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Inspired by an excellent quest in Space Rangers 2.


Pre-requisite: Male


On your way to your room you see a group of second year kids sitting around chatting in the common room. Upon seeing you looking at them, a Second year with smooth black hair approaches you. He asks if you want to test your luck with a simple game. Before you could decide on whether you want to try your luck, the Second year brings you over to a table with two cards on them. One is with the face of Legate Orsi on it and the other with a skull on it.


"My name is Mordin by the way. All you have to do is pick the card you think will have the Legate on it. If you fail to pick the right card four times in a row, you lose the game. But if you win just once, you win a hundred pims."


A hundred pims? Then what happens if you lose?


"Well if you lose once then you pay us ten pims. Oh and you can't back out once we start." A few of the Seconds years start sniggering.


So you ask yourself, do I feel lucky tonight? (Well do you punk?)




Exit 1: No thanks




You apologize very politely knowing how twitchy some Second years can be and explain that you have a ton of homework to get done and surely they understand that you have to leave now.


A few of the Second years look thoughtful and decided that they like you so much they even share a few school survival tips with you.


Although these tips seem a little dubious.


Result: +1 Test-taking



Investigation 1: Pure Luck + Luck (vs. 8)


Why not?




"Let's begin" says Mordin.


Mordin closes the two cards in one palm, he then tosses them into the air and quick as a hummingbird's wing he slams the cards into the table. You couldn't even catch a glimpse of the card's faces in the air!


All the other Second years laugh as Mordin says "Choose."


You nonchalantly pick up a card and show it to Mordin. The laughing ceases immediately.


"Impressive" says Mordin as he hands you your money. "The only one that manages to beat us is that Cirillo kid."


When you are out of their sights, you distinctly hear Mordin demanding someone to pay up. But who cares, you just won a hundred pims!


Result: +100 Pims




"Let's begin" says Mordin.


You pick a card and a skull appears.


"Don't worry, try again" says Mordin as he shuffles the cards as quick as a hummingbird's wings.


You pick again and the skull shows up again. Sweat starts to form on your forehead as the skull shows up for the third time in a row. You say a prayer to the gods in your head and the card you pick shows…the skull.


"Well that's that then. You owe us ten thousand pims."


You felt your heart stop and reminded Mordin that you only had to pay ten, TEN pims.


"I said that if you lose ONCE then you pay ten pims. Considering that you loss four times, ten multiply three tens equals to ten thousand pims."


You tell Mordin with an exasperated tone that you can't possibly pay them that much money. A Second year female (Her name was…Aris?) suggest that you pay with another way while tugging at your clothes.


You miserably comply as the group of seniors start to giggle. That's what you get for gambling with sly upperclassmen.


You begin to leave in this embarrassing state, Aris suggest that they play with you a little longer. Many of them agree at once.


What now?


Result: Emotion: Embarrassment, Unlocks Exit 2: Glamour Spells and Exit 3:Running


Exit 2: Glamour Spells


A little magic should save you from further embarrassment




Okay, don't panic. Just cast a simple smoke screen so that you can run all the way toyour room before they manage to grab a hold of your … don't panic!


You cast the spell successfully and managed to dash up the stairs while the Second years are choked by the smoke. You reach your floor when you bumped into another Second year and fell down on your behind.


Your heart beats faster than a race horse's when suddenly the Second year says:"Another victim right?" You nod your head slowly as you try to trace the phemes for another smoke spell.


"Don't worry. I won't rat you out. My name is Markus Anthony and that group of students is one of the more devious groups that you have to watch out for." You figured that much when they con you out of your clothes.


Hearing footsteps coming up the stairs, Markus hides you behind his cloak and pretends to be checking it for tears. You breathe a sigh of relief when the footsteps became inaudible.


After Markus escorts you back to your room, he makes you promise that you will becareful in the future. Your shy nodding is all he needs.


Result: +1 Temperance




You are not, repeat NOT, going to let them take away your pride.


As quickly as you can, you draw out the phemes for a powerful sleeping spell and toss it straight into the faces of these smug Second years.


Unfortunately, you underestimated their abilities as one of them immediately negates your spell with barely a wave of her wand. The smile she gives you will haunt you for weeks to come.


You prepare for the worse and suddenly all the Second years fall asleep, some of them drooling and some of them with their heads on each other's shoulder. You look around for the source of this mysterious intervention and you see a lady in a painting smiling and gesturing for you to come closer.


The lady in the painting introduces herself as Jasmine and explains that a few of the other first year boys have already fallen for this con. Jasmine says that she is sick and tired of seeing this group of people conning youngsters and has asked a fifth year to enchant her so that she could better protect any future students. Thought she confess that this is the first time she has ever cast a spell.


You thank her profusely and hurry off to your room in your warm and snug clothes.


Result: +1 Gambling



Exit 3: Running


Run for it!




What are you waiting for? A whistle? GO!!


You bolted towards the stairs so fast that a mirror image of you must have distracted the Second years.


Rushing up the stairs, take a quick turn here; run down the corridor and WHAM!! You slam right into Vincent Eins. Upon seeing your … status, Vincent gives you a quizzical look. You explain to him that there is no time to explain as a group of Second years are about to get you.


Upon hearing the footsteps, Vincent quickly grabs your arm and pulls you into a broom closet. Your heart beats like a crazed cat as the footsteps come closer and closer and goes further and further away.


When you both managed to enter your room Vincent tells you that he was also conned by the same group of students and was hiding out upstairs. Vincent looks a little shameful when he explains that he was in a worse state than you when he bumped into Philippe Marchant.


You are grateful to Vincent as you let him out of your room.


Result: +1 Relationship with Vincent Eins, +1 Running




You ask the seniors if you could say something. Their impatience is almost palpable.


You take a deep breath and bolted towards the stairs. You didn't get far when you felt a VERY painful tugging. You almost burst into tears begging them to let you go when one of the Second years suggest hanging you from the spear of a statue in the middle of the school.


Unexpectedly the seniors fall asleep midway through their discussion. A voice calls out "Nice work, Jasmine."


A fifth year appears and introduces herself as Sophie Chant. She explains that the painting of a lady behind you is enchanted so that it (she) could stop this particular group of students from preying on youngsters like you.


Sophie assures you that this group will receive a very fitting punishment and she chides you for doing something so recklessly. Eventually she lets you go with a stern warning.


You will never forget this event. Imagine the headlines to the school paper if word of this gets out there. It will be even more popular than the cream pie lady throwing apple pie at Professor Sixt von Rupprecht.


Result: +1 Gambling



And finish. Comments please.

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"If you fail to pick the right card four times in a row, you lose the game."


"Well if you lose once then you pay us ten pims."


So... it is still 10 pims, because you had to pick four wrong cards to lose once :P






Some people do notice the small terms before playing. Like, "What if I lost twice or thrice or four times?"

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By the gods Space Rangers 2 was good. Get Reboot if you can, it improves a lot of the experience.




Ah but these are sly Second years, who is to say that they DIDN'T cast a glamour and clouding your judgement?wink.gif

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