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Espionage Subskill: Spellgaze


Being able to zap people with lightning, to surround other in glamour, and to just stare at spells to negate them with one's eyes was once a dream came true for many mages. Unfortunately, the major flaw of casting with one's eyes is that the caster tend to suffer the effect or the pain from the spell, and nobody really knew about that at first. While this method was quickly proscribed for the potential trauma, the original intent of this method was for espionage use, and specialized spells were developed accordingly and tailored to prevent any damage or pain to one's eye. It is extremely hard to notice actual Spellgaze, which involves little but pupil movement.

Dominant Attribute: Finesse


Skill Level and Unlocks:


1. "Proof of Spellgaze's Evil", by Orso Orsi (Lore)

2. "Sparkles!", by Lisle Aventyrare (Lore), +1 SS to Playfulness


4. See Around The Corner (Spell)

5. "Magic From The Eyes", by Ms.Schwarzbart (Lore)


7. Puny Form Betrayal (Spell)


9. "Ambushing Orso Orsi", by Anonymous (Lore)

10. Sparkle Boom!!! (Spell)




"Proof of Spellgaze's Evil", by Orso Orsi (Lore)


An extract from the essay “Proof of Spellgaze's Evil” by Orso Orsi


“...Right behind the foul arts of Mastery and Gates stood Spellgaze, a magical art that went against the responsibility and limitation of a magician. To be able to cast any spell, any time without warning is a most corrosive power; it potentially give mages the impression that they can abuse magic without being caught. I was once subject to a particularly cruel spell cast in this manner....”



"Sparkles!", by Lisle Aventyrare (Lore)


I remember seeing a clown during a party in my hometown when I was young. I didn't know how the clown did it, but everytime he blinks, rainbow sparkles come out from his eyes! It was so colorful! I tried to revise my eye into a firework projector, but nothing came out. I wonder what it is?"



"Magic From The Eyes", by Ms.Schwarzbart (Lore)


Oh dear, I remember that. Such a bright child she is... She could have been a great wizard, you know. If only she didn't get freaked out by her soon-to-be classmates. My dear, it is so ironic... I saw so much magic in her eyes, and all that was wasted because some silly brat literally use magic from their eyes to play a prank and scared her away...


And I loved her cookies. Too bad she just suddenly stopped writing to me.



"Ambushing Orso Orsi", by Anonymous (Lore)


"You won't believe what happened today, Jak! I lost the weekly bet, and everyone said that I should pull my sparkle trick on the first man that come in. Guess what, it is Orso Orsi! What, you don't remember? Anyway, I couldn't back out, but I didn't mind anyway because he doesn't look half bad. Everyone wonders why he is always so stoic though. Anyway, I just ran up to him and slammed him to the wall and shoved my face into his. His lips are nice and soft, just a little dry and - oh, right, he was so surprised his eyes are wide open, and I waited till the moment my eyes are touching him and let the phemes fly loose from my eyes! That was totally golden. Yourself to blame for missing what happened next!"



See Around The Corner (Spell)


By casting this spell, you will receive a +2 increase to Patrol, Ambush, Perception, Spy, Espionage and Infiltration for a day. On the other hand, you will temporarily decrease your Awareness and Navigation skill by 2 for the same duration - it is awfully hard to have good awareness and navigate around properly with your vision being stuck seeing around some sort of corner.


This is one of the most fundamental spell developed specially for Spellgaze, allowing anyone wishing to do some infiltration or to prevent ambush by extending and twisting their vision to include a corner one normally can't see.

However, the original casters of these spells were infiltration experts, and as such a simple student lack the trainning

to adapt to these perspective would instead suffer a little disorientation.


Puny Form Betrayal (Spell)

By passing a (Finesse/Spellgaze v. 15) roll, you can attempt to inform yourself about a student of your choice.

If cast during duels, it will also increase your Insight and Finesse by 1 for the duration of the duel.


The creator of this spell intended to call the spell "Perfect Form Betrayal", in order to display its advantage over the famous Enchantment spell "Lesser Form Betrayal". When the creator begin to make demands to other Spellgazers to address the spell by its given name, many refused to oblige, instead mocking and calling it "Puny Form Betrayal". While the creator had passed away, the name became even more popular.


Sparkle Boom!!! (Spell)


Upon casting of this spell, you immediately set your target's Finesse to 0 for a day and also do 1 point of damage and add 3 point of stress, no strings attached beside the long duration before you can cast it again.


(I will, er, write this description later?)

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Kneel before Zod!


This kind of ability probably would not work- I can only imagine the difficulty of visualizing Phemes with your eyes on some kind of media. :)


But it's cool!


xD I never thought it would work, but I make up a skill just in case anyway.


....Of course, there's always the distant Year 5 where a power gamer might have 98 Finesse.... :rolleyes:


I am thinking of changing the skill into a skill where you try to convince other to (futilely) try Spellgaze.

You know, like a history subskill consisting entirely of fake history and how to convince others about them.




Wow, tongue casting? I wonder how Phemes taste like....

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"I am thinking of changing the skill into a skill where you try to convince other to (futilely) try Spellgaze.

You know, like a history subskill consisting entirely of fake history and how to convince others about them."


Now that would make for a great Event. ;)


I *guess* that tongue casting could work better than eyes, but...;)

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