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I was wondering if there were any more really mean fellows out there, who just needed a push in the "right" direction. I had a run-in in my previous playthrough with Cosetta Re, the fact that she can give you detention (and lots of it) makes her a 'fun' opponent.


With that in mind I hope to find more of these little gems, and to help me I present an idea I came accross:



Heritage: Outsider


Your parents travel. A lot. As such you never really stayed any one place for very long, just enough time to get some ”work” done and then off again. By the time you began asking questions about their ”work” they had some good news for you. Apparently they knew someone who knew someone who was suddenly very willing to pay for any schooling you could want – as long as you keep your mouth shut. Since you could pick freely you picked the Academagia (just because it was by far the most expensive). To your surprise a week later you were accepted.


It is difficult to not let the your parents work influence you, and thus you start off with 2 points in Forgery, lie and a single point in lockpicks. The subskils of Slight-of-hand is also known to you.


When all is said and done though, you are not from Elumia, or your parents aren't at any rate. Which makes you a bit of an outsider, and the language is a bit difficult as well, not to mention the customs. Sheesh. Your lack of etiquette has alienated half the year though, as you kept coming with (really funny) comments when it (apparently) wasn't appropriate.






It is just a draft, I'd like to be able to take the "family: traitors" for a few extra minus...


The people who hate you should perhaps be Renate's social circle ;) the students who are from good families who expect everyone else to act the same. I think this one should give a point extra to spend but... meh not sure.. depends I suppose.


Ideas? Thoughts? additions? ;)


As for what the parents actually do... I couldn't say, but I suspect that it isn't fully legit.

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I like that.


It probably won't fit with Descended from Royalty, but it might works with some of the other classier family backgrounds : D


How about a harder training modifier for Elumian if you have trouble grasping the language?


And Professor Sido *might* be pleased to have someone exotic to exchange stories with.

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Elumian is like our latin though, I don't recall offhand which language modern elumian is build on, germanic? - but one wouldn't be directly linked to the other... that said I am not against the idea :)


Yeah, I think the background conflicts with a few of the other backgrounds.. Royalty would most certainly be one of them.


-2 with half the school, +2 with Sido, Philippe and by extention Joana. Mehehe ;)

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Not sure if this was overlook (or if I overlooked it when I made my last character :blush:) but would it be possible to make a background choice to this effect? A bit ala Traitor just worse. (So I can see just how nasty these kids really are)

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