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hhhmm i have been having some problems with trying to do certain adventures and related events. one thing i am having trouble figuring out is what do you have to do to get the option to date some one? i have read some people have had a similair option but i am having some difficulty trying to get it. neta xemutre adventure quest at the spring of last resort, i have negations at max but the centaur keeps attacking me! what can i do?


i hope this is the right place to ask this question!

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For Neta X. Mission:


Minor Spoiler:


for the Negotiate check I usually do okay with an adjusted Negotiate of 23-24. Fortunately, it's easy to bump that skill up.

1). Get your negotiate to 10 (without any adjustments). This will unlock two options.

2). Cast your new spell Golden Tongue. This will raise your Negotiate by 8 for 4 days.

3). Visit the new location the Auctioneer's. This will raise your Negotiate by 3 for 3 days. You may get detention if caught here.

4). Save before trying adventure, since the Negotiate check is the easy one. There is a check immediately following (same adventure) that you only get one shot at, and it's difficult.

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