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I Feel Very Stupid For Asking This...


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No worries, it is not difficult once it finally works :)




1) Find your Academagia folder. It can be different depending on where you bought the game. C:\Program Files\Academagia\ or c:\Program Files\Indie Games\Academagia ... Or something else entirely.

To ensure you've got the right place you should see such files as the Academagia.exe

Open this folder and let it stay open in the background.


2) go to Support-> Updates from the main page of the forums. Click here for a shortcut to the Updates and click the stickied newest consolidated patch. Currently this one

Then press the download link at the very top.


3) Once it has been downloaded you will have a Zip file, open this with winzip or winrar or another program. You will see a folder named "Academagia_Consolidated_patch_#####" Double click the folder (either there or after you extracted it). You will see a long list of files and a folder called 'Mods' just mark them all and drag them to your Academagia folder. You may be asked for administrator access and you will be asked if you want to overwrite - just say yes.


You are now up to date with the newest DLCs! (Or should be)





There are a few player made mods made for this game, simply download the ones you want to try.

You can find the mods in the Writer's Corner -> Modders Unite Found here

Then place the content in the Mods folder in the Academagia folder. The files in question should be somethingsomething.mdm


Start a new game and you should see them when you chose which mods you want to play with. Some mods may have to be at the top of the mod list (or the bottom) so you may have to check with the modders main post. :)


Hope it helps, if not then feel free to ask again. I might not have described the bit you are having problems with after all.


Also, welcome to the forums!

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