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Great Game!


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I bought this game on Impulse a few days ago when it was on sale. I'd had my eye on it for some time, but despite reading good things, I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy an almost all text game. Had some disposable income to play with this month, and finally thought I'd go for it. I frequently buy games for cheap when they are on sale for download, and 9 out of 10 times, I'm usually disappointed (though many are so cheap I'd still say it was worth it).


Boy, am I glad I got this one, however! Just finished playing through the game once, and I'm in awe at all the choices and options. I feel like I could easily play it through ten more times and each character would feel unique. I thought I might get bored of mostly text, but somehow, instead, I had that "one more turn" feeling I sometimes get from strategy games all the way till the end. This game is practically a steal for what it sells for. My appreciation goes out to all you who made this game. I know it's nice to know people enjoy your creation!


My only real regret was that it's over, even though it looks like my character has many years yet to go. But a bit of browsing suggests that subsequent years may be forthcoming. I really hope so, I'd pay dearly to see my character through the rest of his time.


Again, great job on a great game!

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