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The tree again


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Part 1


This is going to be one of those days.You can feel it in your guts.




Maybe next time you would choose throwaway the pudding that looks slightly glossy.


You also probably shouldn't look away from your meal when you are a short distance from him (Philippe Marchant, naturally). Zorzi must have been helping or bullied into talking to you abouthis love for rimbal in the cafeteria. Now you thought that he looked a little anxious just because his dinner was looking a little…lumpy.



Well no use crying over spoilt pudding,you have a class to rush to (which you are late for due to an early morning activity called … bowel cleansing).


Running like the winds (Not that one) you hurry on to @Random Professor@'s class all the while begging the gods that you will make it in time without misfortune befalling on to you.


Such as the time a bunch of playful pixies put on some very disturbing make-up on your face that smelled of perfumes made from rotten eggs that took you the whole morning to wash off and still you smell like rotten eggs for fewdays.


Suddenly you feel as thought someoneconjured a mini earthquake in your stomach.


You let out a wet burp and the smell oflast nights delicious chicken fills your nostrils…in a bad way.



Exit 1: Concentration orWillpower / Fitness vs. 10




You sit for a second and waited as therumbling and pain in your stomach to subside.


Your face twist with the pain, you feelas though the pain has magically turned into needles.


Which could be a possibility considering you are in a magic school and that Marchant is a student in Academagia.


And just as you thought that the pain would burst out of your stomach, the pain stops and you stand up feeling relieved.


With no time to waste you continue rushing to your class which to your delight, has not begun yet.


Result: +1 Willpower and +1Concentration




The pain grows in your stomach as if amini volcano has erupted, complete with rumbling motion and sound effects.


Or maybe there is a volcano in yourstomach. (Highly improbable but not impossible)


You ignore the pain as best as you canbut you fail to watch where you are going until you bump into a tree.


The pain quickly stops as you sit down. You reach for your knapsack for some water to refresh yourself.


Wait, where is your knapsack?


Result: Continue to Part 2



Exit 2: Oh just skip the class for the day


The pain is unbearable as you moan aloud and thinking hard on what to do.


On one hand you should go to class to avoid having the professor assign you a ton of homework or punish you with some embarrassing task like cleaning the blackboard with a cloth and no magic allowed!


But the pain is just too much to bear, right? If the pain does not go away then you have to go to the infirmary, right? That would be a proper reason to miss your classes.


You try to hurry backto your dorm, rushing along the path with the wind in your face and swaying leaves that somehow make the pain worse.


You hear a growl in your stomach as yousee your college's dorm. Better find a bathroom again.


Just as you reach the door into the dormit slams right into your face, leaving you on the ground with a throbbing headache.


You will have to spend the day in the infirmary but at least the pain is gone, in your stomach anyways.


Result: -1 Vitality, +2 Stress




Part 2



You look to your left and right. You look behind you and under you. You even look from the direction of the dorm to theclassrooms. And still no knapsack.


Panic starts to well up in you.


Is it a ghost? Was there a student nearby? Is there anyone reading your secrets from your diary right now? Or areyou still in bed dreaming this situation?


And your journal knocks you on your head.Ow.


You look up and instantly recognize the tree. It is a Five-hand tree that you remember from your time with Oan Song.


The tree has your knapsack and is now picking through everything in there.



Exit 1: Memorization




You remember Oan saying that the tree loves to play.


What a fun time that was when you helped out another student.


In fact it was a fun time when you first saw the Great Hall, the first time you saved the professor, the first time youhave seen a duel, the first time Oan had nearly spooked you out of your socks, the first time you nearly got lost in the market, the first time you nearly hurt yourself opening the secret door, the first time you sneaked into the Imperial Reserve, the first time you nearly wet yourself…during your first year at Academagia at least.


Good times.


Result: Increase chance ofsuccess for Exit 2 (Playfulness), Feeling Happy




Okay, there was the time when you were lost in the market. No wait, there was the time you and Oan sneaked into the Imperial Reserve. No wait, there was the time where… no that is not it.


All you can remember is the crazyadventure you had with Oan that forced you to change your underwear so manytimes in a day. Great fun times.


Result: return to options



Exit 2: Playfulness




You show the tree a fist. The tree didnot respond for a moment and then closes one of its hands into a fist. You showthe tree the number one using your hand again. The tree uses another hand to show you the number one.


After you showed it the number two, the tree shows you the number two using yet another hand and then continues to ac tsmart by showing you the numbers three and four using the other hands including the one holding your knapsack.


You quickly pick it up and run, all thewhile waving the tree good bye with a big grin on your face.


The tree crosses its arms (branches?)


Result: +1 Wit, +1Playfulness, Feeling Happy




"Bet you can't hit me, na na nee na" you said, in a childish manner and complete with facial expressions, to the tree.


The tree does not move at all so you decided to tempt it some more by shaking your backside to it. And still it does not move.


"@Own character's name@, what in the gods name are you doing?!"


You quickly turn around and see @RandomProfessor@ standing a few inches away from you.


"Morning…professor, I…eh…eh...I was just…eh…"was all you could say under the professor's cold unforgiving stare.


Finally the professor gives youdetention for skipping class and making an utter fool of yourself.


In addition to a lecture the professorforces you to apologize to the tree which had clearly suffered from your teasing.


You are going to get back at Philippe for all this trouble.


Result: Detention, +1Playfulness, -1 Relationship with Philippe Marchant



Exit 3: Climb + Athletic




Without thinking, you quickly climb upthe tree and avoided the swipes of the branches.


And then you jumped at your knapsack.


The knapsack slips and you rolled acrossthe ground and away from the tree.


You did a quick count of your things in the knapsack and heaved a sigh of relieve. The tree seems to be unhappy but you quickly apologize and explain that you are late and the professor would surely make you remember to never be tardy by making you do simple tasks for two weeks…without the use of magic. GASPS.





How hard could it be? You have climbed atree once right? At least one tree before surely?


You climb up until you could reach the knapsack and instantly fall back down on the ground as the tree swipes at you.


The fall was painful and you are sent tothe infirmary. Well at least the professor can't blame you for missing classtoday.


Result: -1 Vitality, +1Stress, +1 Climb



And done. Please leave any comments on how to improve this short story.


Personal thoughts:

Somehow the forums are a little quiet.

I could not work in any magic-based options because I am not very clear on how each type would work. Any help is appreciated


Yes, Philippe is a bully and should be punish but not in this event, maybe in another one. Because I prefer to bully the bully. laugh.gif


This event is meant as a tribute to the first person you meet and befriend and hopefully the DLC will include another Adventure with her. wink.gif



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Thanks again Legate.


But truthfully, this event does not feel complete yet. Maybe it's because I hit Writer's Block when thinking about the exits.


Any ideas on what else I can put in ?


And could you help explain the classes of magics in the game ?


For example, I know that Negation is basically defensive magic like dispel right ?


But what about healing, where does it go to ?


And also Revision, I am still confused about it ?


Thank you in advance.

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Negation is essentially defensive as it is taught at the Academagia, but it certainly can be used offensively. Negation can cancel out many properties of objects.


Healing is generally under Revision, although Negation and Incantation can do it as well, and Glamour can do it very temporarily.


Revision is the science of changing the properties of things, as the broadest definition.


Hope that helps! :)

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But enchant should be about changing the property of things right ?

Or is that improving the properties ? wink.gif


I'd say it is more like


I want my blanket to be softer.


Revision. Change the blanket into a fluffy woolen blanket.

Enchant. Cast a spell that forcibly soften the blanket.


Well, my Academagia lore is patchy; but just looking at the words Revision and Enchant, that's the best I can come up with.

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CremePudding's and your examples are really good, maybe you could edit the information in the game to show something like this ?


It would help some people who would like to understand the classes of magic more.

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