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Several Mod Tool Questions (Calendar/ Events/Spells)


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First off, let me just say thanks - this game rocks my socks. :)


I have a couple questions about how the game/mod tools work.


1. Under the Classes, there is a breakout of what the characters learn each day, with a variance of when it actually occurs, which all seem to be set to 3 days. How does the 3 day variance interact with weekends/holidays? For example, let's take an event dated nominally "Athonos 5". This is Friday of week 1. With a 3 day variance, it can clearly happen as early as Athonos 2. Does it go 3 days the other way or 3 school days? In this case this would be the difference between Athonos 8 (Monday, 3 days) and Athonos 10 (Wednesday, 3 calendar days). This assumes the engine can't try to schedule it for Athonos 7, and never teach it.


1b. Second example, take a class scheduled for Pramidi 28. Another Friday, this time followed by a weekend AND 2 holidays. Would the 3 day variance mean it can only happen on or before the scheduled date?


2. Calendar question 2. Where is it defined when the game begins/ends? For example there's a full calendar there, and we start 66% of the way down, in Athonos, and we can't even get to the middle 2 months. I didn't see it defined in anywhere that LOOKED "overallish".


3. Story question 1. I've figured out that "Increase" as a benefit is a temporary boost, while "Expand" is a permanent increase. I've also seen in at least one place so far "Gain" (as in "gain composure (0)". What does this do?


A) How long does a temporary benefit last?

B) What is the difference between say "Expand Conversation (0)" and "Expand Conversation 1 (0)"? I thought the number in brackets was the magnitude, but the 1 seems to damage that theory. It could be reference to an internal actor (0 means the player?)

C) I've also seen (different story/event) "Expand (-1) Court Fashion (0). Now compared to above, this has the "second" number BEFORE the skill name instead of after, and in brackets instead of out. Why the differences?


4. Looking specifically at the event Complication Botany 1. 3 of the exits (1,2,4) have "expand flowers (0)" as benefits for success. The other exit (3) has "expand skill (0)".

A) How does it know what skill to expand?

B) Is it then safe to assume that capitalization doesn't matter? In other events/adventures I've looked at, they would be capitalized as in question 3 "Expand Conversation (0)". I've even seen this inside the same Story/Exit (one capitalized, one not, in the same tab)


4b. The Investigation for that particular event has the benefit of "increase CoS (0)". Is this a 0% boost? Are you just making fun of us here? :)


4c. The actual exits all seem to draw on the information you learn in the investigation (4 senses), but don't have the investigation as a prerequisite. Does this mean that investigation really does absolutely nothing?


5. Last question for today! Spells. Taking the "And so invites the wyrms of ruin..." spell as an example because it's first. :) The spell is tagged under Spell Type as a Glamour spell. The success roll for the spell is designated as Insight/Famous Speeches. Would spells/locations/skills increasing your Glamour skill affect the roll? And if so, would it be the parent Glamour skill, or Glamour spells, or something else?


That's it for today!

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4b. Open that event's investigation again and double-click on the "increase CoS (0)" entry. Now click on the button that looks like the pencil. The screen that opens will give you all the details of the result of that particular success. This will also sort of cover your 4a. The screen you're looking at tells the game what to raise and by how much on which character. Looking at the effect, we can see the chance of success for the character succeeding at the investigation is increased by 2%. In "increase CoS (0)", the 0 is that particular effect's threshold. I'm not sure what threshold does in this context, but it might be related to duration. Pure guess there. Most likely the duration is one "round" since "Increase" was used without specifying a duration.


I saw you ask about capitalization in there. I don't think what you name an entry really matters in the actual functioning of the particular effect. I think the text you put in for a name is purely an aesthetic choice to help yourself and others decipher an effect more quickly. I hope this little tidbit can help a little before Legate can answer in more detail. I'm just dying the know what threshold does outside of the "roll" context. ;)

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1. Variance skips over the Weekends and Holidays.


2. Unfortunately, that is hard coded.


3. Gain is not an Effect- what you probably read was just the descriptive title.


A) It depends on the Duration.


B) Whether or not the number was added depends on how the content team wrote the title, as with C, below.


C) Just preference in the title.


4. A) You are just reading the title. You will have to double-click on the Effect itself to see how it is scripted.


4b. No, the (0) refers to an external Threshold, which is seldom used. To see the exact amount of the Increase, as above, you will need to double-click on it. Sometimes, the team leaves it out of the title.


4c. In your example, it increases the Chance of Success for choosing one of the Exits.


5. No, your Glamour Skill does not apply, but certain Effects which target Spell Type: Glamour would. You see these most often on Wands, as I recall.


Edit: Zelefis, the external Threshold determines by how much you have to exceed the Threshold of the Roll for the Effect to take place. It's little used, but you can use the feature to grade success on a Roll, if desired.

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Thank you both! I had caught on to clicking "change" to see what was happening on specific effects, but never noticed that little pencil to drill down even deeper. The more I play, and the more I look deeper, it's obvious just how much went into this game.

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One more question that came up looking at the calendars for the classes. Many classes teach skills unrelated to certain classes.

Example: Negation should teach a class in Diction around Athonos 5.


Now, I've played a number of Negation-classing characters past there, including 2 brand-new test characters just now, and they don't seem to gain a Diction skill in the first 2 weeks, attending all their classes.


Does a non-class skill only get taught if you already know it? (Seems odd!)


Edit: And while I'm on the subject, does a class advance you a skill level, or a skill step?

Edit2: Another character who started with Playfulness definitely got it advanced in his Glamour class, so clearly it only advances skills you already know. Now I guess Legate has to figure out if that's intentional or not. :)

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