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Misplaced Book of Yellow


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I am unsure of you can do a roll or have a chance to do something in these random events, but if not then just disregard that part ;)


(Also *poke CremePudding* there is an interesting adventure awaiting your finishing touch... :P )

(I am plotting to make an adventure to read the book from the conceal exit, but it will have to wait a bit for now)




As you are walking from class you notice someone has dropped a book in the hallway. Such a disregard for old texts!



Yeah, you have definitely taken damage from all the studying.


You bend down and take a look at the book. The print on the front page is... not something you can recognize, but there is in neat writing what seems to be a translation.


”Amaeus' theories of basic yellow”


You blink a few times and reread it. ”of basic yellow”


Now, what to do.


Investigate 1, Cryptology, What does yellow mean?



This is not some trivial do-do-your-homework-or-get-detention sort of thing! This could be life and death! (Theoretically, and even then we are stretching it.)


With the dedication of a thousand scholars you begin the work. (A thousand of the good kind of scholars apparently) After much reading and rereading it is clear that ”yellow” is many different things. The original symbols are usually much different despite that though the translation still reads ”yellow”.


Hmm Why would anyone make such a silly translation? Surely something is up! Maybe if you save the book you can figure it out at a later time


+1 Dedication

Opens Exit 3



You flip through the pages but the translations doesn't really make any sense. You have tried to substitute yellow with various stuff, but it seems that yellow is a noun, adjective, verb and a few other types that are indecent to mention in public.


Whellp, defeated you take a peak to see who it belongs to. Apparently it belongs to the Library of Myth.


Not much good unless you plan to hand it over to them...


Opens exit 1.


Exit 1, Library Knowledge, head to the library.



Luckily you know where the library is, and it isn't... well, exceedingly far.


You took a wrong turn just once, but really, who builds a library in the middle of a maze of houses?!

The Library of Myth is happen to accept the book though.


“We will be sure to contact the one who lend this book, as well as bill them the finders fee. Here”


The kind woman hands you 30 pim.


“If only there were more kind hearts. I am sorry to say that we do not allow students of the Academagia to peruse the library. I am going to have to ask you to leave. Sorry.”


A shame, but at least you got some pim to make up for the trouble.


+1 Navigation

+1 Cartography

+30 pim




You know where the library is, and it is, well, exceedingly far would be the right word, but you got a bit of spare time.


The length of a city later you stand by a small library. Libray of the Mystics.


You look in the book. Library of Myst. Well... a long list of profanities come to mind but there are still somewhat decent people around. Of cause there is this bald fat little fellow who has been following you for the last several blocks, and you are not certain he counts as decent, or even halfway decent.


The librarian at the Library of the Mystics were willing to take the book after much discussion but you are certainly not popular. They exchange books with the other libraries but they will be billing the Academagia for the cost though. You might have some explaining to do if they ever notice who is responsible you might be in trouble.


Now to outrun the man outside...


-1 Vitality

+1 Stress


Exit 2, Pure Luck, throw the book into the head of the first the best person you come across.



You find professor Knoht talking with some students. For whatever reason you feel that this is the place to dump the book. Without giving it much thought you cut into the conversation. ”Here!”


You hand the book to professor Knoht who just looks at it for a moment.


When she doesn't begin complaining you feel your mission is complete. No reason to waste more time on a silly book.


+1 Relationship with Knoht

+4 Merit points.



You walk to the window, carefully you open the window, and with all your might you send the book flying.


Never again shall it take up space in the hallways of the school.


For a moment you stand and enjoy the breeze when you hear a loud yelp. Looking down you see Avgust rubbing his head, Ana Flavia standing close by clearly indecisive of whether her help would make the situation better or worse.


Upps. You hope Avgust didn't notice you at the window.


50% chance of losing a single point with Avgust / roll Pure luck vs. 6 or lose a point of friendship with Avgust / -1 point of friendship.

-1 Pure Luck


Exit 3, conceal, you can never have too many books. Just pocket it.



Well, your pockets can't quite handle the size, but your robe can conceal it, somewhat.


Explaing to all who ask that you are working on a new and improved silly walk you make off with the book.


Now what you got the book, the next question should be what to do with it.


+1 conceal

Add ”Amaeus' theories of basic yellow”



The book is too large for your pockets, and your knapsack is already full to the brink. Right, no panic. The best place to hide anything is in plain sight. Everyone knows that!


You place the book on your head and start the delicate trip towards your room. A few people laugh as you pass them but no one really says anything.





”You found my book!” you feel the hands of professor Knoht snatch the book from your head, taking a few of your hairstands with it.


”Thank you! I should have paid more attention when you walked past, thankfully one of the other students had enough presence of mind."


Without saying another word Knoht leaves you alone. At least you didn't get detention...


Though your head really hurts for whatever reason.


-1 Vitality

-1 conceal.


Exit 4, (no fail) Nope let it be, whoever throws books on the ground is also responsible for them.


Well, it isn't your problem. Not really. Yellow.






Nope, it is just silly.


”You wouldn't have seen a book lying around here have you?” It is Professor Knoht asking.




“... maybe?” she gives you a doubious glance. ”Maybe you should get some sleep”


Marlein Knoht leaves you to it and continues to search for the book.


-1 Character



Amaeus' theories of basic yellow

Size 1

Concealability 2

Worth 250

Abilities: none.


Amaeus' theories of basic yellow allows the reader to learn more of yellow. And by reading this one might attain not only basis for yellow but also further study of yellow. Yellow is no simple discipline and such much care must be taken when yellow.


- Yellow yellow Amaeus.

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Ow! Yea, yea, I kind of forgot about that one.

(I will send you to live with Eleni right after that one :angry: )


It is going to be a busy week for me though, I will see what can I do xD

I smell ghost librarians and art appreciation potential from this event though :P

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Throwing the book out the window? Why didn't I think of that!


I enjoy this random encounter, simply because it reeks of Monty Python (in a good way, mind you!). There should be a school club for the benefit of developing silly walks...


Ugh! Now I need to know what was in the book. Yelloooow!

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A good read although I didn't get the parts about yellow considering I never watch Monty Python. Any recommendations?


And now I am starting to pity professor Knoht, she is starting to turn into the butt of many jokes.laugh.gif

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Hehe yeah I feel a bit bad for piling this on Knoht, but still, what can you do?


Actually this wasn't inspired by Monty Python, but I'll gladly recommend some!


I am unsure of the real name, but on youtube it is called "Monty Python's best sketch ever" - I don't know but for a time I simply loved it.

"The Annoying Peasant" taken from "The holy grail" but simply brilliant. I like the fact that the peasantry are just... digging up mud... for no apparent reason.


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