I put tis violine to the side so i haved enough place.

Monday when I got to my room I was shocked to find out that some prankster have grown grass all over to floor.

So I haved to spend quit some time to cut the grass down but now we have a very unique floor decoration.

This week I finaly managed to speak with Regent Massioti where I can find the Fire of Creation.

At first he didn't whant to tell me but I managed to persuade him.

So I headed to this Tavern yesterday and learned from "Dog" that its leaded by a former Godina Regent.

In a letter I got from "Dog" the former Godina Regent write that I can use a place called Godina Retreat till I will leave academagica when its ownership will return to the Godina college.

Dog even offered me to take me to this place so we aranged a other meeting this weekend.

He also told me that in the Tavern one can get good payed bodygard jobs and that my skills in incantation is probably allready good enough for this.

The last days I also started to play the violin but I still need a loot of practice with it.


Yours Mathias


Friday 19.Nivelos 1658


Dear Parents,


last Saturday "Dog" and I then headed to the place where the Godina Retreat is.

To my luck the transportsystem that can bring one up to the the Redoubt still worked and the spell to call it wasnt to hard to cast so we got spared of a long climb.

Near the Redoubt as the Tower is called we then haved to fight of some Goblins but they where no match for my Snowstorm spell.

We also encountered the Assasin who thryed to kill dog when I meet him the first time.

With 2 wizards on his side it looked like it would be a hard fight but the assassin started a long talk and so gave me enough time to cast a spell to knock him down.

The 2 wizards surrendered then because they wherent payed to fight and the assassin also when Dog was over him.

It apears that Dog is a count and as soon as he got killed a distant relative of him can take over.

Sadly the Godina Retreat was burned down from the wizards accompaning the assassin but at last we managed to bring this assassin to the city guards.

The next day I then got a letter from the owner of Fire of Creation that I am now the Captain of the Redoubt for the remainder of my career at the Academy.

Maybe I can find a way to get the Retreat rebuild in the future but sadly I cant expect any help from our curent Regent with this.

This week I was part of a small performance in our theater and we have a Satyr band to visit at the school.


Yours Mathias


Friday 26.Nivelos 1658


Dear Parents,


Last week I joined the Elemental Warrior as a trainee.

Saturday was my first training and they transportet me to smal Isle with a Airship.

There my first day of training started and I got teached a loot about water.

The training was very hard and long and probably is intended for older people.

At the end of the training I even haved to battle a other recruit that joined recently.

The rule of this fight was the one who got the first hit lost but we both were protected with magic so we dont didnt get hurt.

Because the waterspell we got teached was to inacurrate to hit at a distance I decided to create a fog and use this distraction to close in for a direct hit and it worked.

I sleept over Night at the Isle so I could continue the training Sunday morning

Sunday the so called Earth training started but it turn out to be a Air training.

The duel in the evening was even harder then the one on my first day but I still managed to win it.

Afterward I was brought back to the Docks of Mineta and I was happy I could rest during the airshiptravel.

During the Festival of Iasos I haved a other training session with the Elemental Warriors, this time it finaly was about the Earth.

After the Training there was once again a duel but this time we either could capture a flag at the top of a montain or win the fight against the oponent.

I decided to go after the flag but it was a head-to-head race till I realised I also could use the other elements to my help and so I wone this duel.

Yesterday I was in the city and saw that there was some kind of tournament where the player who played best agains the shop owner could get a Battle Mace Starter Set.

So I signed up for this tournament and even managed to win the Battle Mace Set.


Thats all for this week,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 4.Aurit 1658


Dear Parents,


last saturday I was again at the Elemental Warrior base.

The Fire and Energy Training did take the complet day so that the duel was scheduled for Sunday.

But in the night they waken me up because the Elemental Warriors where called for a fight against pirats.

I haved to join the ship of the Leader of the Elemental Warrior because I showed great resoults in all elements.

When we arived at the destiny with our Airships the other Elemental Warrior used a current of air to get over to the Piratships.

So I used the same tactic the get over to one of the pirat ships where I managed to bring down a Pirat Captain.

After some more fights and I even managed to desroy on of the privatships bevore the rest of the pirats surrenderd.

When we returned to our ship I got gratulated for my performance and earned the Private Rank.

During some spare time this week I started to build together the Battle Mace Figures but especial for the paintings I haved to use magic.


I wish you a nice Festival of Durands Road,


Yours Mathias

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Thursday 10.Aurit 1658


Dear Parents,


the event we haved during the Festival of Durand's Road was a rater boaring hide and seek variant.

So I hided my self in a shack and used the time till they find me to train a bit with Wispertooth.

When I then final was found I headed to the city to sell all the more useless things I gatered in the last month and to get me a new wand.

As mentioned in my last letter used Magic to giving my Battle Mace Figures the Color but sadly it didnt hold.

Thats why I spend nearly the complet Saturday in the Library of Mantele for a better spell to paint my figures.

To my wonder when I finished with the painted the main figure of my set, Professor CogSpring, became alive and ran off.

After talked with the shop owner about this he told me that its imposible to get a replacement for this figure because there was only a limited production of them.

He also told me that without the complet set I probably have no chance to win any tournament game.

So I haved to find a way to get back my own Professor CogSpring.

My first plan to capturing my fugitive figure was to make him belive a other figure came to live and he actual showed up.

But he escaped as soon he realised that it was a trap.

At last I found his hiding place but the protections of this room are to strong to get in unprepared.

After this failure I made some research how it was posible to bring CogSpring alive at all.

When I then identified the magic on the other figures it was clear that it was more like a wonder that they didnt also became alive.

The producer filled the Battle Mace figueres over and over with phemes just to let them look alive.

After I careful added the right missing pheme to one figure it also became alive but this time the figure was loyal to me.

So I used this methode on some other figueres and finaly got a loyal army of Battle Mace figueres on my side.

With the help of this loyal figueres I managed to capture Professor CogSpring and remove the spark of live from him.

This week some 3th year Aranza thought they could intimidate me in doing something stupid but I showed them how wrong they were!

Did they realy think they can frighten someone who allready fighted against pirats and a assassin with a simple bluff?


There is no more place on the paper if I still whant to send it with the bird so till next week,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 18.Aurit 1658


Dear Parents,


last week I was once more at the Incators Workshop but after the trainig I enjoied from the Elemental Warriors they couldn't show me anything new.

The East Tower of our Campus was visited many times last week from me but lets start in the beginning.

One of my follow students broken here last quill but was to afraid to go by here self to the east tower where we have our stocks.

So Silke and I accompanied her and we got here a new pen from there alerted from some shouts we left the tower.

We then found out that it was Alan who shouted because he discovered some Monsters in the base of the East Tower.

After Alan calmed down we managed to convice him that he will lead us to the place where he spoted the monster.

The next day we visited the etage where Alan spoted the monster.

Because he couldent remember were exact he spoted the monster we searched this level for any hint.

Finaly we found a secret entrance to a lower level that was blocked.

With the help of Villaume we got the entrance opened in short time.

I did go ahead and discovered that this etage is nearly complet flooded and I looked around I saw them and it must be at last 6 of them.

Apparently the Monster Alan spoted where some kind of Aquatic Humanoid who look like they where complet out of water.

We then decided to withdraw and seal the secret entrance again.

For now we dont know what to do but we check this secret entrance at last once a day if it is still sealed.


Thats all for this week,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 25.Aurit 1658


Dear Parents,


last Saturday I was persuaded to join my clique in watching the Freak Show of Jorndathal's Circus.

It was disgusting how some people only have mockery and taunts for creatures that look different!

Because we realised the waterlevel in the East Tower of our Collage have increased we where forced to take action.

So we thryed to comunicate with this acquatic humanoids.

To our wonder the understand our language and they told us that they have to sink our tower!

The problem is that they feed on magic energy and unless we bring them a very powerfull magic source they have to continue sink this tower to get to the ley line.

Vaillaume then spended a vew days crafting a Orb that can store Ley Line Energy.

So I haved some time to training Whispertooth, perform small roll in a Theater play and even play the Lute in a Concert.

When I was comming back from the Concert I saw my muffler playing dice with Cirillo.

So my familiar is also learning things I never have teached him.

Today the Orb was finaly finished and I was the one who haved to do the diving.

With the conrol over Water and Air I have learned from the Elemental Warrior it was a easy task to reach the ley line in the sea and charge the Orb.

On my way back to the shore I even save a Vernin student from drowning.

After we brought the Orb to the creatures, they where able to leave the tower to live in the sea where the ley line is.


I wish you a nice Festival of Blooms,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 4.Veranix 1658


Dear Parents,


During the Festival of Blooms There was a big Parade and the best Students of each year also got some a price.

I also was one of the Students who got a price, one for my skills with the Lute and a other for my Incatation Magic.

Tuesday I found a dinner voucher for the Atelier of Crib in my wardrobe but I can't remember when or where I got it.

Anyway because I didnt have any plan for the dinner I headed to this restaurant.

When I arived at the restaurant I realised that it is some kind of upperclass establishment and so I changed the look of my clothings with a glamor.

The eating and drinking at the Atelier was the probably the best meal I ever haved, at last here in Mineta or in the Academy.

I was about to leave when all of the sudden the air got cold and a ghostly image of a shop apears.

Panic breaks out and the patrons and staff rushed to the exit when I realised that the beutifull girl at the counter was frozen in fear.

So I run over to here and grab here hand but by now the path to the main exit was blocked from all the other people that whanted to leave.

The girl now no longer frozen in fear pointed to the kitchen an we took this door.

In the kitchen there where 2 gostly teenager in some kind of uniform that looks very simmiliar to the ones we have at the Academy.

One of this ghosts blocked that back exit and he casted a fireball toward the other ghost who was by now behind us.

I fast pushed the girl into cover and doged the spell but we still could feel the heat of the shockwave.

When all of the sudden all was normal again.

After this was over I learned that the girl I saved is called Yulia and she also introduced me to the owner of the restaurant, Vigro Atelier.

Mr. Atelier apologized for the trouble and told me that this wasnt the first time this happens but so fare it allways was outside of the buisness hour.

Because Yulia and Mr Atelier asked me to help them to end this I couldn't say no.

So I started to investigate in the librarys of the academy if I can find out something about the Uniform of the ghosts but sadly with no result.

On the next evening I then headed to the Atelier of Crib to asked Yulia if she whanted to join in researching about the uniform and she hapily agreed.

In the records of the Minestry of Substitution and Transport we finaly found out that this uniforms where in fashion around 20 years ago at the Vernin College.

Because it already became late I walked her home and then returned to the Academy.

Tuday I then Asked Prof. Leith about the Ghost Store and the 2 Students and he confirmed that there was some accient.

Because the Prof. clearly haved something to hide I decided to follow him after classes.

Near the Great Gate I then spoted Yulia who then joined my shadowing of the Professor.

We followed Mr Leith to a dark allway where he then talked to a other person.

What I could make out from theyr talk is that the 2 students arent realy dead instead they are in some kind of temporal distortion caused from a failed teleportation pheme.

They also talked about that using the Tiberius Wand of Teleportation probably could bring the shop back into the real time but the risk is to big.

Yulia suggesting we should try to find the wand but I am unsure because we maybe should do some more research about this first.


Wow this letter got long so I have to send it with the normal delivery this time.


Yours Mathias


Thursday 11.Veranix 1658


Dear Parents,


through my research about the time distortion at the Atelier of Crib I learned that Vernin's Tower of the Cold Forge also is affected with some kind of time spell.

So I entered the Tower last weekend and encountered a Ghost there.

After I answered some questions to him he then teached me the Time Slip spell and the phemes necessary for this spell.

But all this didnt help me for the problem of Mr Atelier but it probably have opened up a other interesting oportunity.

I then continue to spend time researching about the Wand of Teleportation and about Time Distortion effects but so fare with no result.

When I meet Yulia yesterday evening as I did in the past days she told me that she might know some one who might know where we find the wand and I sould follow here.

She lead me to the hidout of some kind of gang and she managed to bring us to theyr leader.

After I told theyr leader about the sad story of the 2 students, I might have extravagated it a bit, the leader told us who has the wand now and where we usualy can find him.

Sadly the wand owner wasn't there when we looked for him at his usualy spots yesterday and today.

This week when I haved to bring my Music Prof. some Papers he thryed to calm down a Snake with his Flute.

Because the song he played was inteded to be Flute and Voice he didnt mange to bring the snake to sleep till I took over the voice part.


Thats all from this week,


Yours Mathias

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Thursday 18.Veranix 1658


Dear Parents,


last Friday Yulia and I finaly found the old Mage that curently owns the Wand of Teleportation but he acted kind of nuts.

At last he gave the wand to me bevore he used the magic of the wand to vanish.

Afterward Yulia and I walked to the Atelier of Crib.

Short after we entered the Restaurant trough the kitchen the Alchemy Shop apeared again.

With the Wand I managed that the shop reapeared but the shockwave generated from this pressed me down to the ground.

When I was back on my feet I haved to realise the 2 students from the time distortion still fighting and Yulia was in theyr line of fire.

With a blast of Air I managed to push Yulia away from the danger and then focused on the girl that just casted a spell.

I somehow managed to knock the girl out with a other blast of air.

After this I looked toward the boy and discovered in shock that Yulia must have stumbled into him and now this two only have eyes for each other!

Together with Mr Atelier we then brought the 2 Students to the Academy.

After this I walked to my room and was for no one to speak because Yulia dumped me.

Sunday my familiar managed to get me back to my usual self when he performed a absolut briliant composition out of different common noices in my room.

When Wispertooth finished I realised that nearly all other 1st year students of Godina and some other where listening and now look in awe at my muffler.

Monday I decided to explore the Tower of the Cold Forge once more.

When I entered the Tower the ghost from last time already waited for me.

He then told me that many creatures are traped within this Tower and that I could free them but for this I haved to fight and win against them.

Because most of them also guard some treasure I can claim this treasure afterward.

So I haved my first fight today against a Puma and got the long lost Sword of Kush as a price.

Tuesday a senior Student brought me a letter from the Headmaster Prof. Orsi.

This letter orderd me to immediatly meet the Headmaster in his office.

I wondered whats this all about and what I have done wrong to have a appointment with the headmaster.

At the office Prof. Orsi then told me that I was chosen for a special mission because he have learned about my time with the Elemental Warrior.

So I was put in lead of 2 other 1st year students to find a small piratcamp he suspect to be in the nearby woods.

Bevore we headed into the woods I first prayed to the gods for inspiration where to search.

After less then 1h of search we found theyr camp and lucky all pirats where away, so the god truly must have smiled on me this time.

When I retured to the Headmaster with my report the Headmaster direct send me to a other mission.

This time I sould search on my own to find a Mage called Ilaro and if posible recover a atrifact he have stolen.

With a search spell I manage to find a location in the woods where the mage probably hide him self.

Because I focused to much on the spell so I can spott other humans early I ended up in a giant web.

Looking around for a good way to free me from the web I realised that it is a old web so I didnt haved to fear that a spider shows up.

With a simpy enchantment I weakened the web and then could free me.

Now I continued more carfull and even managed to spot a simple but well hiden alarm system.

After I crossed this mechanism without trigering it, I spoted the artifact, a staff, on the woodfloor.

When I graped the staff I realised to my suprise that Ilaro holding the other end and I just havent seen him because he was hiden in a hallow of a large tree.

To my supprice Prof. Orsi apeared all of the sudden next to me and challeged the fugitive to a duel.

Because Ilaro focused on the Headmaster I managed to sneak up behind him and disarm him.

Then some pixies thry to steal the staff but the staff some how reacted bad to this and with a loud thunder a storm started.

We barly managed it to the academy bevore the storm got to strong.

The storm rampaged for nearly 2 days and ended today evening.


I hope this storm didn't also affected our hometown because here at Mineta we have a loot to repair or even rebuild,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 25.Veranix 1658


Dear Parents,


you surely saw it, there is a new Isle that hover above our own but we only could spot it after the storm was over.

Sadly I couldent join the exploration team of the Elemental Warrior to this Isle because I haved to do some crafting together with Vuillaume for the Headmaster.

Last weekend I also haved some guarding shifts together with some other Students to make sure Ilaro cant escape.

During the Fountain Days Ilaro then still somehow managed to escape and so I was again in the leading postion of a small searching team.

We manage to find him on his way to the abounded Imperial Palace but when he spoted my group we all of the suden where back at the Great Hall of the Academy.

After we reported back to the Headmaster he allowed us to join the Fest.

Monday then I haved a other Apointment with the Headmaster where he gave me a Map and told me that I should find a way to read this map.

Because the Map was encompased from a magical aura that prevent one from read it I used a very difficult negation magic to seperate the map from this aura.

When I reported my success to the Headmaster the next day I haved to lead him following the Map through a secret tunnel system that lead inside the Imperial Palace.

At one point we stoped and after some talk betwean someone on the other side and Prof. Orsi the wand got blown down.

On the other side I then spoted Ilaro the same person we captured just a vew days ago!

This time this two now work together to clean the Imperial Palace from the pirats that have taken it over.

Sadly I couldent join them because I was Teleported back to the Great Hall from Ilaro on the Headmasters request.

Yesterday was a rater normal school days, at last for the Academy, and I also haved a loot of homework to do so nothing special hapened then.

But today Alan, a other 1st year of my college, acted as if he is not him self and I will investigate this after I send this letter,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 4.Anedius 1658


Dear Parents,


after my last letter I followed Allan after he left the Godina East Tower till he fanished in a tavern when I decided to stop my observation of him for this day.

When I asked Alan the next day why he acted so strange yesterday and what he did in the tower and this tavern he told me that he only have fuzzy memory of this day.

All he rembered more clear is that he was in this tavern and was allowed to use a room there.

Last Weekend Allan, Zorzi,Silke, Vuilaume and I then decided to pay a visit to this tavern.

Because we didnt whant to risk to become mindcontroled like Alan we decided to first thry our luck from the outside.

And we truly haved some luck because Allan spoted one of the People he remembered from the room.

So we tricked him into leaving his room and then took the papers on his table.

Back at our Common Room we then read this paper and got kind of shocked.

In This paper ther is a Order of Incantix mentioned and that they whant invade the Godina Campus.

While we tryed to collect facts we know about the Order of Incantix like that they once wher part of the Academy and Gate Magic was theyr main subeject, I spoted some People outside.

So we headed outside and discovered the Group is biger then our and all of the size of adults.

When I asked them what they whant they told us that they just came here to get theyr creatures back and if whe dont intercept they will teach us some magic.

I accepted because I didnt see a way to win a fight against them because they outnumber us and we are just 1st year students while they are probably experienced Gate Mages.

To show them we are worthy of theyr teaching I had a short sparring duel with on of them.

After a vew spell excanges the declared that we are worthy.

So we learned a interesing Spell at this night that we probably sould never use or at last souldn't get chought use it.

Tuesday when I waited for my new violin teacher, a Satyr, I spoted a Catolog and orderd the Vallon Violin, a interesting magical instrument.

Today I again visited the Tower of the Cold Forge and haved a easy fight against a Static Tree sadly this time there was no treasure to claim.


Yours Mathias


Thursday 12.Anedius 1658


Dear Parents,


with the training I got from the Satyr for my violine play I improved a loot in a short time.

Sadly he also mentioned that I am not as gifted with the violin as I am with the Lute.

Ha also sugested that I should start study Music Theory if I whant to become a real renowned musician.

Tuesday I finaly got the Vallon Violin delivered and when I play on this Violin the music nearly sound as good as when I play one a ordinary Lute.

Somehow Silke managed to persuade our Regent that she is allowed to improve the decoration of Campus Gondia so we started last weekend with this task.

As our first improvment we got some of our statues enchanted so that they read the Headlines of our daily schoolpaper if someone get close to them.

That flowers in the garden now show different animals szenes and change what they show from time to time was the other thing we changed so fare.

We still have a loot of ideas but I am not sure what we can put into reality in the next days or weeks.

With the Endterm Exam next Month I am not sure If I find much time at all for doing other things.

This week I also managed to find the time for one more fight at the Tower of the Cold Forge.

The beast I haved to fight profed a bit difficult this time because it could breat fire and was extremly fast.

After I put this beast to sleep I was rewarded with the Amulet called Grit's Fang.


For the Diakopi I work one a parade float for my familiar! I hope you and we will have a nice Diakopi,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 18.Anedius 1658


Dear Parents,


the parade float was a great sucess and Whispertooth simply loved it, he even played his briliant composition during the parade.

Last saturday I then thryed my self at the challenge to enter the Redoubt of Champions and I was the first Student of the Academy in over 30 years who sucessed!

Because this challenge brought me to my limit I barly can remember a thing that happened afterwards on this day.

Sunday there was a robery attempt at our forge when I just whent there to practise weaponsmithing.

When I entered the forgw all of the sudden a Hammer was flying in my direction but I cought it out of the air and after realising the thief I manage to hit him on the shoulder.

The Thief still managed to escape because I still wasn't fully recovered from the challenge, but at last he haved to leave his booty behind.

This week I asisted Silke in a fashion show and whit only Silke and Me who have some kind of fashion sense of our clique it still was a huge sucess.

Sadly I dont think this show will give any lasting improvement to our Campus.

Beside this I also started to take some lessons at the Arcadiu's Tempel to improve my voice.

When my Lute, Violine and Voice skills in the praxis test are good enough I can avoid the theory test in the Music Exam.


Thats all for this week,


Yours Mathias

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Thursday 25.Anedius 1658


Dear Parents,


because of some unexpected problems with our improvments we made at Camp Gondia we where bussy for nearly the complet last weekend.

There were some of the statues that start to anoy the people that came close to them and even worse some of the flowers even attacked Students so we haved to fix the spells we casted on them.

But after we finaly fixed the problems Silke was very happy with the results.

I just hope we dont get any more porblems because the Exams are close and such distraction isn't helfull then.

At last I still managed to join the training at the Arcadiu's Tempel each day.

During my voice training I also learned about a famous songstress called Greymalia and now wondering if she is still alive.

Finaly I also found time to take a Tour through the Spavia Theater.

Maybe when I got me a own Lute in the future I even will play there at the so called Musican's Overlook.

I also starting to refresh my Memory at what we have learned in the Glamour class especial the exact forming of the Phemes.


Because of the preparations I made for the Exams there isnt much to write this time, so I wish you a nice Pellae,


Yours Mathias


Thursday 4.Kaliri 1658


Dear Parents,


some prankster changed the direction of the watterflow at the canal where our ceremonie for the Pallae should happen.

So I haved to assist in rearanging the boats and candles.

Most of last weekend I spend in refreshing the stuff we learned in the Negation Class especial the Theory about Negation.

Did you know that there is a Graveyard on the Academagica Grounds and that there is a Ghost that still teaches Negation?

I didnt know this so fare but learned about this during my studys last weekend.

To get some exercise I now from time to time train wrestling at the Calomantia's Gym.

I hope this extra training will help me in my Athletics Exam.

Today I even found the time to assist Vuillaume on one of here experiments.

When the experiment failed somehow a Black Chicken was set free!

After one failed attempt we managed to lure this human Size chicken into a Trap.

Now we just have to decide what to with this clothing eating beast.


Thats all for this week,


Yours Mathias


Friday 12.Kaliri 1658


Dear Parents,


to our suprise the Black Chicken we captured just bevore I have writen my last letter talked to us when we were at our Trap again.

Because the Black Chicken told us that without Gabardine she cant control her hunger for cloths and even offerd us payment we agreed to help.

We then collected some Gabardine and gave it to the Black Chicken.

Somehow I already suspected that the Black Chicken didnt have the Money on it, but we agreed to let it go to its Coop after she promised to pay 3 times as much in the next days.

At last for now we dont have to worry about the Black Chicken running trough the Academy and feeding on all clothings.

Most of the free time I now spending in Learning or Training for the Exams so I bether continue with the Exam resoults.

With my score of 180 Points in Music this Tuesday I surpassed all other by a huge amouth and as expected I didnt need to join the theortical Music test after my performance.

Even Katja Quinnecht who mastered the violine like no other only scored with 103 points in the Music Exam.

My Negation Exam was today and somehow unexpected here I also got the highest score with 150 Points.

Now I have to focus my learning towards the Incantation and Glamour Exams.


I hope I will do as well in the other Exam as I did so fare,


Yours Mathias


Saturday 20.Kaliri 1658


Dear Parents,


last weekend Prof. Ringraeyer offered some preperation lesson for the Glamour Exam and I joined them.

Maybe because the other students dont like to wear theyr clothes in the absolut correct way at the weekends there where only very vew people in this lesson.

But I think this lesson was more then wort it, if I haved to repeat all this on my own I would have needed much more time.

At the Thanaie Vuillaume and I visited the Coop of the Black Chicken because it didnt showed up with the money so fare.

There we got attacked from the Rooster but a invention of Vuillaume protected us from harm.

After this the Black Chicken showed up and excused for the attack.

We even got our Money and the Black Chicken then helped us to improve the invention.

I haved to rewrite the ending because I removed parts of the start from this adv. chain

The rest of this week then was mostly filled with learning and practicing for the exams.

In the Incantation Exam today I again scored realy great with 160 Points!

I just wondering why so many students this year not even managed 100 points but at last the 2nd best haved 114 points.


I wish you a great The Contenda,


Yours Mathias


Saturday 27.Kaliri 1658


Dear Parents,


this week I bought me some Informational Tract for different weapons so I can learn how to craft them when I am back home next week.

The Contest we where signed in from Regent Massioti for the Contenda was kind of strange and to my luck I managed to become a commentor of this event.

But the others of the Athletics class where blindfolded and have to form teams of 2.

One of this team haved to lift a iceblook over theyr head and the other haved to prefent this iceblook from melt via a Ice Incantation.

Most teams simply used to much power in the Ice Spell so the lifting partner soon haved to drop the block because it got biger and biger.

After this event was over I left because its one of the last days I could continue Exploring the Tower of The Cold Forge.

This time I had to fight the Ghost who have lead me so fare.

After my First spell the fight was over and he is now free from the curse of this time spell on the Tower.

He asked to help him next year again to free the second floor but for this I first have to talk with the Regent of Vernin.

Because I dont think Prof Giovanni di Lucca Alazzo will be to happy in teaching me the special spell needed to continue on etage 2 this is probably the end for me in exploring this tower.

After the last Exam was over I watched some of the Trials at the Daribus Conely's Court.

Its fazinating how some Lawyers manage to turn around even the worst situations at the Trials.

But now about my Exam results, somehow I managed to be the best Student of this year in all the Exams I have writen.

Only in the Zoology exam it was kind of close because with 110 points I was only 5 points bether then Zoe and Raoul.

In Athletics with 160 points and Glamour with 150 points I was as clear ahead of the others as in the 3 exams I haved bevore.


I am happy to see you again in the next days but I also will miss the Academagia,


Yours Mathias

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Exam Resoults


Music 180 Points (120 without shortterm magic)

Negation 150 Points (130 without shortterm magic)

Incantation 160 Points (130 without shortterm magic)

Glamour 150 Points (120 without shortterm magic)

Zoology 110 Points (100 without shorterm magic)

Athletics 160 Points (130 without shortterm magic)

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